30 September 2016

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (September 2016)


I'm back in Chiang Mai after a fun filled few weeks with my family in Bangkok, Thailand has always felt like home to me but now I'm actually living here it feels even more so, I was so happy to spend some more time with my family after being away for a few months but now it's back to my studies and time to do some hard work but don't worry there are some really fun things coming up soon so stay tuned...

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Love & Onigiri

27 September 2016

The BEST Batman Collection EVER!! (Batcat Museum - Bangkok - Thailand)

Batcat Museum - Bangkok - Thailand

As soon as I heard about the Batcat Museum in Bangkok I had to go! I had heard that this was the biggest collection of Batman merchandise ever and the rumours were true but there's not just Batman related toys there there are so many more and I've never been in awe of a place so much it's like the guy bought every Batman toy from every comic con and raided the whole of Akihabara in the process, this collection was #LIFEGOALS!!

Batcat Museum - Bangkok - Thailand

I swear this collection must be worth millions!! We spoke to the owner and he was telling us how people like to give him things to add to the collection which is really sweet, he even had a TARDIS which someone had given him because they didn't know what it was and just thought it was a cute wardrobe.

Batcat Museum - Bangkok - Thailand

There are 3 large rooms in the Batcat museum with display cases crammed full of collectables, I honestly don't think I've seen that many amazing figures in one place it was more impressive than anything I've ever seen at Comic Con. The Batman collection has everything ranging from Batman '66 to the modern day incarnations of Batman and there was even a TV in there playing Batman '66 which was one of my first introductions to the world of Gotham. My absolute favourite item from his large collection was the original Batman '66 utility belt which was still unopened in its original box, I have no idea how much an item like that would cost but it's most definitely out of my price range, that to me is the ultimate toy goal!

Batcat Museum - Bangkok - Thailand

There are lot's of huge Batman figures (and of course the Batmobile) to take photos with and there are lot's of other characters to including, The Simpsons, a giant Hulkbuster that takes over the whole entrace to the place, Sully from Monsters Inc. who was so big and cuddly I wanted to take him home and even my old pal Godzilla.

Batcat Museum - Bangkok - Thailand

Once you're finished admiring all the awesome toys there's cafe you can hang out in and get a cool beverage and also a shop full of collectables you can buy, I managed to resist adding to my collection although I did buy presents for my toy fanatic friends, I'm totally an enabler especially when it comes to all things nerdy. It's so great that Mr. Batcat is open to sharing his collection with the world because it is very impressive and he's such a sweet guy to and has a genuine love for all things Batman related, I definitely support his hobby and hope I can go back to visit him and his collection again someday soon.

If you could have the ultimate toy collection of one character who would it be?
Love & Batarangs

21 September 2016

5 Anime Series I'm Watching & Loving!

Mako Mankanshoku

My anime obsession is still going strong and probably even more so now I'm living in Asia and surrounded by it, I mean there's at least 4 stations on my TV that are dedicated to anime so it's pretty hard to avoid but I'm completely fine with that. Rainy season is here and the cold weather will soon be upon the northern hemisphere so it's the perfect time to watch some TV so here are 5 anime series I've been watching and loving lately.

Retusko one of the newest characters from Sanrio, she's a red panda who works in an office and relives her frustrations by singing death metal... I have never loved and related to Sanrio character so much! Each episode is only a minute long but so funny and so amazing. Retsuko is definitely my new fave Sanrio character, sorry Kitty-chan.

I absolutely love anything about androids and artificial intelligence so this anime captivated me from the start and it gets bonus points for throwing in a couple references to my favourite ever movie Blade Runner. There are only 6 short episodes of this anime so I pretty much binge watched them in an hour and then I just had to watch it again! I absolutely love the animation and how it makes you think about the nature of humanity and what makes us human.

Yes I know I'm pretty much late to the hype on this one but I finally got round to watching it and I really enjoyed it. I feel like Tokyo Ghoul has a similar theme to Eve no Jikan about humanity and who deserves life and what being alive means but in place of androids you have ghouls. I also found this one particularly relatable as a "halfie" being thrown into this new culture and learning to survive although admittedly I don't have to worry about people trying to kill and eat me... that I know of anyway!

I watched a few episodes of this anime many, many years ago so this is probably old news to many of you but I have very recently got into it again and I love it so much! I mean who doesn't want a butler like Sebastian he's handsome, funny, charming and will come to your rescue whether you need a excellent cup of tea or are being held captive by some angry demons. You see, Sebastian is simply one hell of a butler!

Flying Witch follows Makoto a young witch that comes of age and moves to the country with her cat as part of her witch training... plot sound familiar? I won't lie there are definitely some similarities to Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service but that's one of the things that drew me to this anime. This is a typical slice of life anime and an easy and relaxing watch with very little plot but each story progresses very naturally and the characters are genuinely sweet, funny and charming. I absolutely adore the animation to, it's so beautiful and the images of nature and focus on it remind me very much of a Ghbli movie. If you're having a particularly stressful day this is the perfect anime to just relax and forget all your worries to.

What have you been watching and loving lately?
Love & Matcha Lattes

15 September 2016

Inspirational Quotes #78

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams."

06 September 2016

The Unicorn Café - Bangkok - Thailand

Unicorn Cafe - Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok has so many amazing theme cafés now that I try to visit as many as I can when I'm in the city, one of the ones high on my list was the Unicorn Café which from their instagram looks like cotton candy, kawaii heaven.

Unicorn Cafe - Bangkok, Thailand

The photos did not lie it was in fact cotton candy, kawaii heaven from floor to celling! I don't think I've ever seen so much pink in my life but I loved it and my niece who is a big My Little Pony fan absolutely adored it to.

Unicorn Cafe - Bangkok, Thailand

I was really excited to try all the food at the Unicorn Café after seeing all their adorable photos on Instagram and they had a huge choice of food and some vegetarian options to including an amazing strawberry salad which was huge but quickly devoured. One of the most interesting things was the  strawberry ketchup they served with my fries which I'll admit we were quite dubious of at first but I actually really liked BUT the best thing ever was the honey toast which looked just as beautiful as it tastes, it's definitely something you have to get when you go there!

Unicorn Cafe - Bangkok, Thailand

After our bellies were full of cute, delicious food we explored the café which had lots of cute unicorn themed items you could take photos with and even buy, I adored the cute clothing items they had for sale there and they also had a selection of unicorn costumes that you could dress up in, so I dressed up my niece although I'll admit if I was small enough I would have bought that hoodie for myself in a heartbeat!

Unicorn Cafe - Bangkok, Thailand

If you're a unicorn or kawaii lover then this will be heaven for you, I'm so happy I got to visit and even happier I got to take my niece who absolutely adored the place, the food is great there and it's within a walkable distance from BTS Chong Nonsi so definitely go check it out if you're in Bangkok!

What themed cafés would you love to visit?
Love & Unicorns