07 October 2020

Van Gogh : Life & Art Exhibition (Bangkok, Thailand)


Van Gogh is one of my favourite artists who I gain so much comfort and inspiration from so when I heard that this exhibit was coming to Bangkok I had to go see. Last year whilst I was in London I made sure to go to the National Gallery to see the Sunflowers again something I feel like I always have to do when I'm in London and no matter how many times I see it I'm still in awe of its beauty and vibrancy.

I knew there weren't going to be any actual Van Gogh art pieces at this exhibit but what drew me the most is the interactive elements which put you in the world of Van Gogh, from the bedroom mock-up to being surrounded by screens projecting his art and his life. 

To be in Van Gogh's world surrounded by such beauty and life was a really emotional, healing experience for me especially after months of not being able to go anywhere, staring at the same four walls it felt like I was breaking free and breathed new life into me. Art is so important and so healing to me, it's my happy place and I'm so glad I got to experience this. The exhibit is in Thailand until 31st December so if you're here I highly recommend you visit as I will definitely be going again one last time before it's gone. 

Who is your favourite artist?
Love & Art

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