23 October 2017

Asian Dramas I'm Watching & Loving!

Tokyo 1664

I decided to take a break from Korean dramas for a little bit so this month it's all about Japanese Dramas which I felt like I haven't watched for the longest time. Although I will admit the overall acting and cinematography in JDramas isn't as good as KDramas the stories are a bit more interesting as they don't always follow that typical romance theme unless of course it's a romance in fact most JDramas follow mystery/crime theme which I really enjoy and the stories are tighter and straight to point which is good but means the dramas are a lot shorter. I watched quite a few different genres of JDramas this time around so hopefully they'll be at least one that suits your tastes.

After a fire breaks out at the Doisaki couple's house they are forced to reveal that they killed and buried their daughter under the floorboards 16 years ago, the case becomes a popular talking point in Japan and a housewife visits Shigeko Maehata, an investigative journalist, telling her that she believes that her son has ESP and shows her a picture he drew that seemingly depicts the Doisaki incident and asks her to investigate. There are also two sub-plots to the show which are connected to the main and I will warn you one is quite graphic and contains images of rape and abuse which I did find uncomfortable to watch. The plot overall is quite intriguing and the acting isn't too bad although I did find myself questioning the characters actions (why didn't that girl call the police when she got that note? why don't the neighbours question the screaming?) but plot holes aside it was an interesting watch especially if you enjoy crime and suspense dramas.

Haruki Morita a surgeon with a strong sense of moral justice who thinks about nothing but his work all day joins a university hospital in order to improve his skills yet he disagrees with the way the hospital prioritises profits over patients and fights back against it, there he meets Kondo Chizuru another surgeon and his senior and begins to find himself attracted to her. I randomly found this drama on Crunchyroll (yes they have dramas to) and I recognised Takumi Saito from other dramas I had watched so decided to give this one a go, also I did love watching ER back in the day. Although this is sold as a romance drama from the posters and even the "sexy" opening the romance is secondary to the medical drama but this in a way reflects the choices the doctors make to prioritise their jobs and patients over love. Japanese dramas are really good in portraying "real people" meaning the drama isn't overdone or exaggerated, the romance is subtle and understated but it's there and it's sweet, it's only 11 episodes long but each were enjoyable and I enjoyed Takumi Saito's character a lot.

Asuka is a successful banker who dreams of getting married and becoming a housewife but after her boyfriend suddenly dumps her she feels like she's running out of time and vows only to date men with the goal of marriage. She meets a handsome and popular TV presenter who falls for her but the only problem is he has no intentions to ever get married. This drama reminded me of a lot of Thai dramas I've watched but the main protagonist was actually quite likeable in that she wasn't down or depressed about her "predicament" but pro-active and positive, I find in Thai dramas (and Korean dramas) the girls can be overly dramatic which just leaves me feeling terrible about myself because yes I am one of those "older" single girls but Asuka was sweet, dignified and full of hope yet she didn't take crap from people for what she believes in.

Tanaka Tamako who works in a male dominated restaurant business finds herself constantly berated and betrayed by her male colleagues decides to quit her job after her friend becomes the subject of sexual harassment. She decides to open her own restaurant and run it on her own terms along with a group of female friends who have also experienced hardships in life. This is such a heartwarming story of food and friendship. The cast is so diverse and each of the ladies (and one gay transvestite) have unique and different personalities and struggles to overcome which they all do together also the food looks amazing and I had to keep taking snack breaks while watching this. It's definitely a feel good drama and a very easy watch with some great humour although maybe don't do watch when you're hungry or at least make sure you have snacks with you!

Naoya arrives from studying abroad to spend a year in a high school in Japan that a "Yankee" he idolised as a child once went to, the school and students however are not what he expected and he finds that "Yankee" hero figures don't actually exist. With the school of the verge of closing Naoya decides to turn this around and start a water polo club in order to give the school and students a purpose. This is possibly the most anime-like drama on this list and as far as I know it's completely original, I mean the main character Naoya feels like he's stepped straight out of a manga with his "Yankee" obsession, bleached hair and bouncy enthusiasm. It's a light-hearted watch and nothing to serious, the characters are quite funny especially Naoya. So if you're a fan of shounen sports anime then check this drama out as you'll probably enjoy it!

What's your favourite Japanese movie or drama series?
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