05 November 2020

🎂 Unbirthday Café - Bangkok - Thailand 💐

Unbirthday Café is another one of Bangkok's hidden gems, tucked down an side alley on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex it can be confusing to find but once you do you'll want to come again and again. I first visited in August, to treat myself to some cake for my (un)birthday so I thought for my Halloween visit I would film a little video and share it here.

The commitment they have to the aesthetic is admirable, in summer there was a midsummer theme with flowers decorating the whole of the café from floor to celling and for October they went with a spooky but cute Halloween theme with not just the décor but cakes, drinks and music adding to the overall theme, it's such a pretty café and I love the attention to detail they put into everything, there's such a great vibe there.

Cakes are the main reason you should visit because their cakes are in my opinion one of the best in Thailand! They bake a wide variety of cakes daily so there's something for everyone from chocolate to fruit to cheesecake to scones and every single one is so delicious and a real rich treat, my personal favourite is the hummingbird cake, definitely a must try especially if you're a fan of carrot cake.

Since sharing my photos of Unbirthday Café on Instagram so many of my friends have asked me to take them there when they come visit so I will for sure and I can't wait to see what their next theme will be, maybe I'll have to pay another visit for Christmas.

What is your favourite cake?
Love & Roses

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