31 December 2016

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (December 2016)

Observer of the Universe

Goodbye 2016!! I started this year in Japan, came back to the U.K. for a few months then packed up and moved to Thailand and right now I'm catching a flight back to the U.K. to spend a few weeks catching up with friends and family. 2016 has been a strange yet amazing year and I'm super excited for 2017 and all the new adventures that will come with it, I hope everyone out there is happy and healthy, remember to take care of yourself and never stop dreaming xoxo

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26 December 2016


House Stark Direwolf Scarves

I'll be travelling back to the U.K. for a short break in just a few days so as a surprise I thought I would re-open my Etsy Shop for a few weeks as quite a few people have been asking me about buying scarves recently and I know it's been quite a cold winter in the northern hemisphere so you might need something to keep you a little bit warmer on those chilly days.

This will most likely be your last chance to buy scarves as I won't be making them any more and all my remaining stock will be going to one of the local handmade craft stores in Thailand, so if you want anything make sure you get those orders in quick and I will ship them to you in the new year!

Also I'll be listing a few things over on eBay to try and clear out my wardrobe a bit more now I pretty much have to live out of my suitcase so be sure to check those out to

Thank you everyone for your support & I wish you a happy healthy 2017
Love & Bunnies

20 December 2016

Christmas in Osaka

Christmas in Osaka

Christmas is just a few days away and this will be my second Christmas in Asia so I thought I would share a few photos from my Christmas in Japan last year specifically my time in Osaka seeing the Hikari Kyoen or Festival of Lights.

Christmas in Osaka

We actually left Osaka on Christmas Eve and spent Christmas Day in Tokyo visiting Tokyo Tower and the Kapibarasan Café but Osaka was so full of pretty Christmas illuminations and decorations that I had to share even though it's a year late.

Christmas in Osaka

I definitely felt a lot more of a Christmas vibe around Osaka than I did in Tokyo in fact one morning I was woken up by a bunch of people riding motorcycles past our apartment dressed as Santa and after one of out shopping trips to Closet Child we saw it fake snowing in the mall across the road where there was a giant illuminated reindeer.

Christmas in Osaka

The Festival of Lights is definitely a must see if you're in Osaka for Christmas, it's very popular and there were lot's of people there watching the light show and enjoying all the food and drink stalls where you can get all kinds of foods from Western to Japanese and of course hot wine and sake. The main draw is the 3D light projection show which was very beautiful, I was pretty much mesmerised for the whole 10 minutes! Although Christmas isn't a popular celebration in Asia I'm always surprised and delighted by the little ways they celebrate and this was definitely a happy Christmas memory for me.

Where would you love to spend your Christmas?

Love & Sake



15 December 2016

Inspirational Quotes #81

“Don’t be afraid of failure when you’re young, but go against it. Isn’t that what youth is about?”
- Mademoiselle Yulia

11 December 2016

5 Live Action Anime Movies That Are Worth Watching

How Many Animes Do You Know ?

Live action anime has a pretty bad rep. and I will admit I've probably seen more I've disliked than liked but there are some really good ones out there to so don't rule the genre out completely just yet. A lot of anime seems to be getting made into live action movies lately and even Hollywood has started to join the trend with the soon to be released Ghost in the Shell movie so I though I would share a few that I've recently watched and enjoyed.

If you're not familiar with this popular anime and manga it's a really funny and cute one to check out. The story follows Takeo, an awkward ogreish looking guy, who has no luck with the ladies as they all fall for his stereotypical gorgeous and charming best friend Suna until he rescues a cute girl called Rinko and they begin to fall for each other. What really makes this movie as enjoyable as the anime is the casting of Takeo the lovable big guy, he not only looks the part the acts the part as if he's just stepped out of the manga, I found myself laughing out loud many times while watching this and the movie stayed very true to its roots so if you're a fan of the original I totally recommend it!

You might recognise this one as I recommended the anime series in a previous post so be sure to check that one out if you haven't already. Just incase you haven't heard of  Erased (Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi) I won't go into the story-line too much as the mystery is a big part of the plot and although I already knew what was coming when watching the movie it still kept me captivated and really hit me in the feels, the children, especially Hinazuki, really did an awesome job and I found myself feeling more for these characters in the movie than I did in the anime. The movie holds up to the anime pretty well and the acting is great although the ending does seem a bit rushed but it's still definitely worth checking out.

This is a typical shoujo romance story and I have to admit I didn't really like the anime but I gave the movie a go mostly because Kento Yamazaki was in it and even if it was awful staring at his pretty face for a couple of hours would be worth it haha! But I actually enjoyed the movie a lot more than the anime and found the characters much less annoying as the overall vibe of the movie was more realistic with less cringe worthy humour, the complete opposite to My Love Story!! The story and a few of the side characters were changed but it didn't bother me too much if at all. Sidenote: I also got a bit nostalgic watching this movie seeing them walking down the same streets I had walked when I was in Japan, it makes me want to go back there so much!

This anime was one of the first I watched after my "break" and it totally got me back into the game as sci-fi horror was always one of my fave anime genres and I love an anime that makes me question the world around me. I had heard quite a few negative things about the movie so my expectations were low but it was actually a really good movie. I loved how much effort was put into the CGI and special effects because they looked amazing, Parasyte is an anime that is hard to imagine in real life but they did such a good job of making it look and feel realistic and although there is quite a bit of violence and gore it wasn't presented in an overly indulgent way or played for shock value as you find with most other movies of this genre.

I think most people are familiar with the Ace Attorney Nintendo games and this movie pretty much follows the plot of the first game. This movie is over two hours long and it took me a few watches to get into at first and the fact that the cast look so ridiculous in those wigs was kinda jarring but once I did actually get into the movie I really did enjoy it and even though I've played the game several times and knew what the outcome would be I still felt those moments of tension and really enjoyed seeing the conclusion of the case. The movie is very loyal to the game in that it's almost an exact copy even down to the way it looks and I'm not just talking costumes and ridiculous wigs even the courtroom has an element of the game in it with its high-tech screens and confetti. I was actually surprised I enjoyed it as much I did but I'd totes be up for another movie if they decided to make one. Oh and one final fun fact about this movie is that Takashi Miike directed this.... yeah... that kinda surprised me to considering the type of films he's most known for...

What is the best, worst or weirdest live action anime you've ever seen?
Love & Okonomiyaki

05 December 2016

Kawaii Christmas Wishlist

It seems so strange to me that Christmas is just around the corner. Now I'm living in the tropics every day feels like summer so I'm in a perpetual state of July and haven't really given much thought to the holidays although I will be returning to the UK and its cold winter for a visit very soon. I've been living the minimalist travellers life for a while now so there's very little I actually want but my shopaholic tendencies will never die so here are just a few things that have caught my eye.

♥ Holographic Backpack - I've swapped out my satchels for backpacks recently as they're just so much more convenient to travel with and the backpack trend is pretty strong here in Asia so there are quite a few that have caught my eye but this one is definitely my fave!

♥ Dinosaur Hoodie -  I recently watched this Thai drama about a cute boy into Dinosaurs (more about that soon) and I have wanted to get myself a Dino hoodie just like his ever since, I've actually wanted one for a while but seeing this drama just ignited my love for them again.

♥ Daenerys Dragon Necklace - Ever since I saw Daenerys wearing this necklace in Game of Thrones I have wanted it in my life so I was super excited to see you could actually buy the real thing... although it's waaaay out of my price range I can still dream...

♥ Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Compact - This is something I might actually buy because I've seen it in a few shops in Bangkok but it's kinda pricey although saying that the Sailor Moon make-up line is actually really good quality and I love their eyeliners and lipstick so this would be the perfect addition to my collection and useful to.

♥ Sailor Moon Sukajan - When I was in Tokyo last year I made it my mission to get a souvenir jacket as it's something I've wanted for a long time, the trend was only just starting there at the time and now it's huge and you can find so many awesome designs including this Sailor Moon one which I would have snapped up in a heartbeat had they had it in store when I was there.

♥ Twinkling Stars Skirt - Galaxy fashion is something I think I'll always be into and this skirt actually lights up which I think is so awesome!

♥ Yankee Candles - Candles always get me into the festive spirit and Yankee candle has the best scents I love the fruity scents and the cake ones smell so delicious to, I've been searching all over for some candles like them in Thailand but had no luck yet so I'll be stocking up on them when I'm back in the UK!

What do you hope Santa brings you for Christmas?
Love & Moonlight