30 November 2015

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (November 2015)

Last Light

Sayonara November! This month has mostly involved me eating all the foods in the house, cleaning all the things in the Batcave and packing my big pink suitcase for my adventures in Japan which I leave for in just a few days. I can't believe how fast this year has gone it's been so crazy, at the moment my brain is so focused on Japan everything else has become a blur, too much excitement ahead so I hope you enjoy this months links xoxo

One of my Direwolf scarves was featured in this Buzzfeed quiz so check it out and let me know which Direwolf you are, no surprises here as I got my fave wolfie Ghost.

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♥ We're just weeks away from the new Star Wars movie and by some miracle I have managed to avoid all trailers so when I finally see it it will be a big surprise, I'll have to think of a special outfit for the occasion and I may just have to add these R2D2 shoes to my crafting list

My awesome friend Yume has done yet another awesome cosplay shoot so check out her X-Men x Jem mashup, I am constantly inspired by these awesome ladies, so much AWESOME!


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The Cloud Breather

♥ When I first started watching Supernatural a DECADE ago it was so rare to find anyone else that had heard show but now the fandom is bigger and stronger than ever so here's a guide on how you can join the SPN family (or any other fandom) to!

♥ I am absolutely loving these printable blogging calendars, I'll definitely be using them myself.

♥ Loved this article from Gala Darling on how she found and brought happiness into her life

♥ If you're looking to monetise you blog check out Mia's monthly income and traffic reports for some help and ideas.

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The Observer

♥ This comic from The Oatmeal really hit me in the feels!

♥ I love these nerdy anniversary gift ideas and you may recognise a little something for wool

♥ Not only does Gail have awesome style she tells it like it is and I love her for that as the blogging world, especially the fashion blogging world can be so disingenuous at times

♥ 5 Reasons Why Big Blogs Bore Me

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Love & Ginger Snaps

16 November 2015

Inspirational Quotes #68

If you are wearing clothes that you enjoy wearing, everything you do in life becomes fun.
- Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

10 November 2015

107 Steps Closer to Heaven (Palermo Cathedral)

Palermo Cathedral

I stumbled upon Palermo Cathedral on my first afternoon there completely by surprise, I wasn't looking for it, I was just aimlessly wandering the streets and all of a sudden there it was, this huge beautiful building surrounded by the scent of oranges and coffee from neighbouring cafés.

Palermo Cathedral

Palermo Cathedral

The sun began to set as I walked around the courtyard so I decided to explore it properly the next day and grab myself some food and some sleep. Palermo Cathedral is a lot bigger than the Capella Palatina but less ostentatious albeit a bit more fancy than any of the churches I had ever visited in the U.K.

Palermo Cathedral

Palermo Cathedral

For a small charge you can visit the treasury, the crypts and the roof which is a must because the views up there are amazing. To reach the roof we had to walk up an old stone spiral staircase of 107 steps which was a great workout for the thighs after indulging on all that gelato and pizza but totes worth it! I loved being up high and seeing the whole city, it was the perfect sunny day so you could see the ocean and the mountains surrounding the city, it was just so beautiful up there.

Palermo Cathedral

Palermo Cathedral

Palermo is such a beautiful place and even better than Rome in my opinion, I really enjoyed just wandering around and visiting random churches and cafés, amazing places can literally be found on every corner and this was one of them.

Love & Sunshine

01 November 2015

The Superhero Giveaway

As this will be my last giveaway of 2015 I wanted to make it a little bit special so I thought I would make it superhero themed and giveaway some of the awesome nerdy little charms I've collected over the past year. The Marvel charms all came in Kinder Eggs (apart from Lego Loki) and the DC Heroes I got in Thailand after collecting stickers from Tesco Lotus stores so you'll have a hard time finding these anywhere else, I also included a Wolverine bottle opener I got from my London Comic Con goodie bag and a special Hulk necklace I made especially for this giveaway.

♥ DC Heroes Charms
♥ Lego Loki Keychain
♥ Marvel Kinder Egg Toys & Charms
♥ Hulk Necklace
♥ Batman Figure
♥ Wolverine Bottle Opener
♥ Avengers Mini Book

For your chance to win all this geeky loot just follow the instructions in the widget below

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Giveaway will close on midnight (GMT) November 22 and the winner be notified shortly after.

Good Luck