31 December 2014

Things That Make You Go Ooooo (December 2014)

Happy 7th Birthday, Chupman!

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE! 2014 has been a mostly quiet year for me but it has been a good one the most significant change in my life is probably the addition of The Russ Pup who has brought so much happiness and life to our household, we've had a rough couple years but things got much better this year and I'm ready to start 2015 with happiness and positivity in my heart. Thank you everyone for your support I've made so many great friends through blogging and I wish you all the best year ever xoxo

Wishes! A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams
Miyajima Water Fireworks[Worldheritage]

Love & Fireworks

28 December 2014

Winter D.I.Y. Projects

soooo sweet and amazing, doll knits of marcia♥

Winter is a great time to get crafting, as the days get darker and colder you find yourself spending more time indoors and the best way to get rid of that boredom or just get that butt off the sofa and doing something useful is to give yourself a project. I always use the Christmas holidays as a time to work on some personal crafts (#cosplaychristmas) so here are a few awesome tutorials I've found which would be fun to do over the holidays.

♥ Sequin Phrase Sweatshirt D.I.Y.

♥ Pom Pom Fruit

♥ D.I.Y Whiteboard Calendar

♥ Pouf Zippy Pouch

♥ Spiced Latte Hand Soap

Will you be trying out any of these projects? They'll be more geeky tutorials coming soon!
Good Luck & Happy Crafting

25 December 2014

Merry Christmas + Christmas Tag

Shout Out! HAPPY SLED DOG DAY!!! :D. {explored!}

MERRY CHRISTMAS, best wishes to everyone I hope you're having an awesome day even if you're not celebrating today. I've been enjoying the festive season so much this year, spending quality time with friends and family is the best. So I thought I would do something a little fun for you guys today, a while ago Becky from Milk Bubble Tea posted a Christmas Tag  which I've been meaning to do for the longest time so I thought what better time to do it than on the big day itself, so here it is I hope you enjoy my answers.

Merry Christmas....

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?
I have to admit I'm not really a fan of Christmas movies but Elf still rates as one of my faves as it always makes me laugh. I also love Home Alone 2 for the nostalgia factor, I guess I have a soft spot for Christmas movies set in New York so MERRY CHRISTMAS YA FILTHY ANIMAL!

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Christmas morning always Christmas morning although occasionally if we're all awake past midnight on Christmas Eve we'll open one Christmas present before going to bed.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
I don't, and I feel really bad that I don't but I do have vague happy memories of me and my brother waking up at 5am and opening our presents, my grandad passed out in his chair after lunch with a Christmas hat still on and my guinea pigs memorised by the lights on the tree.

4. favourite festive food?
I love Starbucks Eggnog Latte if that counts as festive food? I also love me some Stollen to and gingerbread although I can be quite fussy when it comes to both but I think more than anything I just love cooking for everyone and seeing them enjoy my yummy festive treats.

5. Favourite Christmas gift ?
I get spoilt at Christmas and I've had some really awesome presents over the years but I'm going to have to give a special mention to the Hot Toys Captain America I got from The Dad last year. I wasn't expecting it at all and I never imagined that I'd own an actual Hot Toys figure I mean they are amazing! It's been a year and I still get excited every time I look at it and now it's extra special as I got Stan Lee to sign the box when I met him at London Film and Comic Con this year.

christmas market in Rostock

6. Favourite Christmas scent?
Christmas markets, I love the smell of Christmas markets it's like mulled wine, smoky burgers, cinnamon, gingerbread and coffee basically all my favourite yummy scents.

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Christmas Eve we normally have a little buffet dinner with the family and occasionally some friends will pop by, then once everyone has gone home Mum, Dad and I will chill out downstairs and watch some Christmas TV.

8. What tops your tree?

Stego Pile Up!

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
Probably a Dinosaur! I had an imaginary friend when I was a kid which was a Brontosaurus (with wings) called Dino so when Jurassic Park came out I wanted a real Dinosaur and was convinced that one day it would happen, it never did and probably never will but until science catches up with my dreams I would make do with a Pleo

10. What's the best part about Christmas for you?
Getting together with loved ones and buying them awesome presents. December is the one time of year I make sure I have time for everyone and make fun times my priority. I'll admit I'm a pretty lame ass friend the rest of the year but at Christmas catching up with everyone gets priority and I'll bring you awesome presents to xoxo

Merry Christmas everyone, I'd love to hear your answers and how you'll be celebrating today.
Love & Christmas Pud

24 December 2014

Wishlist Wednesday: Comic Book Girl

a five in one.

It's Christmas Eve are we excited yet? So it's probably way too late for that holiday shopping now but as this is my last wishlist Wednesday I though I would share a few of the comic book related things I'm hoping Santa will bring me tonight, admittedly this is just a small selection as my comic wishlist is constantly growing with the recommendations and new titles I hear about everyday and well one can never have too many nerdy clothes!

Hope you all have an amazing holiday & let me know what you're hoping to get tomorrow? 
Love & Super Hugs

20 December 2014

Alpacas, Ice Cream & Giant Roti @ Kwan Riam Floating Market

Kwan Riam Floating Market (Bangkok, Thailand)

Kwan Riam Floating Market (Bangkok, Thailand) 

Kwan Riam Floating Market (Bangkok, Thailand)

Kwan Riam Floating Market (Bangkok, Thailand)

Floating Markets are one of Thailand's most popular attractions and I've visited quite a few over the years. Kwan Riam is a new floating market located just half an hour outside Bangkok and is one of the only markets that has facilities for disabled people so we were able to take my Yai out with us, this is a really great thing for those of us with elderly relatives as there's not many attractions, especially markets, that provide this in Thailand. As Kwan Riam is a new attraction it's not too busy and with mostly Thai people visiting it's a sure sign that the food is good.

Kwan Riam Floating Market (Bangkok, Thailand)

Kwan Riam Floating Market (Bangkok, Thailand)

Kwan Riam Floating Market (Bangkok, Thailand)

Kwan Riam Floating Market (Bangkok, Thailand)

Food is the main attraction of any market in Thailand but Kwan Riam has lot's of other fun things to do, my niece loved feeding the animals there and even went on a pony ride, there are temples on both sides of the river to give thanks at, boat rides, traditional Thai dancing and you can even eat "boat noodles" on a boat.

Kwan Riam Floating Market (Bangkok, Thailand)

Kwan Riam Floating Market (Bangkok, Thailand)

Kwan Riam Floating Market (Bangkok, Thailand)

Kwan Riam Floating Market (Bangkok, Thailand)

The market is extremely clean and very well kept, the animals were all very healthy looking and they even have Japanese toilets for you to use but most importantly the food is good, like really good, so good we ended up buying seconds (even thirds) to bring home to eat later!

Kwan Riam Floating Market (Bangkok, Thailand)

Kwan Riam Floating Market (Bangkok, Thailand)

Kwan Riam Floating Market (Bangkok, Thailand)

Kwan Riam Floating Market (Bangkok, Thailand)

This was my last trip out with the family before I left Thailand and it was such a great day, I was happy that we were able to take my Yai out with us and eat lots of yummy food together and I'm sure when I'm back in Thailand will be visiting Kwan Riam again.

Now the holidays are upon us what's your favourite family activity?
Love & Boats

17 December 2014

Wishlist Wednesday: Foodie Fashionista


I love food in fact our favourite family activity is eating and around the holidays we do just that so I thought why not mix my two favourite things for this weeks wishlist food and fashion. Admittedly all that rich food can get the better of me but Christmas only happens once a year and we should damn well celebrate I mean tis' the season for good eating! 

Love & Pizza

15 December 2014

Inspirational Quotes #57

"If you are wearing clothes that you enjoy wearing, everything you do in life becomes fun."
- Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

10 December 2014

Wishlist Wednesday: Puppy Lover

Dogs are the best and after sharing my adventures at True Love Café  I thought it only appropriate this weeks holiday wishlist be dog themed. This will be The Russ Pups first Christmas with us and we're making it special, I'm even baking him some cookies and contemplating getting us matching holiday outfits, yeah... I'm already reaching crazy dog lady status!

Love & Doggie Cuddles

07 December 2014

Falling in Puppy Love @ True Love Café

True Love Dog Cafe (Bangkok, Thailand)

Dogs are awesome, so when I heard there was not just Cat Cafés in Thailand but a Dog Café to I was delighted and even more excited to find out that it the dogs were huskies, my favourite pooches ever!

True Love Dog Cafe (Bangkok, Thailand)

True Love Dog Cafe (Bangkok, Thailand)

True Love Dog Cafe (Bangkok, Thailand)

First up let's talk food because if you want to play with the pooches you gotta order some food. There are a few different set meals all ranging in price and all come with drinks and a dessert. The food is really tasty, everything is cooked fresh and to your liking and there is a big case full of yummy cakes to choose from to.

True Love Dog Cafe (Bangkok, Thailand)

True Love Dog Cafe (Bangkok, Thailand)

True Love Dog Cafe (Bangkok, Thailand)

Before they let you into the dogs play area you're asked to wash your hands and put on some plastic shoe covers to prevent you and the dogs from picking up any germs. This is slightly different from the usual pet café set up where the animals come and go as they please as the dogs here are only let out for 30 minutes at  a time 3 times a day, so if you want to visit I suggest you book in advance to make sure you meet the doggies and get as much play time with them as you can as space is very limited there.

True Love Dog Cafe (Bangkok, Thailand)

True Love Dog Cafe (Bangkok, Thailand)

True Love Dog Cafe (Bangkok, Thailand)

Rain came shortly after the dogs were let out that day so we were taken from the larger yard where they play to a smaller sheltered one next to where the dogs sleep. These dogs are very well looked after they have their own air conditioned palace and get lots of cuddles from their owners and visitors, they also have their own nannies to look after them which I can imagine is a necessity when you have that many dogs!

True Love Dog Cafe (Bangkok, Thailand)

Huskies are they most beautiful dogs and so friendly to, I was seriously in heaven being surrounded by those cuties and I really could have spent all day cuddling them but my time was up, although they did have some mini versions to take home with you. True Love Café (appropriately named) is a dream come true and I'll definitely be back there next time!

Love & Snowflakes

03 December 2014

Wishlist Wednesday: Magical Girl Sailor Moon

My Small Toy Collection

Christmas is in 4 weeks so to celebrate I'm going to share with you some of my favourite finds from around the interwebs starting with my favourite girl power series Sailor Moon. There are so many awesome Sailor Moon items out there that anyone, yes even you, can transform yourself into a magical girl, MOON PRISM POWER!

30 November 2014

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (November 2014)


Can you believe Christmas is just a few weeks away, are you feeling festive spirit yet? November has been yet another crazy month to me but December is here and it's time to relax and have some fun. I'm starting to make plans for 2015 and setting myself some goals, I can't believe how fast this year has gone it's been crazy but anyway I hope you all enjoy this month's links.

 How To Deal With A Shit Week.

♥ Clothes Schmothes: 10 Things To Do in Your Underwear

♥ Get Unstuck: Stop Believing the Negative Stories You Tell Yourself

♥ Ten Ways To Get Over Blogger's Block

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♥ 36 Totally valid excuses to NOT exercise

 You Are The Only Person Who Can Change Yourself

♥ The Smart Girl’s Guide to Money Management

 Are There Beauty Goodies Hiding in Your Trash or Compost Pile?

♥ The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Why it Pays To Be Kind

Jiujiang Lu, Shanghai

♥ How To Get Shit Done Even When You're Totally Unmotivated

♥ Keeping Up With Friends When You Lead Busy Lives

♥ Stop Resisting: Surrender to Your Body to Transform It and Your Life

♥ What Does Being Brave Mean To You?

♥ 12 Ways To Help A Sick Friend


♥ Everyone is Hot

♥ Beating the Winter Business Blues

♥ 20 Life Lessons We Learned From the ‘Lion King' On Its 20th Birthday

♥ Nutrition is NOT a Religion

♥ Little Hamster Bartenders Serving Tiny Food And Drinks

Love & Gingerbread Cookies