31 January 2010

Things that make you go Oooooo (January 2010)

Sleeping Angel by Gingerlillytea

I haven't written one of these since June 2009 *fail* and instead of making "Things that make you go Oooooo" weekly I though I would make them monthly as it's the perfect way to celebrate the end of a great month and a possitive way to start a new one.

Each edition will be jammed packed full of my favorite quotes, videos, photos, purchases, links, finds, basically anything that has made me go "Oooooo" this month, kinda like my own monthly virtual scrapbook of loveliness and please feel free to contribute anything that has made you go "Oooooo" in the comments and I may share it with everyone in the next months edition.

Marley: A Dog Like No Other - I laughed and I cried reading this, it makes me miss my own Marley terribly!

"Slowly, like a film fade-out, the real world evaporates. I'm alone, inside the world of the story. My favorite feeling in the world." - Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore.

Pocket books - Not only are they small enought to keep in your purse but they're perfect for random bouts of inspiration be it waiting for a bus, queing for a Starbucks or waiting in line at H&M you can just take them out flip to a random page and quickly learn something new, funny or inspiring. There are pocket books for every subject out there Detox, Feng Shui, Calm, Love and much more just check out your local book shops and they're really cheap to!

I'm in love with the new OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection it's super sparkly and glittery and if you're looking for more super sparkly colours then check out the OPI Designer Series

Forever 21 - I know, I know I'm pretty late to the party on this one but I'm so delighted that Forever21 ship internationaly now because it means that I to can enjoy all those lovely clothes and accessories that you North Americans make so fabulous.

Speaking of fabulous American stores THIS Rodarte dress for Target is pure love, in fact the whole range is  awesome

Galibaldy - POW! I love their unusual designs and their prices start from as low as £5 and you can chose from many designs including fingers, skulls, polaroids, hippos, hatstands and merry go rounds

Zodiac cuff bracelets - So pretty, I know its a long time away but I totally want a Leo one for my birthday.

Regencies - They stock the most fun, bright and colourful jewellery ever, I get toothache from looking at this website for too long!

It's been so cold this month I've been favoring hot cups of tea over other drinks. I've mostly been drinking the Jasmine Pearl Tea I purchased from Hong Kong, it smells wonderful and has a nice fresh warming taste.

If you want to take your tea on the move with you get yourself a thermos, no longer are they boring and old fashioned, they now come in some pretty cute & stylish designs.


Wii Fit - I received this for Christmas and I love it already, it's making exercise fun and everyday I learn something new and healthy.

Professor Layton & Pandora's Box - So many new puzzles it definitely gives your brain a good workout, even my parents are hooked!

Ballet Boyz: The Rite of Spring - An amazing production with some mad crazy dance skills!

Intoducing Dionne Bromfield - I can't believe this girl is only 13! Amazing voice and some classic songs on the album such as "My Boy Lollipop" and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

Fashion Faces - Clothes origami, I love it!

Lady Gaga joins forces with Polaroid!! - I'm so excited are you?

Things to Do Daily - Beautiful post by Oh, French and something we all should do daily.

Love & Hugs

24 January 2010

21 January 2010

DIY Fashion Tutorial: Geeky Chic Glasses

From the fashion pages of Vogue to the street styles of Tokyo it seems there's a new global uprising of "Geeky Chic", no matter where I look people are wearing those large thick rimmed glasses and if you look very closely some don't even have lenses, that's right glasses are no longer reserved for those with less than perfect eyesight everyone is wearing them now!


Such a simple accessory can transform a whole look and the best thing is that they go with every outfit, just put a pair on and you can instantly feel super intelligent. It's easy for anyone to adopt this look and instead of going out and buying yourself a pair you can easily make your own for free and I'm going to tell you how...

You will need:

*There's no need for scissors or knives if you bend the lenses they should pop right out

 * You don't have to use nail varnish, just make sure the paint sticks to plastic otherwise it will peel straight off. You can even get a can of plastic spray paint and paint the frames another colour!

*You can leave the frames blank but I like to personalise mine.

Now embrace your inner geek!


13 January 2010

Cambridge Satchel Company I ❤ U

A late Christmas present arrived at my door on Monday, I knew exactly what it what but I was still extremely excited to open it up as I'd been lusting after a bag like this ever since the wonderful Miss Gala Darling posted a picture of hers on Flickr

The Cambridge Satchel Company is a U.K. based company which sells handmade old fashioned school satchels. For the longest time I have wanted to get myself a school satchel, I love the style of them and love to mix new styles with old so was delighted to see that they not only have the traditional brown tan colours but come in yellow, red, blue and purple (pink has unfortunately been discontinued but hopefully if there's enough demand for them they will make a welcome return). They also offer an embossing service for an additional fee whereby you can personalise you bag with your name or initials, as I wanted more than the traditional 3 letter initials embossed onto my bag I contacted them prior to my order to see if it was possible and if there was any additional cost, I was told that it cost an additional £5 (so £20 in total) but however when it came to placing my order they didn't charge me the extra fee.

I placed my order a week before Christmas thinking it might possibly arrive in time however I was both contacted quickly via phone and email by them to tell me that they are overwhelmed with orders and it would be possible to get the bag to me in time for Christmas without the embossing otherwise I would have to wait till January to get the bag embossed. I told them I would prefer to wait until January and on the 8th it was finally posted out to me...

Inside the plastic DHL envelope was this, I just LOVE the traditional way it was packaged with the string and old luggage tag it was like getting my own little piece of Victorian history and to top it all off a voucher for £5 off my next order.

I ordered the 15" purple satchel which should hopefully be big enough for me to take on my travels and had my name embossed on it in silver as suggested on their website but also because I have a soft spot for all things shiny and silver.

The bag is extremely well made and very sturdy there wasn't a single problem with it, no lose threads, no scuffs or scratches, not even the tiniest flaw could be found. It's made from real leather sourced in the U.K. (good to know I'm helping local businesses!) and their name and logo is embossed onto the back of the bag.

Overall I'm absolutely over the moon and in love with this bag and The Cambridge Satchel Company, I have absolutely no doubts that this bag will last me a lifetime and am keeping a close eye on the website to see if they'll announce any new colours or styles although I will admit I'm currently quite tempted to order the red batchel, is it too soon to place another order? 

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12 January 2010

Snow Day

 There's something very romantic about snow

01 January 2010