03 October 2017

Zaful Review, Haul & Try-on

Zaful Haul & Try On

Zaful got in touch with me a few months ago asking if I'd like to try out a few of their products in exchange for a review so after checking out their website and seeing all the amazing clothing from pretty white lace cover up to chic striped blouses and how affordable they were I of course said yes! Zaful gave me between $30 - $35 to spend on the site so I tried to get as many different items as I could so I could show you the wide range and quality of the items they offer.

Zaful Haul & Try On

I did have a slight problem as two months had passed since my package was shipped and it hadn't arrived yet so I checked the tracking number and asked in various post offices if they knew where it was but they didn't seem to know anything. So I got in touch with my contact at Zaful again and explained the problem to them and they very kindly offered to send me another package so I re-ordered what items were still available and some new ones and thankfully it arrived safely to me in just 10 days along with the original package I thought was lost, so that was pretty lucky!

Zaful Haul & Try On

Zaful actually surprised me not only with their great customer service but the quality of the clothing as it exceeded my expectations considering how cheap and affordable the items are. I've had some pretty bad experiences with similar websites in the past with the clothing looking nothing like the photos as well as the sizes being completely off but I was happy to see how honest Zaful are at presenting their items. Everything fit me and my aesthetic so perfectly that it's hard to pick a favourite item because I love them all, I've pretty much been living in that grey sweater since it arrived as it's super comfy and perfect for cooler days.

Zaful Haul & Try On

Honestly I've been feeling in a fashion rut lately and thinking about getting a whole new wardrobe so this gave me a great opportunity to try out some fun new styles and play dress up. It's definitely a shop I will re-visit and purchase from as they have such a wide range of styles and sizes to suit everyone (even plus sizes!) and these outfits total less than $30 each which is a complete bargain! So if you're looking for some awesome affordable clothing I would definitely recommend you check them out and big thanks to Zaful for allowing me to review these gorgeous items.

What's your favourite item from my haul?
Love & Kitties

Links to all the items I got and their prices at the time of ordering:

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