24 April 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Games I Love To Play

Lately I don't seem to play very many games so for #Fandom5 I struggled to think of anything I actually regularly play. After watching Tabletop I would love to get into playing more board games as they would make a refreshing change from computer games, speaking of although I spent a large chunk of my life playing games I don't really play them at all now. I used to love playing action and adventure games but now all I really have time for are cute little puzzle games which I normally play on my phone so the games I chose are the ones I have had the most play out of recently which all happen to be hella cute!

Disney Tsum Tsum
(add me: Cateaclysmic)

Phoenix Wright

Animal Crossing

Professor Layton

Katamari Damacy

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Love & Puzzles

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