14 October 2020

❁ Wallflowers Cafe - Bangkok - Thailand ❁

Wallflowers Café is one of my favourite cafes in Thailand, a hidden gem in Bangkok's bustling Chinatown. Walking into this café is like walking into Wonderland; the ground floor is a working flower shop, full of dried and fresh flower displays with staff busily making bouquets for delivery, as soon as you walk through the door the smell of fresh flowers makes you instantly feel like you're walking through a field of fresh flowers in spring.

As you walk up the stairs into the café area, the smell of fresh flowers mixing with the scent of fresh coffee, there is so much to take in, there are flowers every where, it's exactly what I would want my dream home to look like, cosy, unique, kitschy art pieces decorating the walls, a little bit shabby, plants everywhere with cats and dogs wandering about freely. 

The café itself is quite small with no more than 10 tables, I've visited this café mostly on weekday afternoons and it has always been relaxed and quiet with plenty of places to sit but I've heard on the weekends and at night when it transforms into a bar it can get quite busy. It also appeared in "Brother of the Year" which was the most popular movie in Thailand a few years ago (it even outsold the Avengers!) so it has gained a bit of extra popularity from that.

When you visit I would definitely recommend trying their home baked cakes, not only do they look beautiful but I would rate them as some of the best cakes in Bangkok! Sometimes when I visit they are already sold out so it's best to come earlier in the day if you want to try them, the dark beer cake (pictured above) and carrot cake are my favourites. Coffee is their speciality so if you're a coffee lover be sure to try a cup but if you're not a coffee fan they do have lots of other drinks on offer.

The highlight of Wallflowers Café for me is not just the cakes, the aesthetics and cosy atmosphere but their resident pets who are so friendly and will come and sit next to you as you relax there. I tell my friends it my favourite cat café that isn't a cat café. There's 3 cats and 2 dogs that all live at the café and are usually roaming around or sleeping in corners, they are all super friendly so be sure to say hi and give them friendly pets if you see them.

Chinatown is my favourite area to explore in Bangkok it has some great hidden cafes and restaurants, every time I visit I seem to find somewhere new. Chinatown also has the best street food so it's well worth visiting if you're in Bangkok, it's a beautiful area with old buildings and temples but with a contemporary feel so definitely go visit and get lost wandering around the tiny alleys of Yaowarat, I'm sure you'll discover some hidden gems.

What are your favourite places to explore?
Love & Flowers

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