10 August 2020

August ....

August is here, my birthday month, so I felt I should post something. I took a break, it wasn't planned but it was needed. Truth is I'm not quite sure what to do with this blog anymore I've been blogging for over a decade and my blog seems to evolve with me and as I change and evolve so does it. So, I thought it needed a break as much as I did and instead of forcing new content I would just let it happen organically and return when I felt it was time to.

So much of my life is defined by travel, I mean my life and my blood are split between two different countries on opposite sides on the worlds, with opposite cultures and values and now I can't travel and I can't really plan to so I've started doing something I didn't think I would ever do... 'nest'

Lately I've been wanting to create my own little bubble of happiness rather than constantly travelling to find one and starting to appreciate time at home, just me and my cat. It's a strange feeling when you go from scrolling through travel photos on Instagram to scrolling though photos of plates and plants instead. Am I finally growing up?

For a while I think I got too consumed with what's next that I didn't allow myself time to stop and breathe and just be present. More and more I am learning to appreciate the little things in life, the cool breezes on a warm day,  my cat purring on the pillow next to me, the smell of fresh coffee, birds singing, the stillness of a bookshop and just aimlessly walking without a destination. 

I love travel and I always will but I'm realising I can have just as many adventures at home and that I don't have to keep looking and working for the next destination. So maybe it's time for this bird to stop flying for a while and to nest , maybe the happiness I was searching for was here all along and I just need to stop, appreciate and enjoy where I am right now instead of where I'm going.

Stay healthy, be happy, live.
Love & Life