28 February 2015

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (February 2015)

forget, focus and carry on.

February seems to have come and gone in a flash but surprisingly I managed to get a lot done this month! I started the month off with an awesome trip to the Game of Thrones Exhibition in London, caught up with friends, made some progress on my cosplay projects and although I completely failed to get tickets for San Diego Comic Con *single sad tear* there's still some exciting things happening for me to look forward to.

♥ Pie is greater than cake, it's science!

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♥ I don't really like musicals but the Death Note musical is sounding awesome!

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♥ If only all my Starbucks came in a cup like this


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♥ My sleep schedule has been awful this month so it's time for a change!

♥ I Woke Up Like This: On Flawlessness, and Admitting The Effort Required

necklace from paraphernalia

♥ February has a way of making us single folk feel alone so here's 25 things to do to feel less lonely

♥ We are all different but that's not a bad thing, Marthe shares what makes her different, why she loves it and why we should all learn to love our quirks to.

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Cause You're the Apple To My Pie

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 I adore this Captain America sweatshirt and am definitely adding it to my projects list!

♥ The art of fangirling: What it means to be a true geek

♥ Life As A Blogger

 And finally lets end this month on a fun note with some adorable kids and their pet dogs xoxo

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27 February 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Name My Dogs After

The original topic for this week's #Fandom5 was "Characters I Would Name My Kids After" but as I have no plans for children let alone 5 *dies at the very thought* I thought I would do something a little different and do dog names. I probably put way too much thought into what I'm going to name my future pack and I would happily have a dozen doggies if I could (crazy dog lady alert!) the urge to just quit life move to Alaska get some huskies and go sledding everyday is immense...

I've had an interest in Norse mythology since I was a kid thanks to The Dad but other obsessions kinda got in the way until a certain hammer wielding god entered the MCU and now I find myself reading up on it again. I did think Fenris was the perfect choice but I've since met several other dogs with that name so I'm going with Odin, I mean he is the top dog afterall.

Pugs are awesome, talking pugs are even more awesome! I absolutely fell in love with those cute little smooshy faces after seeing Men in Black so if I'm ever lucky enough to adopt one I kinda have to call him Frank.

Akitas and Shiba Inu's have been a long time love of mine and I always thought if I got one I would name it something Japanese. I thought about Kuma and Kitsune because of their looks but then I saw Princess Monoke and fell in love! Moro would have been the obvious choice but I loved the character of Ashitaka so much so that one made the list.

Ned & Bran
Being wolf obsessed (and Northern) it's obvious that I would want to name a dog something Stark related and I always thought Ned would be a great name for a big cuddle monster but recently I saw a dog in the rescue center which was all big and wolf-like called Bran and thought that was the perfect name. Although Bran has since left the center and is happily living in his forever home I can't stop thinking about how much I want a Dire-dog named Bran.

Superman was my first superhero love, I remember being about 5 years old and asking my Nanna for a Superman costume, she bought me Flash Gordon... I wasn't happy! As cheesy as it is I love the fact that Superman has a super dog so I definitely have to add a Krypto to my pack. Also I only recently realised whilst babysitting that Krypto has his own cartoon series so I'll definitely have to watch more of that soon.

Ok so this one isn't a technically a character but it's still kinda nerdy and one of the names I've had in mind for a pooch for a long time. Laika was the first dog to be sent into space and as I have a love for space (thanks again to my The 'astrophysicist' Dad) I've always wanted to name a pooch in her honour.

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24 February 2015

Wishlist Wants: Dinosaurs, Hobbit Holes & Dragons

What would you treat yourself to? Be sure to let me know in the comments
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20 February 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Things I’ve Bought But Haven’t Read/Watched/Played Yet

This weeks #Fandom5 has forced me to look at my reckless spending habits a bit, I have to admit I'm much better than I used to be when buying new things but sometimes I just can't resist. I have so many things that are unopened and unloved, my precious Kotobukiya Spider-Woman and Batusi Batman are still in their boxes in a closet because I have nowhere to display them so I'm hoping by making this list that I'll force me to finally get some use out of all these awesome things.

Disney DVD Collection 2015
My collection is FINALLY complete and although I've seen most of these movies there is quite a few in my collection I haven't watched yet because I want to have a big Disney movie marathon and watch every movie in order so perhaps I need to stop procrastinating and start on that tonight!

This was a Christmas present and while I loved the previous Layton games my Nintendo 3DS XL just does not get much love anymore. Sadly I don't have a lot of time to play games as most of my other hobbies have taken up all my time and the most gaming I do is maybe a couple games of Tsum Tsum while I'm waiting for the bus. I'm not sure if I'll ever get round to playing this one so maybe I'll have to swap it for a few graphic novels instead...

I loved Heroes when it was on TV and although it did lose its way a bit I did really care for the characters and was sad that it got cancelled I bought this set on sale a long time ago now but it's still in its plastic wrap so I'll definitely have to watch it soon with Heroes making its return later this year!

Look how freakin' awesome this is it's almost a crime I haven't even played with it yet! Lego is made to be played with, although I seem to have got into the habit of buying and not building sets which is a goddamn waste but when I do get round to building this one I'm definitely going to make a build video for it similar to the one I did for my Back to The Future set.

This is such a beautiful book which I've only briefly flicked through before putting it amongst all my other pretty Game of Thones books. I'm a bit precious about my books so I'm kinda scarred of reading it as it's such a beautiful book I don't want to damage it so that's the stupid reason I haven't read it yet. I know WTF Cate stop with your irrational worries and read the goddamn pretty book already!

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18 February 2015

The Game of Thrones Exhibition 2015

Game of Thrones Exhibition London O2 2015

Last week I took a short trip down to London to see the Game of Thrones Exhibition which was hosted by Sky in the O2 Area. I was lucky enough to see the exhibition in its 1st year in Belfast but unfortunately missed out last year and after hearing so much about the new Oculus Rift experience and all the other awesome additions, I didn't want to miss out again and so after an hour of website crash hell and endless refreshing I finally managed to get myself some tickets YEY!

Game of Thrones Exhibition London O2 2015

Game of Thrones Exhibition London O2 2015

Game of Thrones Exhibition London O2 2015

There are so many amazing little details put into every prop and costume in the show that they only way you can really appreciate them is to see them up close, I had always thought Margaery Tyrell's wedding dress was gorgeous but after seeing it up close I'm in awe it's absolutely stunning and I would love a dress like that one day.

Game of Thrones Exhibition London O2 2015

Game of Thrones Exhibition London O2 2015

Game of Thrones Exhibition London O2 2015

I was very tempted to visit in my Daenerys costume but I already had plans for the rest of the day however there were quite a few people working the exhibition in costume which is thought was an awesome addition one of the cosplayers even complimented me on my Stark jacket and Direwolf scarves.

Game of Thrones Exhibition London O2 2015

Game of Thrones Exhibition London O2 2015

Game of Thrones Exhibition London O2 2015

So after all the hype Ascend the Wall Oculus Rift experience was actually pretty cool, I have to admit after hearing all the shrieking I thought it would be more terrifying although I did get slightly disorientated I would have loved to try it out again but the queue for it was huge! If you're lucky enough to visit the exhibition it's not something to be missed and totally worth checking out.

There were quite a few fun photo ops this time around, you could take a photo holding The Mountain's sword, take a selfie with a White Walker, turn into a White Walker, get torched by a dragon and there was even Game of Thrones karaoke. I had so much fun there, the exhibit just seems to get bigger and better every year and now I'm so hyped up for the next series April can't come soon enough!

Valar Morghulis

17 February 2015



Happy Pancake Day everyone! I love a good pancake whether it's the thick american style or the thin French crepe I love them all equally. This year I thought I would do something different than the traditional sugar and lemon and try out some new recipes. It doesn't matter if you prefer sweet or savoury, have allergies or are vegan there is a pancake recipe out there for everyone and I am loving the creativity so here are a few recipes I'm thinking I might try out today...

♥ Pumpkin Pancakes 

Let me know what your fave pancake recipes are & what you'll be eating today in the comments
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15 February 2015

Inspirational Quotes #59

"As a woman, we all want to feel attractive. We all want to feel that we're making the very best of ourselves so we can accept ourselves." 
- Gwendoline Christie

13 February 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Fictional Couples I Ship

I had to have a bit of a think about this week's Fandom 5 because I wasn't quite sure if I actually shipped anyone. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to love and romance and wince like a little kid whenever there's smooching on screen but I'm all about the friendships and fun times, I mean shipping doesn't always have to be all about the sexy fun times does it? So here are five of my fave fictional couples who may or may not have smoochy fun times..... but probably do!

Black Canary & Zatanna
I adore both these characters so much and I absolutely adored them together in Bloodspell, I loved the backstory Dini gave them of meeting when they were kids and I really enjoyed the cheeky banter between them that I want to see more adventures of them together so badly.

Steve Rogers & Peggy Carter
So I said I'm not romantic but I loved these to together on screen. This was never your typical damsel in distress pairing like in most other superhero movies Peggy was always independent and able to kick ass in fact if anything it was Steve that needed her! Peggy's appearance in The Winter Solider had me in tears it was so touching seeing these two together after everything they've been through Steve + Peggy 4EVER!

Batman & Robin
Specifically Burt Ward and Adam West I want these two together forever they are the absolute best crime fighting duo ever, I seriously love this show so much and have probably been watching an excessive amount of it lately but they are so awesome I love them <3

Wall-E & Eve
Wall-E is my absolute favoutite Pixar movie, it warms my stone cold heart so much and never fails to make me smile. These two little robots make me feel all squishy inside and the scene of them dancing through space together is one of my favourite movie scenes ever it's so beautiful, I mean how can you not ship these two?

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy
As crazy and dysfunctional as these characters are they surprisingly compliment each other well. This is another awesome pairing by Paul Dini which I adore. I first saw these two together in Batman the animated series as a kid and absolutely adored them because not only do they have an absolute blast together but when times are tough they can depend on each other and you see a genuine love and warmth between them.

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11 February 2015

Things To Do When You're Feeling Sad

Take It All

Happiness can be a real struggle at times and some days it can feel like whole the universe is working against you. Sometimes I don't even need a reason to be sad I just seem to wake up that way which sucks but the pursuit of happiness is always worth the effort so if you're feeling in a funk and are in need of a little help here are I few things I do to try and beat those dark clouds away.

Watch your favourite childhood movie
It has been scientifically proven that nostalgia can actually counteract feelings of depression and what better way to induce those feeling of nostalgia than watching one of your fave childhood movies, some of my faves are E.T., Back to the Future, The Princess Bride and any Disney and all movies.

This world is so busy and hectic it can become quite overwhelming at times so it's good to just clear your mind every now and again, breathe deeply and enjoy the stillness and silence.

It's ok to cry, sometimes you want to hold it back but in my experience it's better to just let it all out let all the sadness and frustration, maybe you'll look a mess but so what you'll feel much better afterwards.

Espresso My Friend
Talk to a friend
Call a friend, buy a pizza and go hang out in your onesies. Friends are gifts and will always make you feel better whether you need someone to talk to or just a fun distraction being around your friends can be the best cure for sadness and even if your friends are far away the internet exists to bring us closer.

Have a bath
A bath can be a real treat, get yourself an awesome glittery bath bomb, light some scented candles, put on some relaxing music and let your cares soak away.

Eat a donut
Ok so it doesn't have to be a donut it can be whatever you want but donuts are pretty damn delicious, we all need to treat ourselves sometimes so savour that yummy sweet treat.

Exercise releases endorphins so is proven to make you feel better, whether you like to release your frustrations through boxing, or relax doing yoga, swim like a fish or run as fast as the wind a bit of exercise can really boost your mood.

454884-R1-03-19 Cuddle a pet
It doesn't matter how bad of a day I'm having seeing The Russ Pup and his happy face come running at me is an instant mood booster and even science says that pets are awesome.

Dreaming of peaceful getaways 27/52
Sleep your cares away
There are times when we feel like nothing we'll do can cheer us up and that's fine sometimes the best solution is to just curl up in bed and sleep your troubles away just remember tomorrow is another day and sadness is only temporary.

What are your favourite ways to beat the blues? Be sure to let me know in the comments
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06 February 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Funko Pop Figures

I was so excited when I first saw this as a topic for 5 Fandom Friday because I'm am completely obsessed with Funko figures! I've been collecting Funko Pop figures for a couple years now, my first figure was a Captain America bobblehead I bought at Wales Comic Con and now my collection totals 38 with more on the way. Picking 5 of my faves is tough because it seems like every week they come out with a new one I want if I had my way I'd pick at least 50...

Golden Smaug
The newest addition to my "Funko Family" and my absolute favourite, this was a limited edition Funko made for Hot Topic which quickly sold out but I luckily found for a good price on eBay. I absolutely adore him because he's twice the size of regular Funko figures and beautifully detailed, I can't stop staring at him, Smaug the Stupendous indeed!

Slightly cheating on this one because I can't pick a single fave from this collection, I love giant Stay Puft, I love the slime effect on Slimer I love the car and I love the guys in their adorable little uniforms. Ghostbusters will always be my first fandom love and once I make some room in The Batcave I'm totally making myself a Ghostbusters shelf to display these guys.

I confess I've only seen about 10 minutes of the 1st movie and it was hilariously bad but I love this figure so much although I'm not exactly sure why but it does look pretty awesome I mean look at that tornado effect. Regardless it's one of my absolute fave Funko figures and I gotta have it.

Game of Thrones Mystery Minis
Game of Thrones are the main focus of my Funko collection although when I started out I told myself I just wanted the Starks but then HBO had a special offer on the whole set in their shop so I got them, then I promised myself I'd just stick to the main figures and not get the variants and then Headless Ned happened and now I seem to have multiples of each character, so then the mystery minis came out and I said no for the longest time because I thought I would have the worst luck with them but then I treated myself to one at LFCC and I got Ghost which was the one I wanted the most and since have been having the best luck with them I even got Drogon whilst dressed in my Daenerys cosplay! Anywho I love these figures more than the regular Funkos as they're more cute and detailed and now I want the whole set.... so much for trying to restrain myself!

Dancing Groot
Waaaaa~~~ so cute! Do I really have to explain this one I mean look at teh cuteness and the head even bops! This was a fairly recent release so I'm definitely going to have to get this one probably sooner rather than later....

Bonus pic of the most awesome Funko ever created!
"You know nothing Jon Snow!"

Check out the origins of Friday Fandom 5 & be sure to join in and share your fave Funko figures 
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