31 December 2020

🎧 December K-pop Events in Bangkok, Thailand 🎀

2020 is over and it ended it on a high having not only attended some amazing birthday celebrations for my favourite person but getting to see him at a live online fanmeet to, it has been such a fun month but unfortunately with the virus making a resurgence in Thailand it looks like a lot of my plans for January may be cancelled, but nevermind, let's stay safe and stay strong and remember the good times with a little look back on some of the fun Kpop events in December.


Exactly a year since Day6 were in Bangkok for their Gravity world tour we got to see them again through a virtual fanmeet organised at the KFood Fair in Siam Paragon. Although it was just Even of Day as Sungjin and Jae are still on break it was so good to see them and so much fun being surrounded by My Day singing their songs together, we even did a little fan project for them. Not only was this event free to attend but it was livestreamed to so and if you missed out on seeing the event you can watch the full video on Facebook, I had so much fun and was so happy to see them despite the tears, I promise you Young K they were happy tears, I just hope next year is better and we can meet them in person again. Much love to KFood Fair for organising this for us, it was such a great surprise and of course I came home with a bag full of ramyeon to celebrate seeing my boys again!


This exhibition was actually supposed to take place a year ago but was definitely worth the wait as there were some absolutely stunning photos of Mark. The exhibition took place over two days and so many people came to show their support for Mark I went on the 1st day and it was packed full of people so I didn't stay too long but it was nice to see so many Ahgase there, Mark is definitely Thailand's bias!


December 19th was Young K's birthday and I was so excited to finally celebrate his birthday this year, last year I couldn't find one event but this year there were 3 beautifully decorated cafes and some really beautiful souvenirs to. I was just the best day and I was so happy to see Young K getting so much love from everyone on his birthday and while I was at my last stop he dropped his Winter Child cover which was just the perfect end to a perfect day. 

What did you do in December?
Love & Music

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