26 April 2015

D.I.Y. Fashion Tutorial: Hannibal Inspired Antler Headband

The Nightmare Stag

Being a "Fannibal" antlers are something I have tried to make multiple times but I was never happy with the end results, this time however I was so pleased with how freakin' simple they ended up being and how awesome they looked that I thought I would post a tutorial so you all can make them to.


Let's begin...

STEP 1: Wire Frame
First I wrapped some wire around the headband to give me and anchor then I basically freehanded the design until I got a shape I was happy with, using the pilers to help flatten and twist the wire, so go crazy with one you can make them as long or as short as you want .

STEP 2: Masking Tape
To create a basic shape and form the antlers I used masking tape because it's lightweight, sticky and easy to mould. I basically wrapped tape around the wire frame to create the defined points of the antler and add mass to it so I'd have a base to work with.

STEP 3: Papier Mâché
To give the antlers strength I decided to go down the papier mache route as this would be lightweight but durable and I decided to use glue instead of flour and water to prevent mould and create a stronger base. I used small strips of newspaper and did about 3 - 4 layers letting it dry for a few hours between each layer, if you want yours thicker then add as many extra layers as you want until you're happy with the result just make sure to let it dry completely before starting on the next layer.

STEP 4: Prime
Once I had allowed my Papier mache base to dry overnight I decided to prime the base to cover up the newspaper print so I would have a nice clear and easy base to work with. Also at this point you can also sand down any lumps and bumps you don't want, I chose to keep mine a bit rustic and gnarled for a more natural effect.

STEP 5: Paint
I used acrylic to paint my antlers black and painted about 3 - 4 coats until they were opaque. As with the primer be sure to let your paint dry completely for a few hours between coats to prevent any streaking and unevenness then once you're done allow them to dry overnight to make sure the paint is completely dry before you wear them.

STEP 6: Gloss & Decorate (optional)
If you want a shiny finish to your antlers you can paint on a coat of modge podge gloss and if you wanted to add a few flowers like the antlers above just simply glue them on with a glue gun.

The Nightmare Stag

If you decide to make your own antlers be sure to let me know in the comments, I want pics!
Love & Stags

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