30 June 2015

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (June 2015)


Between Game of Thrones ending and binging on Orange is the New Black I almost didn't even realise that July was here! I have to admit I had big plans for the summer but unfortunately they're not going to happen so I'm at a loss as to what to do with myself over the holidays which is no doubt why I've been watching so much TV, old habits die hard but hopefully I can at least get a few mini adventures happening soon so I can at least enjoy some of the fresh air and sunshine!

♥ Summer is a great time to pick up a book so here's some awesome reading recommendations and for my fellow comic book lovers here's some recommendations for you.

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♥ Vegetables are awesome so I found this article very interesting, hopefully it will help me get the most out of my plant based meals now

♥ It's no secret I love my pooch and we can learn so much from our furry companions

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♥ Funko Pops are a complete addiction of mine and here's a quick guide on how you can start an awesome collection

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♥ I'll definitely be making THIS my next craft project!

Simple Panda

♥ There have been some weird and wonderful Barbie dolls made and I have to admit there's quite a few of these that I want.

♥ I was never a morning person but I'm gradually changing and learning to love waking up so these tips are really useful if you're looking to make the most of your mornings to.

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♥ I'm currently saving up for a big adventure so these amazing tips and tricks on how to save money are so so good!

♥ Since Constantine was officially cancelled I can definitely relate to this!

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Love & Pineapples

26 June 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Fandom Guilty Pleasures

It's the last Friday of June so you know what that means it's FANDOM FRIDAY YEY! As Always Fandom Friday is brought to you by The Nerdy Girly & Super Space Chick and this week the topic was suggested by @MeghanSaraK. It's hard for me to think of any guilty pleasures I have because they're more or less just pleasures, I spent so long struggling with my geekiness and acceptance but now I'm at a point where I just don't give a crap what people think and I love what I love, also nerdiness has become somewhat accepted now with lots of people proudly wearing their fandoms on their tees and openly discussing the latest superhero movies, it really is an awesome time for nerds!

Binge watching multiple seasons/series in one night
I guess I should feel guilty about this one because more often than not I should be doing something more useful with my time, like eating something that isn't popcorn, sleeping or general "adulting" but ya know the feeling you just get sucked in and need to see what happens even if you've already watched it several times already...

Creeping on the Superhunks
I totally relate to Hayley Atwell because if I saw Chris Evans looking like that I couldn't resist a boob grab either. Seriously though look at these gorgeous people the fandoms are full of them and you can't help but stare and fantasise about running away together to a cabin in the woods and living happily ever after... yeah I'm a total creep but why are these people so beautiful?

27/65 - antique.
Binge reading comics
Ok confession time I very, very rarely keep up with the single issues and only ever buy them when there's a cool variant edition, I know I should support the series I love and I'm seriously lagging behind but there's also a lack of comic book shops here so I tend to just wait till conventions or there's few trades out so I can buy all the comics and devour them all in one go, although I often go weeks without reading anything those days when I can binge read are the best days ever!

Sons of Anarchy
I don't even know why I started watching this... Ok I do and it's called Charlie Hunnam who I've been creeping on since Queer as Folk hit our TV screens in the late 90's. I'm not even sure whether I like this show or not but I can't stop watching despite several times declaring I would never watch it again after my heart was ripped out seeing yet another sick brutal scene, but I always go back for more and thankfully (or maybe not so?) it's all over now but the feels are still real guys, they're still real!

Kaiju Movies
They're cheesy, the effects are awful, the plots are ridiculous that's if there's even one at all and the acting is completely OTT but I love a good monster movie. There's nothing like seeing a big rubber monster smashing up stuff to get you pumped up and in a great mood, you can totally just switch off your mind and just enjoy the ridiculousness. I remember a lot of these movies from when I was a kid during my summers in Thailand so I get warm, fuzzy feelings of nostalgia every time I see one, I'm also loving the new takes on these movies although they're a heck of a lot more impressive I still love those cheesy old B movies.

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Love & Lightning

23 June 2015

Baking Carol's Cookies from The Walking Dead (Vegan & Gluten Free)

Carol's Cookies from The Walking Dead

Hellatus has well and truly set in with all my fave TV shows ending and I'm torn between binge watching previous seasons, watching something new or just trying to do something more productive with my life than sitting in front of a TV expressing all my feels so what better way to spend my time than some fandom cooking...

I made a few little changes to Carol's recipe to cater to my diet by using almond/coconut butter instead of shortening, gluten free flour and vegan chocolate chips all of which I'm guessing would be easily pilfered from your local health food store (or Costco) during a zombie apocalypse.

Carol's Cookies from The Walking Dead

These cookies were delicious and I did what anyone would do and ate the whole damn plate in one night, I get why that kid is so damn obsessed with these cookies now and I think I love Carol a little bit more I mean anyone who can bake cookies during a zombie apocalypse is someone I want on my team!

What would be your must have treat during a zombie apocalypse?
Love & Cookies

19 June 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Characters With My Favorite Fictional Fashion

It's Friday so you know what that means it's another edition of 5 Fandom Friday created by the always awesome The Nerdy Girly and Super Space Chick. I'm all about the subject this week suggested by @1CuriousWriter because if there's one thing I really enjoy it's nerdy fashion, I think one of the main reasons I got into cosplay was just so I could wear awesome outfits and my wardrobe is probably 90% nerd! I think I could easily have listed about 15 characters whose wardrobes I want but alas we only have 5 choices so here are just a few of my faves...

Cher Horowitz
Let's start right at the begging because when I was a youngling and first saw Clueless I wanted Cher's wardrobe so badly in fact I think I did start to steal elements of her style and I used to cut out pictures of her in magazines and make little outfit collages out of catalogues we'd get in the post, yep pretty much doing Polyvore before the days of the internet!

Margaery Tyrell
I LOVE the costumes in Game of Thrones and seeing the details put into them in real life at the exhibitions just blows my mind, I've been very tempted to steal them on several occasions. Out of everyone though I think Margaery has my favourite style, I mean that wedding dress is amazing I want it in my wardrobe so badly!

Wonder Woman
She has a costume for all occasions and that's amazing, it doesn't matter if she's in shorts, skirts, trousers or pants I love them all and she looks damn good. I even love the ridiculous golden eagle armour and if I was Wonder Woman I would wear the heck out of it! Wondy is high on my list of characters I want to cosplay but I'm still undecided as to which version of her I want to do although I'm leaning towards the DC Bombshell look...

Peggy Carter
Since Agent Carter I've found myself getting back into vintage fashion, I still want that hat and although I don't wear heels that often as soon as I found out where they bought Peggy's shoes from I ordered them and I love them even if they make my feet hurt. This lady can rock a trouser suit and although I never wear trousers I still want to wear what Peggy's wearing, she looks good in everything, I love her and her style so much!

Myrtle Snow
I know everyone is thinking WTF but I love Myrtle Snow's style so much she's a rainbow in a sea of black and witch knows fashion I mean let's not forget her infamous last words! I would love to raid Myrtle Snow's wardrobe because I imagine every dress, glove, scarf, jacket to have an amazing story to go with it. When I had to go buy a new pair of glasses I ended up coming home with a pair not dissimilar to the ones she wears. I definitely would love to dress as eccentricly and awesomely as her when I'm older, basically what I'm saying is I want to be Myrtle Snow when I grow up...

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Love & High Heels

15 June 2015

Inspirational Quotes #63

"If you spend too much time wondering what you're going to feel like in year five, you're not going to feel anything in year one." - Emilia Clarke

12 June 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Favourite Fictional Fathers

Father's Day is coming up very soon which makes the subject this week very appropriate! Although my Dad is working abroad and won't be here to celebrate with me I'm very much looking forward to doing some shopping for him because just like me he's a massive geek in fact I think that's probably where I get it from, did I mention there's a photo of me on the Iron Throne next to my graduation photo... my two greatest achievements clearly!

Bryan Mills
"I don't know who you are but if you don't let my daughter go I will find you, and I will kill you" and boy did he do that I mean seriously talk about a bad ass Dad! Not only does he have some super powered skill set he will teach you his ways to, I would totally trust him to get me out of a bad situation and I know for sure he would do anything, ANYTHING to keep me safe and happy.

Ned Stark
I loved Ned so much, he loved his kids so much and did everything he could for them. I love the fact that Ned let Arya learn how to fight and that although she wasn't the typical "Lady" wanting to marry and have lots of beautiful babies he still loved her and made an effort to understand her.

Alfred Pennyworth
Alfred is the heart of Batman and he's always there for Bruce and the whole Bat Family offering, comfort, support and guidance. Alfred is so much more than the family butler he's family!

Homer Simpson
Dad's don't have to be perfect and Homer is definitely not perfect but he has a big heart and he loves his family always trying to do what's best for them and just imagine how crazy and fun life would be if Homer was your Dad.

Howard Stark
Since Agent Carter I've really started to love Daddy Stark I mean you can see exactly where Tony gets his smarts from, he's also very charming to... yeah not sure I'd want him for my Dad that would be kinda weird but he's certainly a very cool dad and interesting character, I also love his dynamic with Peggy they may not "fondue" but they make a great team!

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Love & Dad Dancing

09 June 2015

Outfit Inspiration: Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal Outfit Inspiration

Hannibal has become a great source of outfit inspiration for me because they show is all about the beautiful visuals and Mads Milkkelesen looks so damn good in those suits it's distracting, I seriously want the number of his tailor! A few weeks ago after I posted my Nightmare Stag outfit I found this paisley tie in my dad's collection and immediately thought it would be perfect for a Hannibal inspired outfit. Since my Antler Tutorial I have added some blood red roses to my antler headband and I love it even more now, so much so that I'm wearing it while writing this post. One of my favourite additions to this outfit has to be the clear raincoat being a fan of American Psycho and Christian Bale it's one addition I think I'm going to have to make to my nerdy wardrobe. I can't wait to wear this outfit & the return of Hannibal this week!

Will you be watching the new season of Hannibal this week?
Love & Chianti

05 June 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Comic Book Heroes You Would Like To See With Their Own Series Or Movie

Welcome to a new month of #Fandom5 as always hosted by Super Space Chick and The Nerdy Girlie. This lovely new banner was created by Darling Stewie and the topic this week suggested by @JaymFaceeveryone from the Female Geek Bloggers community is getting involved and I love it! Now on to this weeks subject, I have to admit most of my comic book reading comes from seeing characters in film and TV that being said some of my absolute favourite characters are yet to star on screen and yes I'll admit straight off I have a female bias but I mean come on as much as I love Bats and Supes do we really need to see another version of them? The comic book world is rich with amazing and wonderful characters so let's get some more female representation on screen!

Birds of Prey
Ok so this was actually a TV show but I've never seen it and it needs a better theme tune because no one does it better than the Birds of Prey!

Gotham City Sirens
If Girl's Night Out was anything to go by a TV or Movie staring these ladies would be a hella lot of fun, seriously why are we focusing on Batman when there are so many awesome ladies in Gotham?

Rat Queens
Rat Queens would make an amazing TV series or even movie I adore these characters and just how real and crass they are, then add in the fantasy setting with goblins, magic and dragons and you've got something really special.

Ms. Marvel
There's rumors that this is actually happening and I hope with all my heart it is true because we need this! Kamala Khan is such a great character and I instantly fell in love with her after my first reading. If the comics alone can spread such a strong message of love and acceptance imagine what seeing her on the big screen would do!

Spider Ladies of Marvel
It just waaay to hard to pick just one of these ladies and so I chose them all! I actually really love the relationship between Spider-Woman and Black Widow in The Secret Avengers but I also think they would make amazing shows on their own, Black Widow would be a great addition to the spy genre and Spider-Woman would be a great detective. Although Spider-Gwen and Silk are still new characters to me I'm absolutely loving what I've read of them so far and they definitely deserve a spot on screen.

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