20 October 2017

Coffee & Cake Date #7: Mug For Rabbit - Garosu-gil - Seoul - South Korea

Mug For Rabbit - Garosu-gil - Seoul - South Korea

Garosu-gil is the go to place in Seoul for hip and trendy cafes, there's just so many places to visit there and so much choice. After visiting Gentle Monster and a bunch of cosmetic stores in the area I was ready for a much needed coffee break so I stumbled upon this rather chic looking place called Mug For Rabbit.

Mug For Rabbit - Garosu-gil - Seoul - South Korea

I loved the quiet, relaxed atmosphere and the rosemary cheese scone I ordered along with my regular iced Americano was one of the best scones I had ever eaten, even the free orange flavoured water they provided was sweet and refreshing to. It was definitely a nice break from the busy shops and I spent at least a couple hours there just enjoying the peacefulness before I set of to do more shopping. It's definitely a place I'd recommend visiting if you need a break from all the craziness.

Mug For Rabbit - Garosu-gil - Seoul - South Korea

หลังจากช้อปปิ้งตอนเช้าฉันหิวกาแฟเข้าคาเฟ่ที่เรียกว่า Mug For Rabbit อยู่สบายมันเงียบดี กาโรซูกิลมีหลายคาเฟ่แต่คาเฟ่นี้มีสโคนอร่อย ฉันสั่งสโคนดอกโรสแมรี่กับชีสและกาแฟเย็นและมีน้ำดื่มฟรีใส่ส้มสดชื่นมาก ถ้าเหนื่อยเข้าคาเฟ่นี้ไปนั่งสบายๆ

What's your favourite places to visit when you need a break from city life?
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