31 January 2020

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (January 2020)


How was the first month of 2020 for everyone? I think my January went pretty well, I had fun exploring new parts of Bangkok, celebrated my Kpop boy's birthday and also their anniversary, and for those of you who couldn't take part in the celebrations there's still time to enter my giveaway!! February is going to be another GOT7 filled month with their first stadium concert happening in Bangkok in a couple weeks and I'm not just excited to see them again but meet all my friends from all around the world coming to see them to, it's gonna be a good month!

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What are you most excited for in February?
Love & Hugs

18 January 2020

GOT7 6th Anniversary Cafe Event in Bangkok, Thailand

For GOT7's 6th anniversary on January 16th a global celebration event was organised with cafes in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, America, Taiwan and Thailand all taking part and giving away special cup sleeves and gifts to celebrate. This is the first time an event has been organised for multiple countries so I had to go check it out and celebrate my fave Kpop boys 6th year as GOT7.

The Thailand event was hosted in Fat Bear Cafe, which hosts quite a few Kpop events in Bangkok, they also have some fun Kpop themed drinks on the menu like a Red Velvet milkshake, Heartshaker and Cherry Bomb soda which is what I chose being a fan of NCT 127. I also ordered myself a bingsu to cool me down after the long walk from the station to the cafe and it was soooo good!

The cafe was so beautifully decorated with photos and balloons and the TV screen played every song from debut until now, including the Japanese releases, JJ Project and JUS2 it was really special to see just how much GOT7 have grown from debut until now and just how much they have done in these past 6 years!

It was such a cute event and I love that there were several other cafes around the world all celebrating the occasion to and we all got the same cup sleeves as a little souvenir of our day celebrating together. I'm sure I'll be back there soon for another Kpop event!

Don't forget to enter my special GOT7 6th ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY!!
Love & Cake

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15 January 2020

GOT7 6th Anniversary Celebration GIVEAWAY!!!

It's January 16th which means today is GOT7's 6th year since debut!! It's honestly such a joy to be their fan, I've had so many amazing experiences and made so many new friends because of them and there's so many exciting things happening already this year and more to come that I had to celebrate this special day by hosting a giveaway and sharing the love with my fellow ahgase.

 The Prizes 

GOT7 Call My Name Album
GOT7 Photo Essay
GOT7 Official Postcard Set
Wish Bracelet
Mini Thai Elephant Purse
GOT7 Keychain Set
GOT7 Badge
GOT7 Unofficial Photocard Set

If you would like the chance to win these prizes please check the details and log your entries in the widget below. Giveaway is open worldwide until February 6th and please make sure to leave a valid email (or Twitter/IG @) that I can contact you at should you win because if I don't hear back within 48 hours I will select another person to take the prize.

Let me know the reasons why you love GOT7 in the comments!
Good Luck

08 January 2020

GOT7 JB Birthday Celebrations in Bangkok, Thailand

January 6th was GOT7's leader JB's birthday and to celebrate I attended 2 events. The first was a cafe and cupsleeve event at 12:30 Cafe which was small but very cute, I loved the photos that they chose to display of him and the cupsleeve was adorable and had cats on it, because we all know JB is a big cat lover always talking about affectionately about his 5 cat children and feeding and taking photos of cats wherever he goes.

I took along Mini Markson to celebrate with Bbeom, they were my models for the day. After enjoying a refreshing coffee, eating some yummy strawberry toast and taking lots of cute videos and photos I went to my second JB birthday event hosted by DefSoulTogether who's event I also attended last year.

This year they rented out a gallery and displayed so many cute and sexy photos of JB. I booked a ticket in advance because last years event was so popular I wanted to make sure I got the souvenirs which were a beautiful poster, postcards, cupsleeve and a lollipop with his face on it, which I ate as soon as I got home. It was a really great event and so many people came, they even brought a cake so we could sing happy birthday to him that evening and after closing there was an auction for all the photos that were on display, unfortunately I didn't get the one I wanted but it was still so much fun to be there and experience the excitement!

I really love going to these Kpop events in Thailand and seeing all the love everyone has for them, it's so heartwarming to see how much happiness they bring to everyone, even at the auction there was no bad feelings, everyone was so excited for each other and what they won there was just so much laughter and jay. I really can't wait for the next birthday event here because I know it's going to be so much fun!

Have you ever been to a K-Pop birthday event?
Love & Cats

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01 January 2020

Exploring Iconsiam Bangkok's Best Mall!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! One of my goals for the year is to visit more new places, be it a cafe, city or even country or in this case a new mall. Iconsiam has been open for just over a year now and I have wanted to visit it for the longest time so I finally decided to take myself on a trip there to see what all the hype is about.

I decided to make a little video of my day there using 5 second clips, not sure if this is something I will do again but it was fun to try out something new. Overall though Iconsiam may be my favourite mall in Thailand, it made me feel very nostalgic being there and seeing the traditional Thai architecture and eating all the delicious foods (there's lots of choice for vegetarians to!) and then going shopping in the main mall with all the modern shops and interesting Thai souvenirs. The views of the city are absolutely stunning there and although I'm not the biggest fan of boats I did really enjoy the ride over there, I will definitely be back soon as it's a perfect place to take friends when they come visit me in Bangkok and give them a taste of the city I love so much.

What are your goals for the new year?
Love & Pad Thai
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