15 January 2019

GOT7 5th Anniversary Celebration GIVEAWAY!!! {CLOSED}

January 16th marks 5 years since GOT7's first debut stage in Korea and because these are my best boys and favourite Kpop group who have literally changed my life for the better, inspired me, motivated me and introduced me to so many amazing people I wanted to celebrate this special day by hosting a giveaway and sharing the joy with my fellow GOT7 fans.

 ♥ The Prizes 

GOT7 Present:You Poster
GOT7 Present:You Postcards
It's Skin GOT7 Aloe Sheet Mask
GOT7 Bracelet
7 for 7 Golden Hour Version Album

So if you want to join in the giveaway and be in with the chance to win these prizes just follow the instructions in the widget below, the giveaway will close on February 1st and winner will be contacted via email.

Le me know how you found and why you love GOT7 in the comments!
Good Luck

05 January 2019

GOT7 JB Birthday Exhibition in So-K Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand

KPop has become extremely popular in Thailand over the past few years with groups of dedicated fans bringing the traditions of the Korean fandoms over to us, birthday ads have decorated our buses and shopping malls and now cafes are joining in the celebrations giving us special gifts and foods. So when I heard about JB from GOT7 getting his first dedicated birthday event in Bangkok hosted by one of his most popular Korean fansites SpringBreeze16 and Thai fanbase DefSoulTogether I just had to go and check it out.

Last year I was lucky enough to be in Seoul for JB's birthday and was able to see the birthday signs outside JYP, a tradition which is sadly no more since JYP moved to bigger headquarters, so getting the chance to celebrate this year at an actual dedicated event, in my hometown, was really special . The event was hosted at So-K Cafe and the whole cafe was dedicated to JB with GOT7 songs playing and every wall adorned with beautiful photos taken of him as well as standees you could take photos with and post-it notes to leave your birthday messages to him on.

I took along my collection of Gotoon mini JBs to celebrate with me and with our order of a drink and dessert we were given some exclusive JB birthday goodies, a cupsleeve, a poster, and two little birthday themed flags to decorate our food with. The cafe also had a huge selection of cupsleeves celebrating different idols birthdays you could choose from to but I was there for my boy JB.

The food selection was mostly desserts (they also had spaghetti) and unfortunately when we arrived all the cakes had already sold out so I went for the honey toast and we also got waffles and bingsu to try to all of which were really good and I totally recommend although I will admit after we were suffering with a bit of a sugar hangover but it was JB's birthday so the perfect time to indulge, I know you can't be with us JB so we'll eat your share to hehe!

It was really great to see the cafe so full of JB and GOT7 fans, I believe this is this was the first event of this kind we've had in Bangkok so it's really encouraging and I hope we have more especially as the next GOT7 birthday coming up is for my favourite boy Jackson Wang and I would really love to attend a birthday event for him here as I can't make it to Seoul.

Fans are so dedicated and kind in Thailand and I really love being a part of this community, everyone has been so warm and welcoming. I've made so many new and amazing friends from all around the world thanks to GOT7 and I couldn't be more grateful to them for bringing us all together, these events are such a nice place for us to get together and celebrate the people we love so I really hope I get to attend more in the future.

What do you think about Kpop culture? Would you like to attend of these events?
Love & Strawberries

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