12 November 2020

🎃 Halloween @ The Adoptable Puppy Café - Bangkok - Thailand 🐶

Halloween was spent in the best way possible surrounded by cute puppies which you can actually bring home with you! Bangkok's Adoptable Puppy Café happens every other Saturday where a whole bunch of adorable rescue pups come out to play and hopefully find their forever homes.

This was my first visit to the puppy café and it was so much fun, the puppies are sooo cute and playful and excited that most my photos came out a blurry mess but I'm happy they had a good time as all of these dogs are rescues and some even have disabilities, there was one that couldn't use his back legs but that didn't stop him from running around and playing with the other puppies.

The café is a great idea to get the dogs out of their kennels and socialise with other dogs and new people and also for people to meet with these dogs, fall in love and take them home, that day 8 puppies went to their forever homes and the others went to foster homes which made my heart so happy.

For Halloween they had special snacks and drinks and there was also a book sale as well as t-shirts and totes so if you couldn't take one of the dogs home you could still help out by buying something as all the proceeds went towards helping them rescue more dogs in need and finding them new homes.

I love visiting dog and cat cafes but I especially love visiting the adoptable cafes as these animal are so sweet and it really is a great feeling when you see them going to their forever homes, adoption is very important to me as all my pets have been rescues and there's so many beautiful creatures that need our help that I'm happy in some little way I can help and who knows maybe one day I will bring home a little friend.

Would you adopt one of these cute puppies?
Love & Dogs

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