16 April 2019

Asian Dramas I'm Watching & Loving!

Vegetarian Festival 2017

I always try to watch a variety of different Asian dramas from different countries but Korean Dramas always seem to appeal to me the most and there are so many great dramas being aired in Korea at the moment I'm finding it difficult to keep up with them all so in the meantime while I'm catching up I thought I would share a few Asian dramas I watched a little while ago which you might like.

I'm sure everyone already knows the stories of Sherlock Holmes but this series gives the traditional Sherlock stories a modern day, Japanese twist casting females as their lead stars. I've seen a lot of interpretations of Sherlock over the years and while I will admit this wasn't my favourite it was still very enjoyable, the casting of Wato-San and Sherlock was really great and the twists of each case they investigated very interesting. While I'll admit the cinematography isn't as spectacular as other Sherlock series (you know the one I'm talking about) for a Japanese series I found it to be quite modern and they used some interesting transitions which I hadn't seen before in other Japaneses series I've watched, I've mentioned this in the past but I find something very dated about Japanese series but Miss Sherlock had a very modern feel to it. I really liked the very Japanese feel I got from this series, when you think Sherlock you automatically think British but from the Japanese cast to the setting of Tokyo it just seemed to match so perfectly and nothing seemed out of place or forced at all so definitely check it out if you're a Sherlock fan.

내 아이디는 강남미인
Kang Mi Rae has been ridiculed for her looks her entire life and believes her looks are the cause of all her suffering in life, she gets plastic surgery in the hopes that she can have a fresh new start (and face) in university and gain the confidence, self-esteem and friendships she's always dreamed of and learn what true beauty really means. Admittedly I was a bit apprehensive going into this drama, not knowing anything about the manga despite it's popularity as I'm not a big fan of this whole being pretty will solve all your problem trope but thankfully this drama shows exactly the opposite, that being pretty is not the solution to your problems and whether your considered a stereotypical beauty or not we all still have the same struggles and it's your heart and your actions that really make you beautiful which is what really matters.

30 กำลังแจ๋ว The Series
Ja, seems to have it all, a successful career, a great social life, and a handsome sweetheart but on her 30th birthday, Ja finds her perfect life changed when her boyfriend who she thought would propose instead breaks up with her, leaving her single until she meets a new guy who's 7 years younger than her. This series is actually based on a popular Thai movie of the same name which I watched a few years ago and really enjoyed so I was excited to see what the series would be like and where the story would go. I initially thought the series would maybe expand on the ending of the movie but instead it followed the same time line and focused a lot on the relationship of the side characters. It's hard not to compare the movie and the series but I will say I preferred the couple in the movie compared to the TV series as I think the TV series focuses too much on comedy so at times it was hard to take them seriously. Overall I would recommend you skip the series and just watch the movie as it's a lot more heartwarming however if you prefer comedy over drama them maybe you would enjoy the series more.

시카고 타자기
This drama follows the lives of 3 individuals who lived during the 1930's Japanese occupation of Korea, and are reincarnated into the present as they try to regain their memories of their past life in order not to re-live their past mistakes. The way this story unfolded was so heartbreaking but I loved how gradually through the series the story of their past lives became clear and how the people in their past lives were also a part of the present but in different ways, the story is all about making amends for your past mistakes and moving on and the relationship and chemistry between the main characters is just so heart-warming and heart-breaking. The visuals especially for the past lives were very beautifully done and you really felt immersed in that world, I also loved the added 'supernatural' element which I won't spoil but it really added a unique flavor to the drama as well as some much needed humour. I'd definitely recommend you give this one a watch, while the romance is an element I don't think it's the the main driving force of the plot as the friendships of the main 3 shine the most, if you're a fan of mysteries then you may like this one and the ending is a nice conclusion to the story which will leave you feeling satisfied.

Shan Cai is an ordinary girl of no wealth who through hard work and determination is admitted to the most prestigious school in the country where on her first day she has an unlucky encounter with the F4 who are an elite group of the most popular, smart and wealthiest boys of the school. This drama is a Chinese remake of the Taiwanese series of the same name, which is originally based on the Boys Over Flower drama series from Korea and originally the manga from Japan called Hana Yori Dango. This is a very popular series so I'm sure at some point you will have seen some sort of rendition of it or even seen the original manga or anime, I normally try skip these sorts of dramas as I find them too predictable and dated but Meteor Garden gives us a great modern take on an old trope and I really enjoyed watching this series even though it was 50 episodes long and did seem to drag towards the end. Shan Cai was a really likeable character and I enjoyed watching her development throughout the series and I liked seeing their trips abroad. Dao Ming Su's sister was one of my fave characters to and I loved how fierce she was and how she fought for not just her brother's happiness but Shan Ca to. I will admit the last two episodes were a little strange and disappointing but not unexpected, it was a good watch though and I'm sure they'll be many more Hana Yori Dango interpretations from even more countries in the future.

What have you been watching lately?
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07 April 2019

♫ Playlist: Favourite Kpop in 2018 ♫

Sheraton and Oakwood Premier Incheon at night

I'm often asked if I listen to any other Kpop apart from GOT7 and the answer is of course! Many years ago I used to share playlists of my favourite Kpop songs so I thought as a lot of you have been asking I'd share some new songs. Last year I decided to keep a playlist of all the new releases I liked as I thought it would be a good way to keep up with everyone and remember the year and it's something I'm continuing to do this year. I also added quite few "Non-Korean" releases from Kpop artists on here as the Kpop market is becoming more international with some artists collaborating internationally and starting to spread their wings further afield.

There's over 100 songs to listen to from all sorts of different artists and genres so hopefully you'll find something you'll like or someone new you've never heard of before. There's also many more great songs and artists that came out last year that I'm probably missing quite a few as the Kpop industry is so huge and moves so quickly now it's hard to keep up so be sure to share some of your faves in the comments below.

What was your fave song from 2018?
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01 April 2019

Marvel Comics Captain America Giveaway!!!

This month sees the release of the Avengers: End Game, the final conclusion of a story that started over a decade ago. This is bittersweet to Marvel fans everywhere as it means we're saying goodbye to some much loved characters and reaching a final conclusion but at the same time we're welcoming the dawn of a new era, with new heroes and stories where the possibilities are endless. Captain America has always been my favourite in the MCU so I wanted to host a little giveaway as a way to say goodbye and good luck to one of the characters that has inspired me most.

The Prizes
Pow Hair Clip
Captain America Jewelled Necklace
Captain America Lego Necklace
Tokidoki Captain America Frenzies Keychain
2 Surprise Marvel Kinder Egg Toys

For your chance to win, be sure to follow all the details and rules in the widget below, the giveaway is open to everyone worldwide and closes on April 30th when winner will be randomly selected, please also make sure to leave a valid email address that I can contact you with should you win as if there's no response after 7 days I will select another person for the prize.

Let me know your favourite Marvel movie in the comments below
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