08 October 2017

Cute & Geeky Dresslily Wishlist

Dresslily despite its name sells a lot more than dresses, you can find anything from fashion, to make-up, to homeware, and there's just so many different products it's easy to spend hours browsing. So I thought I would save you a little time searching through the thousands of products and share a few of my fave nerdy finds.

♥ Kitten Backpack - This bag is just too cute not to mention! I love it because it reminds me of Luna from Sailor Moon who is one of my fave anime characters ever. I'm also loving how versatile it is with the detachable straps that allow it to be worn as either a backpack or shoulder bag.

♥ Plush Doughnut Shape Pillow - The homeware nerd in me has been loving cushions lately but of course not any old cushions, novelty cushions! I mean who doesn't love donuts? They're both delicious and cute although I can see if I had this it would give me constant sweet cravings.

♥ Ombre Mermaid Makeup Brushes - How cute are these makeup brushes? It's been forever since I bought new makeup brushes and these naturally caught my eye because of the adorable pastel colour and mermaid design, they would look awesome in any makeup collection.

♥ Bat Print Plus Size Halloween Sweatshirt -  Batman prints probably make up half of my wardrobe and it has been forever since I added to it but one can never have enough bat clothing! The design of this sweatshirt is so cool with the comic print sleeves and melting bat symbol and it looks super comfy and warm to. This is a great time of year to stock up on bat goods and Dresslily actually has a really amazing Halloween collection I've been lusting over to.

♥ Lace-Up Winged Led Luminous Boots - These are the shoes of my dreams not only do they light up but they have wings... WINGS!! I have been looking for shoes like this for the longest time I mean they're amazing, I need them in my life already!!

♥ Police Box Coffee Mug - I love this mug because it reminds me of the Tardis but pretty much all police boxes do now. I've been feeling a bit nostalgic for Doctor Who lately and missing my Dad and I's nerdy TV nights so I'm looking forward to the new series and new Doctor and this mug would be a perfect pairing for my tea and Jammie Dodgers.

What are your favourite cute and geeky items?
Love & Unicorns

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