05 February 2009

Where did that hole come from?

Well, that stinks. by Theresa Lynn

Don't you just hate it when you put on a brand new pair of tights only to find a snag or hole in them a few hours later? No matter how hard I try or gentle I am to them the inevitable always seems to happen.

Unfortunately I haven't found a magical solution to this problem (and believe me I've tried everything!) but I have found a cute way to make use of those ripped tights, drawer fresheners. Women have actually been doing this for decades with their old pantyhose but it's one of those things that are deemed "uncool" or something your gran does. With society becoming more conscience of their waste and recycling being the new "cool" thing to do I think this is one craft which deserves a revival!

What is the point in a drawer freshener ? I hear you ask, well not only do they suck up all the bad smells and moisture in your drawers and closets they leave a lovely scent behind and lets be honest nobody wants to wear smelly stale clothes and by keeping them fresh you get a longer wear out of them.

Now mine may not be the prettiest fresheners out there but they serve their purpose, keeping my clothes minty fresh, nobody will be looking in my drawers anyway but you can certainly jazz yours up if you chose to. All you need to do once they're done is pop them in drawers or hang them in your closet and they will last for months even years at keeping your clothes fresh.

The great thing about making these is that they're so simple and quick to do and also really cost effective. All you need is an old pair of tights and something to fill them, I actually used some peppermint tea I had to fill them as tea, I've heard, is quite effective at sucking up moisture and bad smells but you can use pot-pourri, lavender or even some mixed spice, cinnamon sticks and dried orange peel to give you a scent of Christmas, and when the scent fades you can always give them a quick spritz of your favorite perfume to keep them smelling gorgeous <3

03 February 2009

The Street Where I Live...

I took this photo last year in Thailand, I realised I had hundreds of pictures of all the amazing places we visited while we were there but none of my home, the place where I live, which seems almost silly because out of all the amazing places I've been that is the place where I feel the most happiest.

This weekend while sorting through photos of my recent trip back there I found a video I had taken, the same day I took that photo, of a drive down my street. It's amazing to see all the little details that I hadn't really noticed or taken for granted before and also see how much it has changed over the years.

Home always seems the most neglected place when it comes to taking photographs, I've never really looked closely at the street where I live and taken in all the details because I've grown so used to being here it's lost that amazing sparkle of curiosity it used to give me.

So perhaps the next time you're out why not take a walk down your street, take in all those little details and remember those that have long gone, you never know you might uncover some long forgotten happy memories <3