31 March 2014

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (March 2014)

It's finally spring and I'm loving seeing all the colourful flowers everywhere, isn't it strange how a splash of colour can just instantly lift your mood? Now that the days are brighter and longer I feel like I can get a lot more done. I must admit my eating habits have been awful this month, I've consumed far too many Jammie Dodgers and Jaffa Cakes and my insides are suffering but the weather is definitely getting me motivated to work-out more and get some fresh spring green stuff in my diet, BRING IT ON SPRING!

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Love & Lilies

27 March 2014

NEW Kawaii Cupcake Earring Designs

Binge watching Cupcake Wars was no doubt my inspiration for making these earrings. I made a promise to myself to craft more earrings for you guys this year and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do just that, I think they look pretty cute and I'm almost tempted to go get my own ears pierced so I can wear them!

Strawberry Cupcake Earrings
Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits and they go perfectly with cupcakes. Cupcakes and strawberries are two of my favourite things to eat and also to make and they're definitely a match made in heaven and although you can't eat these they look pretty delicious don't you think?

Chocolate Cupcake Earrings
This chocolate frosting looks good enough to eat. I must admit I'm not a huge chocolate fan but every so often I get a craving for it and it normally comes in the form of cake so no doubt I was having those cravings when I made these!

Pastel Bubblegum Cupcake Earrings
Cupcakes are always so cute, bright and cheery so I chose the most bubblegum sweet colours I had to make these and I love the result, the pastel colours match so well and although those roses were pretty tricky to make on such a small scale they add that extra sprinkle of cuteness, I think they would look awesome styled with fairy kei.

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Love & Cupcakes

21 March 2014

Gluten Free Rosemary, Sea Salt & Pesto Focaccia Bread

As I've become more healthy in my diet I find myself buying less and less pre-made foods and ready meals, I used to buy soup quite frequently but now I prefer to make my own as I like knowing exactly what and where my ingredients come from, but I thought I would kick it up a notch this year and break out of my comfort cooking zone and try a few more challenging recipes.

Bread is something that I've wanted to make for the longest time however I recently discovered I have a mild intolerance to wheat. So after a few frustrating weeks of eyeing the fancy focacias at the bakery I decided to hell with it I'll make my own, bought some gluten free flour, scoured the internet for instructions and finally went with this simple recipe changing it only slightly to have a pesto rosemary topping (which I also made from scratch) instead of mixing it into the loaf.

It took me nearly all day to make with all the proving the dough had to do (I passed the time by having another Game of Thrones marathon) but it was totally worth it because my first attempt actually came out pretty damn good! It was spongy, crunchy and the pesto topping gave it a great flavour, I'm not sure I'll be making it regularly as it was so time consuming but it's definitely something I'd treat myself to on a special occasion.

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Small Victories & Pesto

18 March 2014

With Love From Iceland

Some of the awesome little things I picked up during my trip in Iceland

Love & Snowflakes

15 March 2014

Inspirational Quotes #48

"The real secret to total gorgeousness is to believe in yourself, have self confidence, and try to be secure in your decisions and thoughts."
- Kirsten Dunst

12 March 2014

Game of Thrones Did a Rap Album & It's Pretty Awesome!

Something I thought I would never say, but I have to give credit to the GoT marketing team as they've delivered some really awesome promotional material over the years and this is no exception, so before you get cynical just click the play button and listen ,it's pretty damn awesome!

Dragons & Direwolves

10 March 2014

5 Awesome Supernatural Tees

Supernatural is getting a 10th season can you believe it!? I still can't quite believe this show is still going although the fandom is a heck of a lot bigger now than it was in the beginning, can you believe when it first aired I used to watch it on YouTube before it started in the UK. The good thing is with more popularity and a bigger fandom we get lots of awesome fan art so here are some tees that I've got to add to ever growing collection of Supernatural tees!

I love this Supernatural/Drive design so much that I broke my no spend rule and bought it when it popped up on Ript Apparel  although I did restrain myself enough to resist getting the Sam version but I think we all know that I'm more of a Dean girl plus I think he's probably more suited to the role of "Driver"

I'm a sucker for great typography so of course I would love this design it not only incorporates all the popular symbols of the show (Pig 'n a Poke!) but cleverly uses them to spell out the Winchester name, a simple design but really awesome!

Hunter Comic
I have a thing for kitsch old style comics and maybe these designs are played out a bit too much but I love them, I mean check out Dean's cheekbones, I could see these guys kicking demons asses old school film noir style, oh wait I think they did that already...

Winchester Pursuit
I have to admit the only time I played Trivial Pursuit I sucked at it but it has a pretty iconic design which I like so this tee caught my eye and I thought it was really clever and subtle. I love all the demonic symbols hidden on the board and they've even got Cas on there to.

I Ain't Afraid of No Demons
Ghostbusters was one of the first things I loved as a kid, while other girls were playing with My Little Pony and Sylvanian Families I was shooting ghosts with my Ghost Zapper. Ghostbusters was totally my gateway addiction to shows like the X-Files, Buffy and Supernatural so I couldn't think of a more perfect design and a more perfect role for the Supernatural boys #INSTABUY!

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Burritos & Strippers

06 March 2014

The Blue Lagoon

The warm waters of the Blue Lagoon is the perfect way to warm you up on those cold days in Iceland, it was 8 degrees below freezing on the day we visited and the lagoon was shrouded in an eerie mist so thick that you would think you were the only person there...

And so ends my adventures in Iceland, I hope you've enjoyed seeing this beautiful place through my eyes.

Love & Life

03 March 2014


After the good karma I got from winning Cazz's giveaway I thought it was about time I hosted my own awesome giveaway and what better way to treat you all than with some of my absolute favourite beauty products for you to try out.

♥ Skinfood Make-up Brush Set
♥ Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream #2
♥ The Body Shop Shea Body Butter
♥ Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
♥ Hello Kitty Blotting Paper
♥ Hello Kitty x Liberty Eye Mask
♥ Cupcake Keychain
♥ Cupcake Earrings
♥ Donut Bracelet

These are my absolute favourite holy grail products that I just couldn't live without so trust me when I say you're in for a treat and just for fun I've included some of my cute handmade jewellery and a brand new Skinfood make-up brush set.

This giveaway is open internationally and entries will be accepted from now until March 31st, just follow the instructions in the widget above and be sure to leave a valid email address that I can contact you on should you win.

Good Luck