21 October 2020

🦙 Nahim Cafe x Handcraft - Bangkok - Thailand 🦙


Bangkok really does have the best cafes as just across the road from Wallflowers Café is Nahim Café, I have passed this café a few times on my way to and from Wallflowers but on this day I decided that I would go there instead and try something new and I'm so glad I did as it's such an adorable little café. Nahim is so bright and colourful with vintage toys and llamas in every corner, from floor to celling, I really did feel like a happy little kid sitting there sipping on my purple latte

I love the cosy feel of this café I sat myself in a corner at a little desk and felt so comfortable and happy being surrounded by all the cute toys and pastel décor. The menu has a great selection of cute drinks and snacks, the donuts are their most popular snack and the polka dot milkshakes their most popular drinks but I opted for a sweet potato latte which was served with crackers in a really adorable cup which they handmade themselves.

The café also has a small selection of handmade items you can buy and you can even buy the cute cup that my latte came in. I always try to support independent artists as much as I can so I picked up a birthday card to send my Dad and a cute little pumpkin cup that was only ฿70!! One of the reasons I love Chinatown is because of the artsy vibe, it has some of the best street art and most interesting cafes.

I unfortunately couldn't stay too long at Nahim as this was just a quick refreshment break on my way to the market to pick up jewellery making supplies but if I could I would have spent the whole day there playing with all the cute vintage toys, but I will for sure come back and try one of their cute snacks and maybe even bring home another cute cup, you can never have enough cute cups!

What's your favourite cute snack?
Love & Llamas

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