02 May 2020


It's BamBam's birthday today so I thought to celebrate I would share some photos and videos I took from the last time I saw BamBam in Thailand at an AIS 5G event in Bangkok. I had actually seen BamBam a few days earlier at the UNICEF event and this was going to be his last appearance in Bangkok for 2019 so I made sure to get there super early so I could get a good spot to see him.

BamBam's family also showed up at the event to support him and as this was a free event that anyone could join by the time BamBam arrived there were already thousands of people waiting for a glimpse of him. I honestly had no idea that he would actually perform at the event so when he started singing "Do You" a song he worked on with famous Thai rapper, F.HERO, I was sooo excited, it was such a nice surprise and it's always a joy to see BamBam perform on stage and do the thing he loves the most, he really looked so handsome that day.

It feel strange to have not seen BamBam in Thailand for so long, today is his birthday and next week would have been GOT7's biggest concert in not just Thailand but the world and their careers, a dream come true for BamBam but has unfortunately had to be put on hold, we don't know when it will happen but will know that it will definitely still happen, Thailand will always wait for you and support you BamBam, สุขสันต์วันเกิดนะคะน้องแบม ♥

Love & Hugs