29 February 2020

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (February 2020)

What should we do

So February ... it's kinda been a terrible month ... but I really don't want to dwell the bad and instead look forward to much better days! I took a little mental break the beginning of the month to take care of myself, I treated myself to the best bubble tea in Bangkok, took myself out to enjoy some art away from all the craziness of the city and despite the fact the GOT7 concert was cancelled I still made time to enjoy the weekend with my Ahgase friends and can't wait to see them all again in May for the new concert date. Let's hope March is a much better month for us all 

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What are you most excited for in March?
Love & Hugs

20 February 2020

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC)

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC) is a place I feel is often overlooked by people visiting Bangkok. Most people come to Siam to shop and head straight for MBK or Siam and don't even notice BACC despite being right there in the center of all the most popular malls in Thailand its huge building often decorated with the latest eye catching art projects.

BACC is completely free to enter and there are many different exhibitions to see which are changed regularly, it's a nice quite place to take a break and enjoy some art, a stark contrast to the malls opposite which are always busy and loud and crazy, BACC is one of my favourite places to visit to get some peace away from the busy city outside.

As well as exhibitions they also have some in house artists selling artwork and handmade products and there are some artists which will draw your portrait for you to, there are also some really nice cafes where you can get some traditional and not so traditional Thai food, my favourite is an ice cream bar which serves ice cream that looks just like steak, fruits and even your pet dog, it's a really fun experience and definitely something a bit weird and different to check out.

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre is a good place to visit if you need a break from shopping and want to experience something a little bit different while you're in Thailand, a lot of the exhibitions are by Thai artists and reflect the current society, while I visited there was a great exhibition on LGBT in South-East Asia and photos that the Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn had taken while on her travels. Exhibitions change every few months so there is always something new to see there and it's great for those on a budget to as it's completely free to enter and look around, so I definitely recommend you check it out if you ever come to Bangkok. 

Do you like to visit art galleries?
Love & Cats

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18 February 2020

Cheap Skater Dresses & Shapewear from Lover-Beauty*

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Spring is on it's way so it is time to put away all those baggy dull winter jumpers and comfy sweat pants and invest in some cute new fashionable spring and summer dresses to bring some colour and cuteness into your life. Lover-Beauty is a great fashion website that has really amazing selection of clothing at really cheap prices, perfect for a much needed wardrobe and style update, and they ship worldwide to, so while the weather is still cold outside it is the perfect time to shop for the warmer months from the comfort of your own home. Lover-Beauty have a really amazing wide selection of pretty dresses to chose from but these three cheap skater dresses pictured above caught my eye the most with their pretty bright, vibrant colours and cute floral prints, perfect to wear for the spring and summer months and really versatile to as they can be worn casually with sneakers and a jacket or dressed up with a few pretty accessories for a fun summer evening with friends or on a date.

1 // 2 // 3

However, if like me you're not quite confident to rock out a cute dress yet and need a little help Lover-Beauty also have a wide selection of cheap shapewear you can use to help cover up those extra lumps and bumps you may have put on from all those indulgent Christmas and New Years treats. I personally need a little help in the thigh and waist area right now and they have so many great options to chose from but whatever your looking for you can find all sorts of shapewear solutions from thighs, to waist, to even arms and they come in different colours to so can be worn discreetly underneath your clothing, so whatever insecurity you may have I'm sure you will be able to find some shapewear that will help you out. 

What are your favourite spring and summer styles?
Love & Dresses

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13 February 2020

The Best Bubble Tea In Bangkok!!

The bubble tea craze is still going strong all over the world and although it's nothing new for those of us in Thailand who grew up with this treat it is still super popular with new bubble tea cafes opening everyday, you can't walk 2 minutes without seeing bubble tea somewhere! Bubble tea is one of my favourite treats so over the past couple years I have made the most of this trend and tried many, many different bubble teas from large chains to, independent shops and out of the hundreds I've tried I have to say that this is my absolute favourite.

Seoulcial Club has their own special bubble tea series called Fire Tiger and has grown from this one cafe in Siam Square to having multiple Fire Tiger stands and cafes in popular malls all over Bangkok. I witnessed this rise in popularity and remember seeing long lines of people outside the Siam store, some waiting hours to try their signature bubble tea, then seeing them open a second store just a few minutes away only for that to have lines just as long to! I thought it was crazy... until the moment I finally tried it and then I understood why it was so popular.

The Crown is my ultimate favourite of the Fire Tiger series and while it is pricey compared to some other bubble teas (the same price as a buffet lunch in some places!) it's definitely worth indulging in at least once in your life. I find that most milk teas don't have much of a tea flavour but you can definitely taste the rich tea flavour here and it's not overly sweet to which I like, it's also really creamy and the different types of boba and crunchy creme brulee topping bring an extra luxurious delicious element to it, definitely a must try if you're a bubble tea fan!

What's your favourite bubble tea?
Love & Tigers
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