19 November 2020

🐈 Bangkok's Best Adoptable Cat Café ☕

Have you ever visited a cat café and wanted to bring one of the kitties home? At "Bangkok's Best Adoptable Cat Café" you can do exactly that! Hosted every Sunday at Union Space in Ekkamai, Paws Bangkok brings a bunch of their cutest rescues from their shelter for you to play with and hopefully find their forever homes. 

The café is completely free to enter, although donations are much appreciated to help them rescue more animals in need, all they ask is that you fall in love with these kitties and hopefully give them a home. I rescued my Nora Neko 2 years ago, we found him in the middle of a highway and he was such a tiny dirty thing only a couple months old, if we hadn't have found him then I'm sure he wouldn't have made it. I never planned on getting a cat but now I can't imagine life without him and I would love to rescue another one day which was one of the reasons for my visit. All my pets have been rescues and it's really important to me to adopt as there are so many beautiful animals in need that deserve to live a better life.

This café is such a great idea to get to know the kitties a bit before you adopt and on my visits there to play with the kitties I'm always so happy to see them get adopted, on one visit 4 kittens found new homes and on a another 8 did but there's still many more at their shelter and more coming in everyday that need help to and if you do happen to just be visiting Thailand from abroad and want to bring one of the kittens back with you Paws will provide you will all the help and information to do that, they want all their kitties to have forever homes no matter where in the world you may be from!

On every other Saturday's Paws also host an adoptable puppy café in the same location, so if you're also looking for a new puppy to adopt be sure to go there, my visit there for Halloween was so much fun. Paws do such amazing work helping all the animals in need in Thailand and giving them the best possible life so please do support them if you can, and hopefully I will find a friend for my Nora soon.

Would you adopt one of these cute kitties?
Love & Cats

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