31 January 2021

🎧 January K-pop Events in Bangkok, Thailand 🎤


2021 started in Thailand with the first reported cases of Covid after months of being free which caused a lot of events planned for January to be postponed or cancelled because of restrictions and strict social distancing being put in place, however as cases started to drop, restrictions were eased and some events did go ahead but on a much smaller scale and now in February we're somewhat back to business as usual but still with some caution. I was lucky enough to attend quite a variety of different events in January and able to celebrate almost all the Kpop birthdays on my list but for February I will probably take things a bit easier but don't worry there are still some exciting things planned so let's hope they can happen!

Unfortunately due to the covid restrictions several of the events I had planned to attend for JB's birthday were postponed and so I decided for safety I would just visit one event that took place over a week so it wouldn't be too crowded, I was sad I couldn't attend more but the one I got to go to was really beautiful and it was nice to relax for a couple hours and celebrate my "bros" birthday. Not to worry though the events I was supposed to go to this month have been rescheduled so I will be celebrating his birthday again soon.

January 16th was a busy day for me!! I started the day off at Sungjin's birthday which was a last minute addition to my list but I was really sad to have missed his birthday event last year so I just had to go this year no matter what and show my support for my favourite bear and I ended up having so much fun there I had to skip my next event (sorry Jennie) and rush to another event I was already booked in for ...

After Sungjin's birthday I rushed off to a GOT7 anniversary event and after the news of them leaving JYP and walking their own path but to staying as GOT7 I really wanted to celebrate this with my fellow Ahgase and the café they chose was just so beautiful I had such a chill time there. The second event was crazy with Covid cases dropping and restrictions being eased that weekend there was a full house and everyone was screaming and doing the fanchants to the concert videos they were showing, it was so much fun but so strange to see as I had been there for JB's birthday just a couple weeks earlier and was only one of five people there but this time the place was so full people were waiting outside! The atmosphere was crazy and really made me miss concerts, I guess it's going to be a while before we see GOT7 again but I'm sure we'll all see them again one day and not just through a screen

Last year I said how I wanted to go to more different Kpop artists events and I finally got the chance in January with my not so secret crush Lucas. I've been a fan of Lucas ever since NCT's Boss dropped, I don't know what it was but the boy just caught my eye and the more I got to know him the more I liked and now WayV has become one of my fave groups so it was time I finally celebrated his birthday and it was so much fun, I really loved how they wrote Lucas in Thai on the cake because in case you didn't know Lucas mother is Thai which makes him a halfie just like me, maybe that's why I connect so well with him? NCT are quite popular in Thailand to so there's always a bunch of events happening to celebrate their birthdays so I'm happy I got the chance to finally go to one and I know February is a busy month for NCTzens so ... hopefully I get to attend some more soon ...

What did you do in January?
Love & Music

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