31 March 2011

Things that make you go Oooooo (March 2011)

By Ellen Von Unwerth
Wow we're already a quarter into 2011, how is everyone's year going so far? In just 6 weeks I'll be jetting off to California for a month to work with my favourite primates the gibbon and I'm super excited. Also if any LA California girls want to meet up for lunch, shopping or Disneyland fun drop me an email as I'd love to meet you all and be happy for the company, anyways onwards and upwards....

How to Dress Like a Superhero - Love this and I can totally relate as I often find myself subconsciously dressing like my favourite comic book heroes or villains as the case may be.

Emotion, Shopping and You

D.I.Y Miu Miu Swallow Mary Janes - I've been lusting over these shoes for the longest time and I love the though of customising the colours and making my own.

The Secret Truth about Depression - This is such a beautiful and honest look at depression.

Style Tips: Dinner Parties, Video Diaries & Long Train Journeys!

The Social Network & My Generation - Firstly I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt and secondly I totally agree the internet has opened doors to me that were never possible before and I've made such good friends.

The dog I rescued, who broke my heart - This is so heart-warming, be sure to grab some tissues because this story is guaranteed to make you cry.

Rock Stars and Their Parents

The 9 Coolest Things James Franco Has Ever Done - I find it so hard not to like this guy and the cat video at the end is hilarious!

They Know What Boys Want -Wow, when I was twelve I was still playing with dolls pretending to be Sailor Moon blissfully ignorant of the world of sex, teenagers sure got it different now with the internet!

I am from a Third World Country

Balletic Styles - Ballet has been gaining in popularity since the release of Black Swan which makes me so happy as I really enjoy ballet and it reminds me of all those classes I did when I was a kid.

Life Beings at 2am - These images are awesome, I have to say I'm one of those people who get struck by the inspiration bug at strange times in the night many a time I've been up crafting till dawn!

Janne Parviainen's Light Skeletons

The Batman Nightclub - If I'd lived in 1966 no doubt I would have been there every weekend doing the batusi

Top 10 Things Better Than Sex - This is hilarious, got to admit though sometime food is better than sex!

Sex and The Nature of the Beast

The Different Types of People There Are on the Internet - So funny although I must admit I have encountered quite a few of the personalities listed.

Why the Internet Chose Cats - I've never really noticed before but it's true there's definitely more internet love for the kitties our there than any other animal not that I'm complaining I love cats!

Jack Kerouac's Belief and Technique for Modern Prose

The Baby-sitters Club: Where Are They Now? - This is pure awesome! I used to read these all the time when I was a kid, I remember my dad would always buy me one when he came back from working abroad, was anybody else a fan?

Love & Sparkly Hugs

27 March 2011

The Weekly Roundup #12

Watched Christopher and His Kind & East of Eden Made some delicious tomato & mozzarella tarts  Cycled the devil's mile on my exercise bike Fell in LOVE with these Bowie boots Read Revolutionary Road then watched the movie Caught up on my comic book reading Sent a bunch of goodies to my niece and nephews in Thailand Learnt Zombie survival tips courtesy of  Zombieland Got my 100th sale on Etsy!! Finished all my paperwork w00t!

Love & Sparkly Hugs

25 March 2011

Tofu & Vegetable Udon Noodle Stir-Fry

Noodles are my favourite food there's just so much you can do with a noodle I never get bored of eating them. I've been making ramen since I was kid and as I've grown up I've been picking up different noodle recipes from my various Asian relatives and friends, this was just something I made quickly one night with the remains of my fridge so I thought I would share it with you guys and hopefully they'll be more noodlicious recipes to come in the future.
  • Udon noodles
  • Sweet soy sauce (if you don't like sweet use dark soy sauce)
  • Oil for cooking
  • Tofu
  • Chinese leaf lettuce
  • Chinese broccoli
  • Mange tout
  • Baby corn
  • Spring onion

Place the wok on a high heat with a little oil.

Whilst the wok is heating slice up all the vegetables and tofu.

Once the wok is hot put in the Tofu to brown a little, this will give it a slight crunch.

Then add all the vegetables to the wok, if the wok is dry add a tiny bit of water to steam the vegetables and help them cook.

Once the vegetables are cooked add the Udon noodles, and a tablespoon of the sweet soy sauce.

If you want to can add an egg to the noodles for added protein.

Mix and cook together for a few minutes until the noodles have softened.

Serve and enjoy your noodles!

Eat & Stay Healthy

20 March 2011

The Weekly Roundup #11

Could not put down What I Talk About When I Talk About Running Sang Bowie (badly!) while reading manga on my exercise bike Watched Tron Legacy Bought one of the Vivienne Westwood Red Nose Day charity T-shirts Designed some new scarfs for my Etsy Shop Made some yummilicious kimchi noodles Watched Tin Man Ate super-sized strawberries while reading Superman: Last Son Started packing for America Gave my nails a leather effect Cleared out the Batcave and donated clothes to charity

Love & Sparkly Hugs

15 March 2011

Inspirational Quotes #12


The difference between style and fashion is quality. - Giorgio Armani

13 March 2011

The Weekly Roundup #10

Finished reading Eat, Pray, Love & watched the movie Found out my Balinese sign is Broken Hoe best summary of me EVER! XD "Is that what Doctor Who uses to brush his teeth?" my reply to buying a new sonic toothbrush Saw Rango Made apple pancakes Started a new skincare routine Watched The Life Aquatic & bought the soundtrack Painted my nails Picked up my air tickets for LA & VEGAS, it's official I'm America bound in 8 weeks!! Bought the Wonder Woman Penultimate Eye Liner from MAC as I could no longer resist temptation Prayed for Japan, please stay safe everyone

Love & Hope

10 March 2011

06 March 2011

The Weekly Roundup #9

Watched the Oscars Played with some Bearded Dragons Got a new (old?) 35mm Pentax SLR Saw Paul at the cinema Made an awesome cheesy fennel bake Booked my Las Vegas adventure! Watched Desperate Days In Blue John Canyon Wished my brother in Thailand a happy birthday Played Trauma Center on my DS Got myself back into a semi-normal sleep routine Sent my pooch a care package (I miss him so much!) Watched Newsies while devouring kinder eggs

Love & Sparkly Hugs

03 March 2011

Beauty Blitz: My Make-up Collection

by Jessie Dee Makeup
This year I have vowed to be more creative with my make-up I've been totally inspired by all these wonderful tutorials I've seen that it's not enough for me just to stick to my usual mascara and eyeliner I want to be brighter and bolder and more colourful.

My make-up collection is actually quite small, partly because I just cleared out a  bunch of old products I had and partly because I like to use things up before I go out and buy new things, so here's a look at the products I own.

Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream
Za Powder Compact + Refils
Mistine Powder Compact

A lot of my facial products I buy in Thailand as I find the shades suit me better and they work much better for my skin. I stopped using foundation about 2 years ago after a weekend away when I had forgotten to pack my regular foundation and was forced to use my BB cream as a substitute but I found after that weekend how much better I looked and how much clearer my skin was so since that weekend I've never looked back and have been using my BB cream as foundation ever since.

MAC Tres Teal Mineralize Eyeshadow
Kiss Australia Pink Eyeshadow
Liz Collinge Brown Eyeshadow
MAC Hello Kitty Too Dolly Palette
MAC Royal Assets Smokey Eyes Palette
MAC Manish Arora Palette
MAC Venomous Villians My Dark Magic Mineralize Eyeshadow

When it comes to eyeshadows I'm like a magpie I go for the pretty packaging which is why the majority are MAC limiteds, I like to buy palettes because they're easy to travel with and also because it gives me a good selection of different colours to work with.

 Maybelline Hello Kitty Mascara
Mistine Cat Eyes Eyeliner
MAC Glitter Eye Pencils
Dior Ultimeyes Mascara

I LOVE Dior mascara it's my absolute fave and I'm constantly wearing mascara and eyeliner, I've actually just used up two Maybelline mascaras and a Miss Sporty kohl pencil. The Lancome pen is the best concealer/highlighter I've totally recommend it!

Dior Princess Ring Lip Gloss
Dior Pretty Charms Lip Gloss
Dior Light Lip Gloss
Dior Luggage Tag Lip Gloss
MAC Hello Kitty Sweet Strawberry Lip Glass
Hello Kitty Lip Palette
MAC Vivi Glam Gaga, Lickable, Dark Deed & Heartless Lipstick

The Dior lip glosses I've been collecting for years, I bought most of them from duty free lounges so they're also souvenirs from my travels. I've actually only started to wear lipstick in the last year and when it comes to lip colour I like to be bold with it which is why I have quite a few of the Limecrime shades because they're not your usual colours.

MAC Fafi Fashion Frenzy Blush
MAC Hello Kitty Tippy Blush
I actually used to own several blushes which I used regularly but I never replaced them when I finished them and now I hardly wear blush at all in fact I don't think I've even touched the Hello Kitty one!

My collection of purple brushes (my favourite colour) which I purchased of eBay, they're all goats hair which I've found to be better for my sensitive skin I did have a couple MAC brushes but I found them to be quite hard on me and yes I do pretty much use all of them!

So that's my make-up collection and no doubt I'll probably be adding more to it very soon!
What are your must have favourite make-up products?

Love & Lipstick