31 October 2017

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (October 2017)

- ♥ Cherie ♥ - vs dreifachzucker #19

Happy Halloween!! We're almost at the end of 2017 so it's time to start enjoying these last couple months and preparing for the new year ahead. For me this month has been about healing both body and mind and I've been making a real effort to take better care of myself especially after the little accident I had. It's always important to take good care of yourself even when you're going through a tough time so I hope you find this month's links both enjoyable and interesting...


28 October 2017

Modes4U Kawaii Unboxing & Review

Kawaii Goodies from Modes4u

A super cute website called Modes4u got in touch with me recently asking if they could send me some kawaii goodies in exchange for a review, of course I can't say no to anything cute and after checking out their website and seeing all the Kawaii plush toys, Re-ment Shop and Kawaii stickers I could not resist!

Kawaii Goodies from Modes4u

My package was shipped from Hong Kong and arrived in Thailand just 10 days later so I didn't have to wait too long for my goodies, they also provided me with a tracking number so I could see exactly where my package was, which is always appreciated.

Kawaii Goodies from Modes4u

The first thing I saw was this extremely cute bunny plush which I instantly fell in love with. It's a lot bigger than I thought, I actually thought it would be keychain sized but it's big enough for cuddles and has been keeping me company on my desk while I work. I really love the blush details it has and the little flower, those little things just add so much extra cuteness and to top it all off it squeaks when you squish it which is just the sweetest thing ever!

Kawaii Goodies from Modes4u

I've always been a fan of Re-ments so I was so happy to see they had sent me one of my favourite Sanrio characters Gudetama. There's several different ones you can collect and the surprise is all part of the fun. I got the Oden set which was so cute and detailed it almost looks good enough to eat but I wouldn't recommend it hehe!

Kawaii Goodies from Modes4u

Finally I got some really adorable bunny stickers which will be perfect to stick all over everything I want to make that little bit extra cute. I'm a big fan of stickers as they cheer an otherwise boring item up and these bunny ones are so detailed and kawaii they're sure to brighten up your day just looking at them. I'll definitely be using them on my letters and parcels to friends and spreading the cute around.

What's your favourite item from Modes4u?
Love & Bunny Hugs

25 October 2017

Dresslily Review, Haul & Try On

Dresslily Haul Review & Try On

Dresslily contacted me asking me of they could send me some items in exchange for a review and as you saw in my previous wishlist post I was very impressed at their range of items from clothing to homeware but the one thing that caught my eye was yes you guessed it that awesome Sailor Moon inspired kitty backpack!

Shipping was fairly quick with the first package arriving to me in around a week and the second package arriving a week later and luckily this time Mr. Postman was able to find my address so there were no problems and Dresslily kept me fully updated with shipping times and tracking numbers.

Dresslily Haul Review & Try On

I decided to go for items slightly different to my normal style with the changing of the seasons, although Thailand is still ridiculously hot I'm going to be spending my winter somewhere much colder so I wanted things I was easily able to co-ordinate and layer so I went for a simple high neck crop top and a jumpsuit which both fit me perfectly thanks to the accurate measurements given on their website. Pro-tip don't just look at the standard sizing as they can vary from item to item, make sure to check the actual measurements given on the item page to make sure it'll fit!

Overall I was very pleased with my experience with Dresslily and I totally recommend them, that backpack is my absolute favourite thing and the quality is so good that I'm sure it will last me a long, long time! They have so much choice on their website that there's guaranteed something to suit all styles so go check them out and let me know what you think.

What's your favourite item from my haul?
Love & Sunshine

Links to the items I got and the prices at the time of ordering:

23 October 2017

Asian Dramas I'm Watching & Loving!

Tokyo 1664

I decided to take a break from Korean dramas for a little bit so this month it's all about Japanese Dramas which I felt like I haven't watched for the longest time. Although I will admit the overall acting and cinematography in JDramas isn't as good as KDramas the stories are a bit more interesting as they don't always follow that typical romance theme unless of course it's a romance in fact most JDramas follow mystery/crime theme which I really enjoy and the stories are tighter and straight to point which is good but means the dramas are a lot shorter. I watched quite a few different genres of JDramas this time around so hopefully they'll be at least one that suits your tastes.

After a fire breaks out at the Doisaki couple's house they are forced to reveal that they killed and buried their daughter under the floorboards 16 years ago, the case becomes a popular talking point in Japan and a housewife visits Shigeko Maehata, an investigative journalist, telling her that she believes that her son has ESP and shows her a picture he drew that seemingly depicts the Doisaki incident and asks her to investigate. There are also two sub-plots to the show which are connected to the main and I will warn you one is quite graphic and contains images of rape and abuse which I did find uncomfortable to watch. The plot overall is quite intriguing and the acting isn't too bad although I did find myself questioning the characters actions (why didn't that girl call the police when she got that note? why don't the neighbours question the screaming?) but plot holes aside it was an interesting watch especially if you enjoy crime and suspense dramas.

Haruki Morita a surgeon with a strong sense of moral justice who thinks about nothing but his work all day joins a university hospital in order to improve his skills yet he disagrees with the way the hospital prioritises profits over patients and fights back against it, there he meets Kondo Chizuru another surgeon and his senior and begins to find himself attracted to her. I randomly found this drama on Crunchyroll (yes they have dramas to) and I recognised Takumi Saito from other dramas I had watched so decided to give this one a go, also I did love watching ER back in the day. Although this is sold as a romance drama from the posters and even the "sexy" opening the romance is secondary to the medical drama but this in a way reflects the choices the doctors make to prioritise their jobs and patients over love. Japanese dramas are really good in portraying "real people" meaning the drama isn't overdone or exaggerated, the romance is subtle and understated but it's there and it's sweet, it's only 11 episodes long but each were enjoyable and I enjoyed Takumi Saito's character a lot.

Asuka is a successful banker who dreams of getting married and becoming a housewife but after her boyfriend suddenly dumps her she feels like she's running out of time and vows only to date men with the goal of marriage. She meets a handsome and popular TV presenter who falls for her but the only problem is he has no intentions to ever get married. This drama reminded me of a lot of Thai dramas I've watched but the main protagonist was actually quite likeable in that she wasn't down or depressed about her "predicament" but pro-active and positive, I find in Thai dramas (and Korean dramas) the girls can be overly dramatic which just leaves me feeling terrible about myself because yes I am one of those "older" single girls but Asuka was sweet, dignified and full of hope yet she didn't take crap from people for what she believes in.

Tanaka Tamako who works in a male dominated restaurant business finds herself constantly berated and betrayed by her male colleagues decides to quit her job after her friend becomes the subject of sexual harassment. She decides to open her own restaurant and run it on her own terms along with a group of female friends who have also experienced hardships in life. This is such a heartwarming story of food and friendship. The cast is so diverse and each of the ladies (and one gay transvestite) have unique and different personalities and struggles to overcome which they all do together also the food looks amazing and I had to keep taking snack breaks while watching this. It's definitely a feel good drama and a very easy watch with some great humour although maybe don't do watch when you're hungry or at least make sure you have snacks with you!

Naoya arrives from studying abroad to spend a year in a high school in Japan that a "Yankee" he idolised as a child once went to, the school and students however are not what he expected and he finds that "Yankee" hero figures don't actually exist. With the school of the verge of closing Naoya decides to turn this around and start a water polo club in order to give the school and students a purpose. This is possibly the most anime-like drama on this list and as far as I know it's completely original, I mean the main character Naoya feels like he's stepped straight out of a manga with his "Yankee" obsession, bleached hair and bouncy enthusiasm. It's a light-hearted watch and nothing to serious, the characters are quite funny especially Naoya. So if you're a fan of shounen sports anime then check this drama out as you'll probably enjoy it!

What's your favourite Japanese movie or drama series?
Love & Mochi

20 October 2017

Coffee & Cake Date #7: Mug For Rabbit - Garosu-gil - Seoul - South Korea

Mug For Rabbit - Garosu-gil - Seoul - South Korea

Garosu-gil is the go to place in Seoul for hip and trendy cafes, there's just so many places to visit there and so much choice. After visiting Gentle Monster and a bunch of cosmetic stores in the area I was ready for a much needed coffee break so I stumbled upon this rather chic looking place called Mug For Rabbit.

Mug For Rabbit - Garosu-gil - Seoul - South Korea

I loved the quiet, relaxed atmosphere and the rosemary cheese scone I ordered along with my regular iced Americano was one of the best scones I had ever eaten, even the free orange flavoured water they provided was sweet and refreshing to. It was definitely a nice break from the busy shops and I spent at least a couple hours there just enjoying the peacefulness before I set of to do more shopping. It's definitely a place I'd recommend visiting if you need a break from all the craziness.

Mug For Rabbit - Garosu-gil - Seoul - South Korea

หลังจากช้อปปิ้งตอนเช้าฉันหิวกาแฟเข้าคาเฟ่ที่เรียกว่า Mug For Rabbit อยู่สบายมันเงียบดี กาโรซูกิลมีหลายคาเฟ่แต่คาเฟ่นี้มีสโคนอร่อย ฉันสั่งสโคนดอกโรสแมรี่กับชีสและกาแฟเย็นและมีน้ำดื่มฟรีใส่ส้มสดชื่นมาก ถ้าเหนื่อยเข้าคาเฟ่นี้ไปนั่งสบายๆ

What's your favourite places to visit when you need a break from city life?
Love & Lattes

Psssst if you want to see more awesome cafes from around the world you can click the button below, buy me a coffee & get treats & a shoutout on my next post

15 October 2017

The 'Game of Thrones' Tag

Game of Thrones is a pretty big obsession of mine which you if you've been following me for a while you probably already know. The next season won't be out until 2019 so I've no idea what I'm going to do with my life during the long absence especially now I've finished reading all the books and have no idea when George will drop "The Winds of Winter". So I was browsing the internet and found this Game of Thrones tag on Underland to Wonderland and thought it would be fun to share and pass on to my fellow Thrones fans.

** SPOILER WARNING!! I've watched all the current series and read all the books so if you're not that far in and don't want to know what happens then skip this post! **

Which season did you start watching and what got you into it? 

I had heard about this great new fantasy series but wasn't sure what it was so I tuned into the premiere out of curiosity and was instantly hooked! Strangely enough the show didn't really start to get popular until much later in the U.K. I even remember having a conversation with Finn Jones at a convention after season one had aired about how sad it was that it wasn't more popular, little did we know how much things would change in just a few months... 

Books or TV Show?

The show was my first glimpse into this world but as soon as season 1 finished I devoured all the books. There's aspects of both the books and the TV show I love and hate so I can't chose a favourite but I'd definitely recommend any fan of the show read the books and vice versa.

You are born into one of the noble houses, which is it?

HOUSE STARK! I mean it's pretty obvious that I just felt an affinity to this house since the very beginning, maybe it was my love for wolves that started it all but I think I hold a similar moral code to House Stark (and stubbornness) so they just feel like family to me and I see a lot of myself in the characters to especially Sansa and Arya.

If you could have one of either a Dragon or a Dire Wolf, which would you chose and why?

This is tough because both would be pretty cool to have, I'd love to fly around on a dragon but I'd also love to warg into a giant wolf. I'll have to go with my heart though and pick Dire Wolf but I definitely wouldn't say no to a pet Dragon.

What has been the saddest death for you?

Any Dire Wolf death is heartbreak for me but I think the saddest human death for me was Hodor, everything about that scene just broke my heart...

Out of those dead, or presumed dead, who would you bring back and why? 

I'll probably go for characters I liked but didn't really get the chance to know so Renly and Robb, I think these two characters would work pretty well together and I would have been curious to see what the realm would have been like under their reign.

Who were you most happy to see killed?

Stannis Baratheon, I've never been a fan on his and after what he did to Shireen he got what he deserved and I'm glad it was my girl Brienne who served him justice even though it was somewhat ambiguous on screen. Of course Walder Frey needs to be mentioned to as it was done in such a badass way GO ARYA and of course another person on her hit list I have to mention now because he's the arsehole who started this whole mess Littlefinger. 

Who do you think would make the best spouse?

Obviously Jon Snow is top of my list not just for the obvious reasons but because he has a good strong heart and I would feel totally safe with him and Ghost at my side but another honourable mention has to go to Samwell Tarley I mean look at how he takes care of Gilly and the baby even though he has no real obligation to, he's a really good guy which is somewhat rare in the world of Game of Thrones.

Out of all methods used to kill on the show, which would you rather use to kill and which to be killed by?

No brutal death for me please, I'd probably go out Olenna style by dropping a bombshell then drifting off in to a poison induced "forever sleep" BUT the method I'd chose to kill people by would probably be dragon fire...

Tell us your favourite quote from the show.

If you're a Game of Thrones fan feel free to do this tag and link it to me in the comments!
Love & Longclaw

08 October 2017

Cute & Geeky Dresslily Wishlist

Dresslily despite its name sells a lot more than dresses, you can find anything from fashion, to make-up, to homeware, and there's just so many different products it's easy to spend hours browsing. So I thought I would save you a little time searching through the thousands of products and share a few of my fave nerdy finds.

♥ Kitten Backpack - This bag is just too cute not to mention! I love it because it reminds me of Luna from Sailor Moon who is one of my fave anime characters ever. I'm also loving how versatile it is with the detachable straps that allow it to be worn as either a backpack or shoulder bag.

♥ Plush Doughnut Shape Pillow - The homeware nerd in me has been loving cushions lately but of course not any old cushions, novelty cushions! I mean who doesn't love donuts? They're both delicious and cute although I can see if I had this it would give me constant sweet cravings.

♥ Ombre Mermaid Makeup Brushes - How cute are these makeup brushes? It's been forever since I bought new makeup brushes and these naturally caught my eye because of the adorable pastel colour and mermaid design, they would look awesome in any makeup collection.

♥ Bat Print Plus Size Halloween Sweatshirt -  Batman prints probably make up half of my wardrobe and it has been forever since I added to it but one can never have enough bat clothing! The design of this sweatshirt is so cool with the comic print sleeves and melting bat symbol and it looks super comfy and warm to. This is a great time of year to stock up on bat goods and Dresslily actually has a really amazing Halloween collection I've been lusting over to.

♥ Lace-Up Winged Led Luminous Boots - These are the shoes of my dreams not only do they light up but they have wings... WINGS!! I have been looking for shoes like this for the longest time I mean they're amazing, I need them in my life already!!

♥ Police Box Coffee Mug - I love this mug because it reminds me of the Tardis but pretty much all police boxes do now. I've been feeling a bit nostalgic for Doctor Who lately and missing my Dad and I's nerdy TV nights so I'm looking forward to the new series and new Doctor and this mug would be a perfect pairing for my tea and Jammie Dodgers.

What are your favourite cute and geeky items?
Love & Unicorns

03 October 2017

Zaful Review, Haul & Try-on

Zaful Haul & Try On

Zaful got in touch with me a few months ago asking if I'd like to try out a few of their products in exchange for a review so after checking out their website and seeing all the amazing clothing from pretty white lace cover up to chic striped blouses and how affordable they were I of course said yes! Zaful gave me between $30 - $35 to spend on the site so I tried to get as many different items as I could so I could show you the wide range and quality of the items they offer.

Zaful Haul & Try On

I did have a slight problem as two months had passed since my package was shipped and it hadn't arrived yet so I checked the tracking number and asked in various post offices if they knew where it was but they didn't seem to know anything. So I got in touch with my contact at Zaful again and explained the problem to them and they very kindly offered to send me another package so I re-ordered what items were still available and some new ones and thankfully it arrived safely to me in just 10 days along with the original package I thought was lost, so that was pretty lucky!

Zaful Haul & Try On

Zaful actually surprised me not only with their great customer service but the quality of the clothing as it exceeded my expectations considering how cheap and affordable the items are. I've had some pretty bad experiences with similar websites in the past with the clothing looking nothing like the photos as well as the sizes being completely off but I was happy to see how honest Zaful are at presenting their items. Everything fit me and my aesthetic so perfectly that it's hard to pick a favourite item because I love them all, I've pretty much been living in that grey sweater since it arrived as it's super comfy and perfect for cooler days.

Zaful Haul & Try On

Honestly I've been feeling in a fashion rut lately and thinking about getting a whole new wardrobe so this gave me a great opportunity to try out some fun new styles and play dress up. It's definitely a shop I will re-visit and purchase from as they have such a wide range of styles and sizes to suit everyone (even plus sizes!) and these outfits total less than $30 each which is a complete bargain! So if you're looking for some awesome affordable clothing I would definitely recommend you check them out and big thanks to Zaful for allowing me to review these gorgeous items.

What's your favourite item from my haul?
Love & Kitties

Links to all the items I got and their prices at the time of ordering:

01 October 2017


Marvel Kawaii Chibi Figure Necklace

Good news everyone my Etsy Shop is open YEY! I thought with the holidays coming up I would offer whatever crafts I have left in stock for sale so I can share the cuteness and hopefully save up some money to go visit the family as I'm starting to miss them again. Unfortunately I won't be able to do any custom orders and there won't be any re-stocks or new products as I just don't have the time or resources to do that here in Thailand but there's still lots of cute scarves and jewellery available to buy and I'll be including freebies with every purchase.

Speaking of freebies to celebrate the re-opening of my shop I've decided to host a giveaway for one of my most popular designs the fox scarf.  Winter is coming so I thought this would be a nice gift to keep you cute, warm and toasty during the colder months so if you want to be in with a chance of winning this scarf check out the widget below for details...

What's your favourite Etsy Shop?
Good Luck