03 April 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Five Times I Totally Fangirled

I'm going to be honest there aren't that many times when I completely lose my cool and Fangirl out (blame the British genes) so I kinda found this topic difficult that being said I probably Fangirl a lot more often than I think because I have a tendency to get loud and bouncy over the tiniest things like my supermarket having kale in so anyway here are my top 5 fangirl moments

San Diego Comic Con 2013
My first time there so I think I fangirled at absolutely everything and who wouldn't? America is so enthusiastic about everything and it definitely rubbed off on me that weekend, you should totally check out my past blog posts for some epic fangirl funtimes.

Me & Stan Lee
Meeting Stan Lee
It was a very brief moment but wow, I never thought I would actually meet the man himself!

Rescue me Chin Boy and show me the stars...
When the Tardis came to town...
During the Doctor Who 50th celebrations the Tardis took a tour of the country and surprisingly popped up in out town so of course as soon as I heard about it I had to rush out for a photo.

Supernatural returning to UK TV
For some damn reason UK TV likes to ditch (Once Upon a Time) or in some cases never pick up (Agent Carter) awesome TV shows. Supernatural has be thrown about to different networks put on at ridiculous and random times and then not shown at all FOR OVER A YEAR so when it finally came back our on TV this year I got just a little bit excited about it.

Area 51 (53)
Visiting Area 51
Being a huge X-Files fan growing up as soon as I saw you could take a trip to Area 51 I had to go and it was honestly the most fun I had whilst I was in Las Vegas.

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