28 October 2020

Andy Warhol : Pop Art (Bangkok, Thailand)

Andy Warhol, one of the most iconic artists and leaders in the pop art movement, original art pieces were for the first time ever put on display in Thailand. This was a real moment in history so I just had to go see it as I'm a big fan of pop art and even used to display some of his iconic pieces on my walls at university so seeing his original works was a must!

The 128 original art works on display come from the private collection of an Italian art collector Gianfranco Rosini, it was a really impressive collection with some iconic pieces such as Marilyn Monroe and Campbell's soup as well as some sketches, albums and magazine covers.

It really is an amazing privilege to see these original art pieces on display here, the exhibition is at Bangkok's River City until November 24 so a must see for art enthusiasts and it's right next door to Van Gogh: Life & Art so I totally recommend a visit to both and a trip into both these iconic artists vibrant minds.

Who is your favourite artist?
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