24 March 2009

A New Obsession

Mica playing with my new toy camera by halixia

Do you remember what your first camera looked like when you were younger? I remember mine was a small yellow one with a bright red button which I got as a gift from one of my aunties, my brother also got the same in blue and I remember wanting to swap with him as I preferred the colour blue. That was the start of many other cameras I got as a child, a sparkly Barbie one, a disc camera and one which printed captions on the photos, but they've all since been lost or broken.

Last Christmas I received a Fisheye camera, which lead me to find out about the world of lomography and toy cameras. These camera's create the most wonderful and fun pictures, they can either distort the world you see or add a splash of colour to it, they don't create your average photo but something wonderful and imaginative and they look just as amazing as the pictures they take.

Spreckles Organ Pavilion by Me

I took my fisheye with me to San Diego to try out, excited to see what pictures it would create and I must say I'm absolutely delighted with the results, so much that I have since bought two more toy cameras which I am eager to test out.

This obsession does come with a big problem though as with people moving towards digital cameras most shops seem to be taking film off the shelves and processing some films has become difficult. I personally prefer working with film because of that excitement you get waiting to see how your photos came out and what they look like, it's part of the enjoyment of taking pictures which you don't get with digital. Digital cameras mean you're always aiming for the perfect shot but with some photos its their imperfections that make them, the glare off the lens or an accidental double exposure. I have found that film is still widely available to buy in Asia where toy camera's seem to be quite popular so there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

城市之花 by art.style

Even though I already have three toy cameras I have my eyes on a couple more which I would like to try out to. These cameras give me a different view on the world and make me notice things that I wouldn't normally or take for granted and I'm always eager and interested to see the results and the results of others, it's opened a whole new world for me and it's one that I'm excited to see.

07 March 2009

San Diego Highlights

Tour of San Diego

❤ Coronado is beautiful!
❤ Only on Coronado can you find an old fashioned Victorian manor next to an ultra modern contemporary style house, absolutely fantastic!
❤ Chocolate covered strawberries at the Seaport Village
❤ Playing with beautiful parrots at the Seaport Village
❤ My first time eating Salt Water Taffy
❤ The Children's beach at La Jolla which has now been taken over by sea lions
❤ The view from the Mount Soledad Memorial Cross
Segways :p❤ San Diego airport only has one runway!


❤ Dinner with Shamu was delicious❤ Being inches away from such a beautiful creature
❤ All the shows were fantastic, all the animals are so well trained!
❤ Feeding the sea lions
❤ Touching real Bat Rays
❤ Manatees!
❤ Sea Turtles!
❤ The Walrus!
❤ I loved absolutely everything!

Balboa Park

❤ Beautiful buildings
❤ Beautiful flowers
❤ The IMAX
❤ All the museums were fantastic (yes I went to them all).
Mochi at the Japanese gardens
❤ The clock which plays Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbow❤ Miniature railways❤ Seeing a real Andy Warhol, Matisse and Degar pieces of art.❤ Real MUMMIES.... creepy!❤ Beautiful Koi fish

Old Town

❤ Margaritas
❤ Freshly made tortillas
❤ The best salsa I have ever tasted!
Día de los Muertos artwork
❤ Hand made pottery
❤ Cute handmade bonnets
❤ The wagon

San Diego Zoo

❤ Escalators in a Zoo
❤ Rainbow coloured Baboon bottoms
❤ Galapagos Tortoises slowing walking up to me
❤ Naked Mole Rats
❤ Cuddly Koalas
Skyfari aerial tram
❤ Tiger cubs playing
❤ A notebook made of Panda poop


❤ Being at the original Disney park!
❤ Apple pancakes
❤ Meeting Mickey
❤ Meeting Pluto
❤ Pirates of the Caribbean
❤ Storybook Land Canal Boats
❤ Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
❤ Dad's shoe blowout
❤ The Magic Castle at night
Splash Mountain, even though I got drenched!

L.A. Hollywood Tour

❤ The best churros ever!Taquitos❤ Captain Jack talking to Homer Simpson❤ The most random people/objects/things getting their own star❤ The best frozen lemonade at the Farmers Market❤ Seeing Hollywood❤ Shopping on Rodeo Drive❤ HUGE candy apples❤ HUGE chocolate covered strawberries❤ Driving through the O.C.

So overall a fantastic time was had in San Diego, I really hope I get to go back there one day as it's such a beautiful place and there are so many more things I want to do and see there. If you want to see more pictures of my trip please visit my flickr account as there's over 400 pictures of my trip there to keep to busy <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">