01 August 2021

💚 Unboxing GOT7 Photocard Collection Book 💚

Whilst out browsing one of Bangkok's many cute stationery shops I noticed that they had these adorable folders for displaying your K-pop photocards, the ones I saw were specifically for NCT and so I was really hoping that one of the amazing fan artists here would produce a GOT7 one and ... THEY DID! So of course I ordered one ASAP and it finally arrived so I thought I would show you all what it looks like.

The artwork for the collect book was done by one of my favourite Thai fan artists Bim and in a carnival style that matches the 2021 calendar I bought from her from to. I love that it features not only GOT7 but their pets to and of course an ahgase, it's such a cute touch. The collect book also came with a postcard, keychain, sticker and standee of my bias Jackson dressed as one of my favourite (and Jackson's) Disney characters Buzz Lightyear which was I loved so much and you can also purchase these character sets separately from the collect book to if you want to collect all the members dressed as Disney charcters, Jinyoung as Mickey and Jaebeom as Stitch are sooo cute!!

These collect books are such a cute idea and really nice for displaying your photocards, I'm not much of a photocard collector so I decided to use mine to mostly display my concert tickets. I do however have a separate card wallet full of Jackson photocards I have collected so I may get a separate folder especially for him in the future and I would love to get one for my Day6 collection to. So if you're looking for a cute way to keep your precious K-pop photocards then you should definitely get yourself a cute collect book!

How do you like to display your photocard collection?
Love & Ahgabongs

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