30 September 2019

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (September 2019)


September is over and next month will be my last month in the UK before I fly back home to Thailand. It's going to be a busy last month here as I'll be visiting London to see GOT7 perform for the first time here, I'll also be meeting with friends to say my goodbye before I leave. Honestly though I can't wait to go back to Thailand and visit some more cute cafes and be reunited with my cat who I have missed so much since I left. I hope everyone is doing well and remember to wrap up warm as the days are starting to get colder now.

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What are you most excited for in October?
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06 September 2019

'BTS' Idol Live Cafe - Show DC - Bangkok - Thailand

I have to admit when I came to Show DC mall in Bangkok to check out the K-pop cafes and Korean restaurants I had absolutely no idea that this BTS cafe AKA Idol Live Cafe existed so I had to share my discovery with my fellow K-pop fans should you happen to be travelling to Thailand anytime soon as I know a lot of you are ARMY and big fans of BTS.

The first thing you notice when you come to this cafe is the huge mural of BTS made out of Lego bricks which also house their signatures to. Had I not spotted these huge figures from across the mall I don't think I would have found this cafe, they also have the name of the songs written around the booth were you order drinks and food and a few standees of BTS and even the CEO outside the cafe.

I ordered myself an iced americano which was made fresh and tasted so good, it was also quite reasonably priced to, compared to other cafes this was one of the cheapest I've visited so even if you're not a K-pop fan and you're just looking for a good cup of coffee for a reasonable price it's a good place to visit. In addition to drinks they also have a selection of desserts that you can order to but as I had just eaten I decided to skip the desserts and just get a drink.

As you sit and enjoy your drinks and desserts a big projector screen plays not just BTS but a whole selection of K-pop music videos for you to enjoy, I even found a few new songs to add to my playlist whilst I was there as well as enjoying some classic songs and new releases.

The walls of the cafe are decorated with messages from fans from all around the world who have visited and you're welcome to leave your mark there to. Whilst reading all the messages that Army had left to BTS on the walls I noticed there were photos of the boys actually visiting the cafe and fans recreating the photos sitting in the same places they had sat, ordering the same food and drinks.

Show DC is easy to reach by public transport in Bangkok just get the MRT Phetchaburi and take Exit 1 where you will find a free shuttle bus with SHOW DC printed on the side which will take you to and from the mall at no added cost and the Idol Live Cafe is located on the 1st floor of the mall towards the right where all the food places are. It's a really cute cafe and a must visit for all BTS fans, I really enjoyed my time there and will definitely go back to try one of their desserts soon!

Are you a BTS fan? What cafes would you like to visit?
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