10 June 2009

Things that make you go Oooooo #4

Ready? by Pacifist

Collectormania 15 - it was a cold and wet weekend but I had an awesome time there and Nathan Fillion is just as gorgeous in real life as he is on T.V.

My Milk Toof is my new favorite blog!

Inspirational posters

Terminator Salvation - Loved this movie and not just because my boy Bale was in it.

Peaches - I've been eating bunches of them everyday

Karl Largerfeld on Twitter

Knitting Soap - I bought this for my nanna and it smells as wonderful as it looks

The happiest group on Flickr, Smile :D

Okami - this is the most beautiful game I've ever played on the Wii I love it

Junko Mizuno Pure Trance Figures

Coquettish Tiara make the cutest bags ever!

THIS bunny made me laugh so much

Feasts on the BBC iPlayer a great documentary series which follows some of the more unusual festivals celebrated around the world including the Naked Man festival in Japan and the Day of the Dead in Mexico, very interesting and worth watching.

04 June 2009

My New Obsession : Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Shoes

Vivienne Westwood Sign, Tokyo by Mushrie

I'm sure like many people when I first saw the new Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoe collaboration for Anglomania I sneered and laughed at the thought of Vivienne Westwood jelly shoes. Jelly shoes are one of those taboo shoes like Crocs or UGGs which you think look hideous and disgusting and wouldn't be caught dead in but secretly when no one is around wear them at home because they're so bloody comfy!

Now I admit I probably wouldn't have even bothered trying these shoes if the big SALE sign wasn't enticing me to buy them because lets face it when the shoes are that cheap all brain functions cease to work and the next thing you know your purse is empty and your closet full!

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Black Mary Jane Shoe

Ms. Westwood had released these shoes amidst a global recession much to the delight of fans as these shoes are really cheap being less than a quarter of the price of their elder classic siblings, this also gives them a more wider appeal with girls who only dreamed of owning some VW shoes now able to go and get a pair or two.

Original Vivienne Westwood Black T-Bar Shoe

Jelly shoes, although not being the choice material for most shoes, do also have their good points, it's durable, hard wearing and easy to clean so rather than spending hours polishing your shoes to perfection you just need a bit of soapy water and they're good to go which is probably why jelly shoes are the choice shoes for mothers with their grubby energetic toddlers.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Purple Mary Jane Shoe

Another great appeal of these shoes is the vast array of colours you can get them in, I have them in classic black and white but if you're more adventurous there is anything from mint to glittery pink, all the colours of the rainbow and more so you'll never be short of finding a shoe to match a certain outfit.

Vivienne Westwood's classic moulded toe design

I think what appeals to me the most about these shoes apart from the price and choice is the classic design, it's not immediately obvious that they are jelly shoes, to the untrained eye they could be viewed as a simple pair of patent Mary Jane's. They also have that classic Vivienne Westwood moulded toe which in my opinion adds to the comfort of them.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa White Mary Jane Shoes

These shoes are extremely comfy they're soft and have a cushioned heel, they're not your average jelly shoes, a lot of care has gone into making these as comfortable and luxurious as the originals they're based upon.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Sky Lady Dragon Shoe

I'm a complete convert, after my first pair I bought a second and already have my eye on a third this was one collaboration I had my doubts about at first but now I'm extremely excited to see what new takes they'll have on classic designs.

The lesson here is don't knock 'em till you've tried 'em!

03 June 2009

The Frequent Flyer - Musings #1

You know you're well travelled from your collection of single serving toothbrushes you have in your bathroom...