30 September 2020

September K-pop Birthday Events in Bangkok, Thailand (GOT7, JJ Project, Day6)


September has been such a fun month packed full of birthday events celebrating our fave K-pop boys. There were so many events happening here in Bangkok, Thailand, that it was impossible for me to go them all so I'm sharing just a few of the events I attended this month.

GOT7 Mark Tuan's Birthday
Mark's birthday is the 4th of September so this was the start of my K-pop birthday adventures, unfortunately I could only attend one café event that week but there were a lot more happening all over Thailand. It was actually a national holiday on Mark's birthday to so one of his events in Siam saw a crowd of 100's trying to get in, we really do love our GOT7 boys here.

GOT7 Youngjae's Birthday
The next week was Youngjae's birthday celebrations, whose birthday is on the 17th September, again there were so many events happening for Youngjae all over Thailand that I couldn't possibly go to them all but the ones I did get to visit were full of ahgase happily taking photos and writing their birthday wishes to him. I loved the special cupcakes and cookies that were made for him although they did turn my mouth completely blue but it was totally worth it.

GOT7 Jinyoung's Birthday
A few days after Youngjae's birthday I once again travelled into the city to celebrate Jinyoung's birthday on the 22nd. I only found a couple café events to go to but I'm sure there was more and the 2nd café I went to was soooo full of fans that I had to wait over 30 minutes to get a drink but while I waited I took lots of photos and even won an album in a lucky draw. It was so nice to see so any of us come out and celebrate his birthday, GOT7 really are Thailand's first love.

JJ Project 8th Anniversary
JJ Project's anniversary was actually in May but at that time there were many restrictions and most cafes were closed so events were postponed until restrictions were lifted in July. The first I went to back in July was the ice cream event which I thought was such a cute idea, stocks were limited to just 100 a day and I was 50th in line over an hour before the store even opened ... fangirl life is crazy in Thailand!! I really hope there's more ice cream events in the future though because it was sooo good. The last JJ Project event was just after Jinyoung's birthday which was perfect timing and the last GOT7 event I went to this month so it was such a nice way to end a month of celebrations.

Day6 Jae Birthday
I was so happy to finally be able to go to a Day6 event, it was actually Day6's 5th anniversary on September 7th and Jae's birthday on the 15th but the birthday event didn't take place until the last weekend of the month but it was totally worth the wait! I found myself getting a bit emotional sitting there watching Day6 videos on the projector as it reminded me of the last time they were here which was also the last concert I went to. The café was so beautifully decorated with photos and fanarts and even had a little corner where you could take photos of the Denimalz and they even had Jje chicken cookies. I really hope there are more Day6 events here in the future as I feel like our fandom has grown a lot more over the past year.

So that was my September. I'm so happy we can have these events again as it unfortunately looks like concerts won't be happening anytime soon but at least we still have a way to get together and have fun.

What did you do in September?
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