30 September 2010

Things that make you go Oooooo (September 2010)

Autumn  is one of my favourite times of year I love how the golden leaves fall from the trees, how the colours become warm and how you can feel that slight chill in the air as you cosy in your blanket, walking through the leaves in autumn is one of life's little pleasures. The days are getting colder which means more of us are spending time indoors so here's a few things to keep you occupied on those chilly days.

My break-up letter to Summer

The Five People you Meet in Heaven - Autumn is the perfect time to cosy down with a good book and this book by Mitch Albom is such a gem and inspiration I fully recommend it!

Bookshelf Porn

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus - Such a beautiful and interesting film it totally plays up to my fascination with the quirky and unusual with an added hint of Wonderland.

Tea, sugar, spice and everything nice... - A great recipe for Chai tea perfect to warm you up on those cooler days.

How to find Glamour When You're Sick

Twinkie Chan on Modcloth - I've always been a HUGE fan of Twinkie Chan's amazing scarf creating skills and through her new project Yummy You some of her most popular and cutest creations are now available to buy on Modcloth.

Incredible paper sculptures by Jeff Nishinaka - Wow this takes paper craft to a whole new level!

Are you a funseeker or a funsucker?

Girl Quits Job - If ever there was a way to go out in style this would be it, very funny stuff!

Weekend Mouseketeer - I just love that the gorgeous Nubby loves this jumper as much as I do, check out her cute outfit.

Mood Polish

Chubbybunny Hello Kitty Bows - I've finally got my grubby hands on one of these bows just in time to wear with my new docs to and it's every bit as awesome as I thought it would be! Thank you Michelle xoxo

Do you know what's in your foundation? -  A great article explaining the common ingredients in foundation and what it is exactly they do.

The Natural Female Form

Basic Make-up Brushes - Beauty Queen Valerie shares her 5 must have make-up brushes.

On Glamourising Vintage Life - Some interesting thoughts and discussions on the recent vintage fashion boom and remembering the times those women lived through as it wasn't as glamorous as we think.

A Budget is a Moral Document

15 hot tips to enjoy fall

5 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe For Next to Nothing - Retro Chick, Gemma Seager, shares her tips and tricks on creating a new look simply by using a few new accessories.

Bet you've Never Seen Condoms Used Like This! - I have no words this is amazingly creative!

The Perrier Mansion

Play Condoms - another creative condom escapade!

Love & Cuddles

24 September 2010

Chester Zoo I Luv U

As a child I always dreamed of working in Chester Zoo and looking after the animals and although I never did get the chance to work there I'm happy just to visit and observe the beautiful creatures they have.

More photos on Flickr

16 September 2010

Inspirational Quotes #6

Dressing up. People just don't do it anymore. We have to change that. - John Galliano

04 September 2010

Hello Kitty & Dr Martens: The Best Partnership EVER!

Susie Bubble posted pictures from her photoshoot for the Sanrio Dr Martens partnership in early August and since then I've been counting down the days since they would be released. I must admit I'm not much of a Dr Martens fan I've never really been enamoured by their style but lately I've noticed quite a few of their boots I like. I love their new Diva collection but when I noticed the Sanrio collaboration I was sold and thought it was the perfect excuse for me to invest in a pair.

I pre-ordered the boots in August and on September 1st they arrived at my door. I was extremely impressed with their delivery service not only was the postage free but they kept me updated throughout the day via txt message as to the estimated time of arrival which was shockingly pretty exact!

I love all the little extra Hello Kitty touches there are, the sticker on the box, the mini catalogue with the Susie Bubble promo shots and even the tissue paper was all kitty themed and they even included a free tote bag which was a nice surprise.

There are quite a few different designs available to buy from this collection but I went with the simple black boot with the pink bow, it's not obviously as Hello Kitty as the others but I figured that these would match up better to my wardrobe and when it comes to boots I always without fail go for the black.

I adore the little pink bow on it it's what makes the boot and the bouncing pink soles bring a great fun touch to them, you'll also find the Hello Kitty seal of approval inside the boots which if you're a Hello Kitty fanatic like me is a very important thing to have!

Of course the real test of them is in the wearing and they pass with full marks, I've given them a good trial and they've barely been off my feet since they arrived on my doorstep! One of the things I was worried about was sizing, I ordered my usual size (U.K. 5) and they fit perfectly, I also thought that I might have to break them in first but they're made from soft leather so there was no need. They have to be one of the most comfy pair of boots I own it's like I'm walking on pillows and I'm already looking at getting another pair of Doc's in the not so distant future.

The Sanrio Collection is in stores now but however is limited edition so won't be around for long, be sure to get a pair ASAP because I can tell theses will sell out fast!

02 September 2010

Hello September!

September has begun, the summer holidays are over and the jumpers are out. Unfortunately my British summer was pretty non-existent (which always the way here!) and the jumpers have been out pretty much since my return from Thailand in July but I can't complain as I experienced plenty of sunshine on my travels and even got sunburnt this year for the first time in a very long time ouch!

I must admit I'm not loving the autumn/winter fashions, so far nothing has really inspired me although I do love the 50's look I've been seeing on the catwalk especially the looks done by Louis Vuitton.

 The colours all seem a bit blah to me and I know generally in the colder months they are but just because it's all gloomy outside doesn't mean you have to be and I know this is coming from the girl who pretty much lives in black and white clothing!

One of the advantages of not loving the autumn/winter collections is that it means I won't be spending as much and I'll be able to save for another big adventure, although it hasn't really stopped me from shopping for other people...

This is me being super organised and buying all my Christmas and birthday presents for the next few months well in advance to avoid last minute freak outs. I think I've set a new record for getting my Christmas shopping done before the Christmas stock has even started to appear in shops!

So I'm kinda curious to know what autumn and winter trends that you like or dislike and will or won't be following. Personally I think there's a lot of fur about at the moment and while I don't mind a bit of fur I'm over it this year and after seeing the Chanel A/W collection I think it's fur overkill and looking more Chewbacca than chic!