31 December 2020

🎧 December K-pop Events in Bangkok, Thailand 🎤

2020 is over and it ended it on a high having not only attended some amazing birthday celebrations for my favourite person but getting to see him at a live online fanmeet to, it has been such a fun month but unfortunately with the virus making a resurgence in Thailand it looks like a lot of my plans for January may be cancelled, but nevermind, let's stay safe and stay strong and remember the good times with a little look back on some of the fun Kpop events in December.


Exactly a year since Day6 were in Bangkok for their Gravity world tour we got to see them again through a virtual fanmeet organised at the KFood Fair in Siam Paragon. Although it was just Even of Day as Sungjin and Jae are still on break it was so good to see them and so much fun being surrounded by My Day singing their songs together, we even did a little fan project for them. Not only was this event free to attend but it was livestreamed to so and if you missed out on seeing the event you can watch the full video on Facebook, I had so much fun and was so happy to see them despite the tears, I promise you Young K they were happy tears, I just hope next year is better and we can meet them in person again. Much love to KFood Fair for organising this for us, it was such a great surprise and of course I came home with a bag full of ramyeon to celebrate seeing my boys again!


This exhibition was actually supposed to take place a year ago but was definitely worth the wait as there were some absolutely stunning photos of Mark. The exhibition took place over two days and so many people came to show their support for Mark I went on the 1st day and it was packed full of people so I didn't stay too long but it was nice to see so many Ahgase there, Mark is definitely Thailand's bias!


December 19th was Young K's birthday and I was so excited to finally celebrate his birthday this year, last year I couldn't find one event but this year there were 3 beautifully decorated cafes and some really beautiful souvenirs to. I was just the best day and I was so happy to see Young K getting so much love from everyone on his birthday and while I was at my last stop he dropped his Winter Child cover which was just the perfect end to a perfect day. 

What did you do in December?
Love & Music

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23 December 2020

🐰 Usagyuuun Cafe - Bangkok - Thailand ❄️

Usagyuuun is a mix between a rabbit and a mochi and I first discovered this character randomly back in February when my friends and I noticed this crazy dancing bunny in an art gallery, then couple weeks ago while I was in Siam Discovery for a GOT7 event I noticed this crazy dancing bunny again and found out there was a pop-up café in Siam Center dedicated to it so I decided to go check it out.

The Usagyuuun café is so adorable and suitably festive, there are so many fun areas for you to take photos and they even have Christmas costumes you can wear to. The menu is full of delicious drinks, desserts and even takoyaki and some drinks and desserts come with a souvenir cup you can take home, I ordered a fruit soda and tiramisu and got an adorable cup and coaster to take home.

There is also a special gift shop next to the café and also one in Loft in Siam Discovery where you can buy exclusive Usagyuuun merch and every weekend in December until the end of January you can meet Usagyuuun at the café, dance with him and also take part in workshops such as bracelet making or gift wrapping.

It's always so much fun randomly seeing this bouncy bunny and I have definitely fallen for its charms and will try to visit the café again one more time before it disappears, hopefully when Usagyuuun is there so we can take photos and dance together again, also the pancakes looked really good so I definitely need to try them.

What is your fave dessert?
Love & Bunnies

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10 December 2020

🎄The Hidden Milkbar - Bangkok - Thailand 🍪

Bangkok is looking very festive this year so I thought I would go check out some cute cafes and try their special Christmas menus. The Hidden Milkbar has been on my must visit list for a while because of its adorable pink aesthetics and delicious looking milkshakes.

The Hidden Milkbar is indeed hidden, it's pink doorway is hidden down an alley on the 3rd floor of a narrow building and it's a real adventure getting there. It's so aesthetically pleasing there though and reminded me of a cereal bar I visited in Seoul a few years ago but the focus here instead of cereal was milkshakes. I ordered the special Christmas Gingerbread milkshake which was so adorable and came decorated with a meringue tree and gingerbread cookie which tasted so good, the milkshake also had peaches blended into it which was a an interesting touch but complimented the ginger really well, it was so yummy and not too sweet or sickly at all like some milkshakes can be, I almost wanted to order another but one milkshake is my dairy limit for the day before my stomach starts to protest.

As well as milkshakes you can order cookies, cakes and ice cream and they also have some non-dairy drinks to, in fact their Christmas punch looked really good and I was almost tempted to try that instead of a milkshakes, but there will be a next time. One of the things that makes this place different from other milkshake bars is that it has lots of non-traditional milkshakes flavours on the menu like caramel cornflakes, smores and Jaffa cakes which is one of my absolute fave British snacks, so I definitely will visit again and try some more of their interesting flavours! 

What is your fave milkshake flavor?
Love & Cookies

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30 November 2020

🎧 November K-pop Events in Bangkok, Thailand 🎤

November was a fun month of events in Bangkok just like September but most of the events I wanted to go to all ended up happening on the same day so this all happened in a day! There was so much more I wanted to do, more birthday events and even a cinema screening by some GOT7 fansites showing all their amazing fancams, but I'm sure I'll get more opportunities for more awesome events in the future.


This was such a cute event, as soon as I saw photos of the cute Jackson and Bambam donuts I just had to go check it out. The decorations were just adorable and the atmosphere so much fun, when I arrived GOT7 were livestreaming their virtual fansign event which was also happening in Bangkok that day so there was lots of screaming and giggling while we watched them. Jackson and Bambam have such a great friendship I love seeing them joking around together and taking care of each other so this was a cute event to celebrate the 9 years of friendship they have and I really hope we have more events like this because it was so much fun and such a cute idea.


Yugyeom's events were so much fun this year and extremely popular compared to last year! There was so much going on and so many people out celebrating his birthday it was so touching. Each venue had their own unique theme and I really loved the galaxy theme in the first café from the decorations, to the food, to the gifts everything was just done so beautifully and everyone had so much fun. There were so many gifts and giveaways to, I came home with so many beautiful goodies like photocards, stickers, fans, cup sleeves, candles, soap and even cookies, Ahgase are so cute and creative I love this fandom so much and am really excited for JB's birthday in January and the start of a new year of Kpop events.

If anyone knows of any other Kpop events happening in Bangkok that you would like me to go check out for you please do let me know as I'd love to share other groups events I may not be as familiar with as there's so many amazing events that happen here compared to other places I'd love to share a bit of my world with the rest of the world, especially now we aren't able to travel so freely. My Ko-fi link is below for anyone that wants to 'sponsor' my visits and buy me a drink and in exchange I will send you any cute freebies I get from the event, also do make sure to follow me on Instagram from more K-pop related fun and news on future events that I will be attending as well as more fun adventures I don't blog about.

What did you do in November?
Love & Music

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26 November 2020

📚 Bangkok's Oldest and Largest English Library 🍎

In 1869, 13 British and American ladies established the Bangkok Ladies' Library Association with the goal of circulating and sharing English language books which were extremely hard to come by in those days as books from overseas could take at least 6 months or more to arrive in Thailand via boat. The association was run every Sunday in out of the ladies houses but as the association grew and became more popular a dedicated space was needed so in 1914 a plot of land was purchased and so the Neilson Hays Library you see today was born.

For the longest time I have been searching Thailand for a good place to find English language books because although we have some amazing bookshops it can be expensive and most second hand bookshops don't have much of a selection to chose from, so finding this library was like finding treasure and I honestly cant believe I have gone my whole life without knowing of its existence until now.

The library is such a beautiful old European style building which is in vast contrast to the skyscrapers and Bangkok's tallest building, the Mahanakhon building which is just a short walk away from the library. The library may not look big in comparison but it houses over 20,000 books, the largest English collection in Bangkok so there's definitely something to suit all tastes. I was overjoyed to see a plethora of books from my favourite author Haruki Murakami and also all the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin.

The library also hosts other events like storybook reading for children, a literary festival and bi-annual book sale which was one of the reasons for my visit there. I actually only found out about the library via a farmers market I visit every week as the weekend of the book sale they had a special hidden farmers market in the library gardens, so you could enjoy lunch and pick up some groceries after shopping for books at the book sale. I picked up 3 books at the sale for just ฿50 each, then wandered around the library, read a book, had some pizza for lunch in the library gardens and on my way out picked up a few cookies to take home for later.

Once I finish reading these books I will probably donate them back to the library as the library works on donations and volunteers alone and is Thailand's oldest not-for-profit organisation, it's definitely something I want to support being a lady who loves books just like the founders. I really hope the Neilson Hays Library can exist for many more centuries in the city and it's definitely worth a visit if you want to see something different as it's such a unique place to have in the middle of Bangkok.

What is your favourite book?
Love & Books

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19 November 2020

🐈 Bangkok's Best Adoptable Cat Café ☕

Have you ever visited a cat café and wanted to bring one of the kitties home? At "Bangkok's Best Adoptable Cat Café" you can do exactly that! Hosted every Sunday at Union Space in Ekkamai, Paws Bangkok brings a bunch of their cutest rescues from their shelter for you to play with and hopefully find their forever homes. 

The café is completely free to enter, although donations are much appreciated to help them rescue more animals in need, all they ask is that you fall in love with these kitties and hopefully give them a home. I rescued my Nora Neko 2 years ago, we found him in the middle of a highway and he was such a tiny dirty thing only a couple months old, if we hadn't have found him then I'm sure he wouldn't have made it. I never planned on getting a cat but now I can't imagine life without him and I would love to rescue another one day which was one of the reasons for my visit. All my pets have been rescues and it's really important to me to adopt as there are so many beautiful animals in need that deserve to live a better life.

This café is such a great idea to get to know the kitties a bit before you adopt and on my visits there to play with the kitties I'm always so happy to see them get adopted, on one visit 4 kittens found new homes and on a another 8 did but there's still many more at their shelter and more coming in everyday that need help to and if you do happen to just be visiting Thailand from abroad and want to bring one of the kittens back with you Paws will provide you will all the help and information to do that, they want all their kitties to have forever homes no matter where in the world you may be from!

On every other Saturday's Paws also host an adoptable puppy café in the same location, so if you're also looking for a new puppy to adopt be sure to go there, my visit there for Halloween was so much fun. Paws do such amazing work helping all the animals in need in Thailand and giving them the best possible life so please do support them if you can, and hopefully I will find a friend for my Nora soon.

Would you adopt one of these cute kitties?
Love & Cats

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12 November 2020

🎃 Halloween @ The Adoptable Puppy Café - Bangkok - Thailand 🐶

Halloween was spent in the best way possible surrounded by cute puppies which you can actually bring home with you! Bangkok's Adoptable Puppy Café happens every other Saturday where a whole bunch of adorable rescue pups come out to play and hopefully find their forever homes.

This was my first visit to the puppy café and it was so much fun, the puppies are sooo cute and playful and excited that most my photos came out a blurry mess but I'm happy they had a good time as all of these dogs are rescues and some even have disabilities, there was one that couldn't use his back legs but that didn't stop him from running around and playing with the other puppies.

The café is a great idea to get the dogs out of their kennels and socialise with other dogs and new people and also for people to meet with these dogs, fall in love and take them home, that day 8 puppies went to their forever homes and the others went to foster homes which made my heart so happy.

For Halloween they had special snacks and drinks and there was also a book sale as well as t-shirts and totes so if you couldn't take one of the dogs home you could still help out by buying something as all the proceeds went towards helping them rescue more dogs in need and finding them new homes.

I love visiting dog and cat cafes but I especially love visiting the adoptable cafes as these animal are so sweet and it really is a great feeling when you see them going to their forever homes, adoption is very important to me as all my pets have been rescues and there's so many beautiful creatures that need our help that I'm happy in some little way I can help and who knows maybe one day I will bring home a little friend.

Would you adopt one of these cute puppies?
Love & Dogs

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05 November 2020

🎂 Unbirthday Café - Bangkok - Thailand 💐

Unbirthday Café is another one of Bangkok's hidden gems, tucked down an side alley on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex it can be confusing to find but once you do you'll want to come again and again. I first visited in August, to treat myself to some cake for my (un)birthday so I thought for my Halloween visit I would film a little video and share it here.

The commitment they have to the aesthetic is admirable, in summer there was a midsummer theme with flowers decorating the whole of the café from floor to celling and for October they went with a spooky but cute Halloween theme with not just the décor but cakes, drinks and music adding to the overall theme, it's such a pretty café and I love the attention to detail they put into everything, there's such a great vibe there.

Cakes are the main reason you should visit because their cakes are in my opinion one of the best in Thailand! They bake a wide variety of cakes daily so there's something for everyone from chocolate to fruit to cheesecake to scones and every single one is so delicious and a real rich treat, my personal favourite is the hummingbird cake, definitely a must try especially if you're a fan of carrot cake.

Since sharing my photos of Unbirthday Café on Instagram so many of my friends have asked me to take them there when they come visit so I will for sure and I can't wait to see what their next theme will be, maybe I'll have to pay another visit for Christmas.

What is your favourite cake?
Love & Roses

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01 November 2020


GOT7 are due to be making a comeback at the end of this month so in anticipation of that I thought I would have a giveaway for their previous album DYE. It's been a while since I have done a giveaway and I've really enjoyed sharing all the fun GOT7 events I've been lucky to go to recently so I thought with all the concert cancellations and other stressful things happening in the fandom I would do this giveaway and hopefully make someone's day a little brighter. 

 The Prizes 

GOT7 DYE Album + CD
DYE Pocket Mirror
GOT7 Fanmade Stickers, Postcards & Photocards

If you would like the chance to win these prizes please check the details and log your entries in the widget below. Giveaway is open worldwide until November 30th but please note that there are still shipping restrictions so I may not be able to post to you right now, however I am willing to hold onto the prize until I can as long as you don't mind that there may be a long delay. Please also make sure to leave a valid email (or Twitter/IG @) that I can contact you at should you win because if I don't hear back within 48 hours I will select another person to take the prize.

Let me know your favourite GOT7 song in the comments below!
Good Luck

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28 October 2020

Andy Warhol : Pop Art (Bangkok, Thailand)

Andy Warhol, one of the most iconic artists and leaders in the pop art movement, original art pieces were for the first time ever put on display in Thailand. This was a real moment in history so I just had to go see it as I'm a big fan of pop art and even used to display some of his iconic pieces on my walls at university so seeing his original works was a must!

The 128 original art works on display come from the private collection of an Italian art collector Gianfranco Rosini, it was a really impressive collection with some iconic pieces such as Marilyn Monroe and Campbell's soup as well as some sketches, albums and magazine covers.

It really is an amazing privilege to see these original art pieces on display here, the exhibition is at Bangkok's River City until November 24 so a must see for art enthusiasts and it's right next door to Van Gogh: Life & Art so I totally recommend a visit to both and a trip into both these iconic artists vibrant minds.

Who is your favourite artist?
Love & Art

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21 October 2020

🦙 Nahim Cafe x Handcraft - Bangkok - Thailand 🦙


Bangkok really does have the best cafes as just across the road from Wallflowers Café is Nahim Café, I have passed this café a few times on my way to and from Wallflowers but on this day I decided that I would go there instead and try something new and I'm so glad I did as it's such an adorable little café. Nahim is so bright and colourful with vintage toys and llamas in every corner, from floor to celling, I really did feel like a happy little kid sitting there sipping on my purple latte

I love the cosy feel of this café I sat myself in a corner at a little desk and felt so comfortable and happy being surrounded by all the cute toys and pastel décor. The menu has a great selection of cute drinks and snacks, the donuts are their most popular snack and the polka dot milkshakes their most popular drinks but I opted for a sweet potato latte which was served with crackers in a really adorable cup which they handmade themselves.

The café also has a small selection of handmade items you can buy and you can even buy the cute cup that my latte came in. I always try to support independent artists as much as I can so I picked up a birthday card to send my Dad and a cute little pumpkin cup that was only ฿70!! One of the reasons I love Chinatown is because of the artsy vibe, it has some of the best street art and most interesting cafes.

I unfortunately couldn't stay too long at Nahim as this was just a quick refreshment break on my way to the market to pick up jewellery making supplies but if I could I would have spent the whole day there playing with all the cute vintage toys, but I will for sure come back and try one of their cute snacks and maybe even bring home another cute cup, you can never have enough cute cups!

What's your favourite cute snack?
Love & Llamas

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14 October 2020

❁ Wallflowers Cafe - Bangkok - Thailand ❁

Wallflowers Café is one of my favourite cafes in Thailand, a hidden gem in Bangkok's bustling Chinatown. Walking into this café is like walking into Wonderland; the ground floor is a working flower shop, full of dried and fresh flower displays with staff busily making bouquets for delivery, as soon as you walk through the door the smell of fresh flowers makes you instantly feel like you're walking through a field of fresh flowers in spring.

As you walk up the stairs into the café area, the smell of fresh flowers mixing with the scent of fresh coffee, there is so much to take in, there are flowers every where, it's exactly what I would want my dream home to look like, cosy, unique, kitschy art pieces decorating the walls, a little bit shabby, plants everywhere with cats and dogs wandering about freely. 

The café itself is quite small with no more than 10 tables, I've visited this café mostly on weekday afternoons and it has always been relaxed and quiet with plenty of places to sit but I've heard on the weekends and at night when it transforms into a bar it can get quite busy. It also appeared in "Brother of the Year" which was the most popular movie in Thailand a few years ago (it even outsold the Avengers!) so it has gained a bit of extra popularity from that.

When you visit I would definitely recommend trying their home baked cakes, not only do they look beautiful but I would rate them as some of the best cakes in Bangkok! Sometimes when I visit they are already sold out so it's best to come earlier in the day if you want to try them, the dark beer cake (pictured above) and carrot cake are my favourites. Coffee is their speciality so if you're a coffee lover be sure to try a cup but if you're not a coffee fan they do have lots of other drinks on offer.

The highlight of Wallflowers Café for me is not just the cakes, the aesthetics and cosy atmosphere but their resident pets who are so friendly and will come and sit next to you as you relax there. I tell my friends it my favourite cat café that isn't a cat café. There's 3 cats and 2 dogs that all live at the café and are usually roaming around or sleeping in corners, they are all super friendly so be sure to say hi and give them friendly pets if you see them.

Chinatown is my favourite area to explore in Bangkok it has some great hidden cafes and restaurants, every time I visit I seem to find somewhere new. Chinatown also has the best street food so it's well worth visiting if you're in Bangkok, it's a beautiful area with old buildings and temples but with a contemporary feel so definitely go visit and get lost wandering around the tiny alleys of Yaowarat, I'm sure you'll discover some hidden gems.

What are your favourite places to explore?
Love & Flowers

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07 October 2020

Van Gogh : Life & Art Exhibition (Bangkok, Thailand)


Van Gogh is one of my favourite artists who I gain so much comfort and inspiration from so when I heard that this exhibit was coming to Bangkok I had to go see. Last year whilst I was in London I made sure to go to the National Gallery to see the Sunflowers again something I feel like I always have to do when I'm in London and no matter how many times I see it I'm still in awe of its beauty and vibrancy.

I knew there weren't going to be any actual Van Gogh art pieces at this exhibit but what drew me the most is the interactive elements which put you in the world of Van Gogh, from the bedroom mock-up to being surrounded by screens projecting his art and his life. 

To be in Van Gogh's world surrounded by such beauty and life was a really emotional, healing experience for me especially after months of not being able to go anywhere, staring at the same four walls it felt like I was breaking free and breathed new life into me. Art is so important and so healing to me, it's my happy place and I'm so glad I got to experience this. The exhibit is in Thailand until 31st December so if you're here I highly recommend you visit as I will definitely be going again one last time before it's gone. 

Who is your favourite artist?
Love & Art

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30 September 2020

September K-pop Birthday Events in Bangkok, Thailand (GOT7, JJ Project, Day6)


September has been such a fun month packed full of birthday events celebrating our fave K-pop boys. There were so many events happening here in Bangkok, Thailand, that it was impossible for me to go them all so I'm sharing just a few of the events I attended this month.

GOT7 Mark Tuan's Birthday
Mark's birthday is the 4th of September so this was the start of my K-pop birthday adventures, unfortunately I could only attend one café event that week but there were a lot more happening all over Thailand. It was actually a national holiday on Mark's birthday to so one of his events in Siam saw a crowd of 100's trying to get in, we really do love our GOT7 boys here.

GOT7 Youngjae's Birthday
The next week was Youngjae's birthday celebrations, whose birthday is on the 17th September, again there were so many events happening for Youngjae all over Thailand that I couldn't possibly go to them all but the ones I did get to visit were full of ahgase happily taking photos and writing their birthday wishes to him. I loved the special cupcakes and cookies that were made for him although they did turn my mouth completely blue but it was totally worth it.

GOT7 Jinyoung's Birthday
A few days after Youngjae's birthday I once again travelled into the city to celebrate Jinyoung's birthday on the 22nd. I only found a couple café events to go to but I'm sure there was more and the 2nd café I went to was soooo full of fans that I had to wait over 30 minutes to get a drink but while I waited I took lots of photos and even won an album in a lucky draw. It was so nice to see so any of us come out and celebrate his birthday, GOT7 really are Thailand's first love.

JJ Project 8th Anniversary
JJ Project's anniversary was actually in May but at that time there were many restrictions and most cafes were closed so events were postponed until restrictions were lifted in July. The first I went to back in July was the ice cream event which I thought was such a cute idea, stocks were limited to just 100 a day and I was 50th in line over an hour before the store even opened ... fangirl life is crazy in Thailand!! I really hope there's more ice cream events in the future though because it was sooo good. The last JJ Project event was just after Jinyoung's birthday which was perfect timing and the last GOT7 event I went to this month so it was such a nice way to end a month of celebrations.

Day6 Jae Birthday
I was so happy to finally be able to go to a Day6 event, it was actually Day6's 5th anniversary on September 7th and Jae's birthday on the 15th but the birthday event didn't take place until the last weekend of the month but it was totally worth the wait! I found myself getting a bit emotional sitting there watching Day6 videos on the projector as it reminded me of the last time they were here which was also the last concert I went to. The café was so beautifully decorated with photos and fanarts and even had a little corner where you could take photos of the Denimalz and they even had Jje chicken cookies. I really hope there are more Day6 events here in the future as I feel like our fandom has grown a lot more over the past year.

So that was my September. I'm so happy we can have these events again as it unfortunately looks like concerts won't be happening anytime soon but at least we still have a way to get together and have fun.

What did you do in September?
Love & Music

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10 August 2020

August ....

August is here, my birthday month, so I felt I should post something. I took a break, it wasn't planned but it was needed. Truth is I'm not quite sure what to do with this blog anymore I've been blogging for over a decade and my blog seems to evolve with me and as I change and evolve so does it. So, I thought it needed a break as much as I did and instead of forcing new content I would just let it happen organically and return when I felt it was time to.

So much of my life is defined by travel, I mean my life and my blood are split between two different countries on opposite sides on the worlds, with opposite cultures and values and now I can't travel and I can't really plan to so I've started doing something I didn't think I would ever do... 'nest'

Lately I've been wanting to create my own little bubble of happiness rather than constantly travelling to find one and starting to appreciate time at home, just me and my cat. It's a strange feeling when you go from scrolling through travel photos on Instagram to scrolling though photos of plates and plants instead. Am I finally growing up?

For a while I think I got too consumed with what's next that I didn't allow myself time to stop and breathe and just be present. More and more I am learning to appreciate the little things in life, the cool breezes on a warm day,  my cat purring on the pillow next to me, the smell of fresh coffee, birds singing, the stillness of a bookshop and just aimlessly walking without a destination. 

I love travel and I always will but I'm realising I can have just as many adventures at home and that I don't have to keep looking and working for the next destination. So maybe it's time for this bird to stop flying for a while and to nest , maybe the happiness I was searching for was here all along and I just need to stop, appreciate and enjoy where I am right now instead of where I'm going.

Stay healthy, be happy, live.
Love & Life

02 May 2020


It's BamBam's birthday today so I thought to celebrate I would share some photos and videos I took from the last time I saw BamBam in Thailand at an AIS 5G event in Bangkok. I had actually seen BamBam a few days earlier at the UNICEF event and this was going to be his last appearance in Bangkok for 2019 so I made sure to get there super early so I could get a good spot to see him.

BamBam's family also showed up at the event to support him and as this was a free event that anyone could join by the time BamBam arrived there were already thousands of people waiting for a glimpse of him. I honestly had no idea that he would actually perform at the event so when he started singing "Do You" a song he worked on with famous Thai rapper, F.HERO, I was sooo excited, it was such a nice surprise and it's always a joy to see BamBam perform on stage and do the thing he loves the most, he really looked so handsome that day.

It feel strange to have not seen BamBam in Thailand for so long, today is his birthday and next week would have been GOT7's biggest concert in not just Thailand but the world and their careers, a dream come true for BamBam but has unfortunately had to be put on hold, we don't know when it will happen but will know that it will definitely still happen, Thailand will always wait for you and support you BamBam, สุขสันต์วันเกิดนะคะน้องแบม ♥

Love & Hugs

30 April 2020

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (April 2020)

Feliz día del libro ♥

April has been mostly an uneventful month, another moth of self-isolation but we're ending the month with a little glimmer of hope here in Thailand as the numbers of infected are going down and restrictions are slowly being lifted, so hopefully life will return to better times soon. I shared some of my favourite Asian dramas this month and have started some new ones which I will write about soon. I'm really missing going out and going to concerts and events so I thought I would share some videos I had from the JUS2 concert I went to last year, it was so fun and I can't wait for the next concert, whenever that will be, this year or next year I will wait for better times to come, stay strong everyone 

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13 April 2020

JUS2 Showcase in Bangkok (GOT7 JB & Yugyeom)

It's been almost a year since I saw JUS2 in Bangkok and I'm still not over it! JUS2 are a sub-unit of GOT7 with leader JB and youngest member Yugyeom and the result one of the best albums of 2019! Honestly their debut album Focus is one of my favourite albums ever, it's just perfection, one of the best albums to chill out and work to, in fact I'm listening to it as I'm writing this.

JUS2 had their own little mini tour of Asia last year and one of the stops was Bangkok so I just had to go and for the first time ever I managed to not just get the ticket I wanted but won the chance to hi-touch them to, my first ever hi-touch with them! If you want to see my very excited post-concert reaction to hi-touch and what happened then you can check out my Instagram stories, it was one of the best yet most embarrassing moments ever !!

The showcase was amazing and one of my favourite concerts I've ever attended, they performed every song on the album, and the title track Focus on Me at least 3 times, as well solo stages and a GOT7 melody for encore which our special MC BamBam joined them for. Between performances they also played games and did a mini interview which was really fun, I always love seeing GOT7 interviews they have so much fun joking around with each other and it really is infectious I had such an amazing time that night and it really helped me forget all my stress.

I'm not sure if JUS2 will ever make a return but I really hope they do one day as this collab was really special. I really do feel honoured I got to see them perform live (and also hi-touch!) it was honestly one of the best concerts I've been to and a very treasured memory so even though I'm writing this almost a year later I thought during a time when we're all unable to go out and need some cheering up I would share one of my happiest memories with you so you can feel like you were there cheering along with me to 

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