11 December 2018

Christmas at Tokyo Skytree - Japan

Continuing with the Christmas themed posts I thought this time I would take you on a trip to Japan, last year I visited Tokyo around Christmas time and Japan is always that little bit extra with the Christmas decorations and actually lit up the Skytree to look like a giant Christmas tree! I found a bunch of videos I never shared with you all last year so I thought I would edit together a little video to show you just how cute the Skytree looked last Christmas.

Since moving to Asia and experiencing a whole different way to celebrate Christmas I've really started to fall in love with this holiday again and I feel so blessed that over the past few years I've got to spend my Christmas holidays in South Korea, Japan and ThailandI hope to experience Christmas in many more countries in the future and share my adventures with all of you.

Where would you like to celebrate Christmas?
Love & Cookies

03 December 2018

Remember to Treat Yourself This Christmas!

Christmas is here and the shops are staring to get crazy with everyone buying gifts for friends and family but I think at this time of year it's also important to think about yourself to and remember to treat yourself whether it be to a cute new Christmas sweater or even just to a cute drink while you're out shopping for everyone.

Shopping online is my preferred method of buying presents as I can search for exactly what I want and it saves me so much time, so whilst browsing Rosegal I made sure to pick myself up a little something to and got myself a cute new backpack and hoodie. The holidays can be such a stressful time for some so don't forget to take some time out for you and as an extra treat be sure to check below for a discount code for Rosegal and save yourself some money for Christmas treats.

Is your Christmas shopping done yet?
Love & Candy Canes

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30 November 2018

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (November 2018)

維多利亞港 Victoria Harbour

It's almost the final month of the year! It's strange to think just how much has happened to me this year it almost feels like a dream, the year feels like it's been long yet at the same time gone so fast. I really thought I would end the year on a quiet note but it looks like December and January will already be crazy months for me, so with this in mind, I will be taking things a lot slower on the blog and maybe not posting as often although I still have SO much to share with you all but it's important to give yourself some rest and as this year I said I would make myself a priority that's what I want to to and I hope to continue this into the next year to, anyway I hope you are all well and end the year well, I mean it's December so remember to treat yourself!

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Love & Coffee

21 November 2018

Meena Rice Based Cuisine - Chiang Mai - Thailand

Meena Rice Based Cuisine - Chiang Mai - Thailand

Anyone who is a vegan or vegetarian will have no problem finding food Thailand especially Chiang Mai as it's know for it's wide variety of restaurants serving vegan, vegetarian and organic food, with a lot of the fruits and vegetables being home grown. Meena is a restaurant which has become popular not just because of the colourful, home-cooked, traditional Thai dishes but because of their variety of organic rice which they actually cultivate themselves.

Meena Rice Based Cuisine - Chiang Mai - Thailand

After seeing all the colourful photos on Instagram I just had to go visit there and check out their vegan options. The menu does offer meat dishes in addition to their vegan menu but you can also ask if it's possible to get a vegan version of some meat dishes. The menu also changes depending on what's available each season so even if you visit multiple times they'll still be new things to try. Each dish comes adorned with fresh, organic veggies which are not just for decoration they're really delicious, crisp, fresh and sweet, we literally cleared every plate that we ordered!

Meena Rice Based Cuisine - Chiang Mai - Thailand

The rice is the main attraction though and I know not a lot of people find rice exciting but it's such a staple dish and so good for you to. Meena allows you to customise what rice you want served, they offer several different types and the presentation of them is so beautiful it almost looked too pretty to eat, but not only did we clear our plates, we ordered extra and then bought some rice from their on site shop to take home with us.

Meena Rice Based Cuisine - Chiang Mai - Thailand

Meena also offers some desserts and although I was very full at this point I just had to try their ice cream which was so light and soft and came so cutely presented, I kinda wished I ordered another one of their fruity ice creams but I was about to burst from all the delicious food. The restaurant is in such a beautiful setting to with some small shops outside offering handmade goods, unfortunately they are only open for lunch and it fills up with people quite quickly that some dishes can get sold out, so if you visit come early, I promise you will love it!

What's your favourite food?
Love & Rice

15 November 2018

Mini Self-Care Wishlist

I've not been taking the best care of myself recently so I thought it about time I get back to the basics and start treating myself that little bit better. One of the ways I like to treat myself is to take care of my skin and I'e heard derma rolling is a really effective way for treating acne scars and hyper-pigmentation both of which I'm suffering from and has been effecting my confidence and self image so I really want to try out this Derma Roller System

Another I like to cheer myself up is with Circle Lenses which instantly just seem to brighten up my face so I thought I would check out some new lenses and these Brown Fresh Series Circle Lense, Purple Super Nudy Series Circle Lens and Blue World Series Cirle Lense are super pretty and a great simple way to change up my look.

What little ways do you like to treat yourself?
Love & Hugs
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