30 November 2020

🎧 November K-pop Events in Bangkok, Thailand 🎤

November was a fun month of events in Bangkok just like September but most of the events I wanted to go to all ended up happening on the same day so this all happened in a day! There was so much more I wanted to do, more birthday events and even a cinema screening by some GOT7 fansites showing all their amazing fancams, but I'm sure I'll get more opportunities for more awesome events in the future.


This was such a cute event, as soon as I saw photos of the cute Jackson and Bambam donuts I just had to go check it out. The decorations were just adorable and the atmosphere so much fun, when I arrived GOT7 were livestreaming their virtual fansign event which was also happening in Bangkok that day so there was lots of screaming and giggling while we watched them. Jackson and Bambam have such a great friendship I love seeing them joking around together and taking care of each other so this was a cute event to celebrate the 9 years of friendship they have and I really hope we have more events like this because it was so much fun and such a cute idea.


Yugyeom's events were so much fun this year and extremely popular compared to last year! There was so much going on and so many people out celebrating his birthday it was so touching. Each venue had their own unique theme and I really loved the galaxy theme in the first café from the decorations, to the food, to the gifts everything was just done so beautifully and everyone had so much fun. There were so many gifts and giveaways to, I came home with so many beautiful goodies like photocards, stickers, fans, cup sleeves, candles, soap and even cookies, Ahgase are so cute and creative I love this fandom so much and am really excited for JB's birthday in January and the start of a new year of Kpop events.

If anyone knows of any other Kpop events happening in Bangkok that you would like me to go check out for you please do let me know as I'd love to share other groups events I may not be as familiar with as there's so many amazing events that happen here compared to other places I'd love to share a bit of my world with the rest of the world, especially now we aren't able to travel so freely. My Ko-fi link is below for anyone that wants to 'sponsor' my visits and buy me a drink and in exchange I will send you any cute freebies I get from the event, also do make sure to follow me on Instagram from more K-pop related fun and news on future events that I will be attending as well as more fun adventures I don't blog about.

What did you do in November?
Love & Music

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