03 November 2009

Siam Ocean World

On basement floor of the Siam Paragon shopping complex I found myself journeying into the depths of the ocean once again but this time to South-east Asia's largest aquarium Siam Ocean World.
I've put off visiting this aquarium for a while due to it's high prices and dual price system (something I don't agree with in Thailand), I was lucky enough that day to pass as Thai so it only cost me 450 baht to get in rather than the 850 baht "farang" price, however after being there I would say it's definitely worth the price!

Siam Ocean World has some of the largest tanks I've ever seen, yes even bigger than Seaworld! you certainly get a feeling of the vast size of the ocean with it's floor to ceiling tanks and it's definitely a world to get lost in. Those brave enough, for an extra fee, can go scuba diving in the shark tanks and those not so brave can also take a ride in a glass bottomed boat for more spectacular views of the aquatic creatures housed there.

They have some AMAZING displays there including a car which has been converted into a giant fish tank and an aquarium kitchen, I can't find the words to describe them you just have to see it to believe it!

It's not only fish in this aquarium, there are scorpions, snakes, penguins, otters and a rather cute family of water rats and if you're the type of person who gets bored staring through glass tanks there is a touch pool and a fishy foot spa which I really recommend should you get the opportunity to try one out. Unfortunately the fishy foot spa in the aquarium was full but I did manage to try one out in a spa not to far from where I lived

Siam Ocean World is by far the best aquarium I have ever visited there are a wide variety of displays to keep you engaged and lots of activities to do whilst you're there, it may be one of the more pricey attractions in Bangkok but it's definitely something that you can't miss out on

And although I didn't do it at Siam Ocean World here's a short video of my fishy foot spa experience... it tickled lots!