23 December 2020

🐰 Usagyuuun Cafe - Bangkok - Thailand ❄️

Usagyuuun is a mix between a rabbit and a mochi and I first discovered this character randomly back in February when my friends and I noticed this crazy dancing bunny in an art gallery, then couple weeks ago while I was in Siam Discovery for a GOT7 event I noticed this crazy dancing bunny again and found out there was a pop-up café in Siam Center dedicated to it so I decided to go check it out.

The Usagyuuun café is so adorable and suitably festive, there are so many fun areas for you to take photos and they even have Christmas costumes you can wear to. The menu is full of delicious drinks, desserts and even takoyaki and some drinks and desserts come with a souvenir cup you can take home, I ordered a fruit soda and tiramisu and got an adorable cup and coaster to take home.

There is also a special gift shop next to the café and also one in Loft in Siam Discovery where you can buy exclusive Usagyuuun merch and every weekend in December until the end of January you can meet Usagyuuun at the café, dance with him and also take part in workshops such as bracelet making or gift wrapping.

It's always so much fun randomly seeing this bouncy bunny and I have definitely fallen for its charms and will try to visit the café again one more time before it disappears, hopefully when Usagyuuun is there so we can take photos and dance together again, also the pancakes looked really good so I definitely need to try them.

What is your fave dessert?
Love & Bunnies

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