18 March 2018

Anime I'm Watching & Loving!

Hoppou & nyanbo

So I took a little break from watching anime, although when I say break I mean not watching one a week like I normally do and I've decided not to check out the new release lists and add anymore new anime to my already ridiculously long watchlist but not to worry I should have more than enough to watch until the summer (even autumn) season starts! There's a real mix of different anime for you to watch in this list, a lot of these I'm not quite sure how I found but there's so much great anime out there I hope there's something new or different for you to check out.

Sana has spent her whole life inside a laboratory where she is a test subject due to a special ability she has known as "Alice's Dream" which allows her to create anything from her imagination. She escapes and meets a stubborn old man named Zouroku Kashimura in a convenience store. Zouroku empathises with her story and helps her by not only by offering her a place to stay but the chance at a new life as part of his family. The plot of this anime reminded me a bit of Elfen Lied but that's pretty much where the similarities end, where as Elfen Lied takes on a much darker gory route this anime is much more positive and will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. The animation of the scenery is just beautiful and the relationship between Sana and Zouroku is so adorable, i definitely recommend you giving this a watch if you're feeling a little down because it's so cute you won't help but smile.
Students of Hyakkaou Private Academy are the richest in the world, by day it's a regular school but at night it becomes a gambling den where the students reputation at the school is determined by a variety of games with high-stakes at risk, the students who can't repay their debts become slaves to those who hold their money. New student Yumeko Jabami joins the academy and unlike the rest she gambles not to win but for the thrill of it and her crazy way of gambling beings to shake the hierarchy. This is a really interesting yet twisted anime that reminded me a little of Death Parade. Yumeko is such an interesting character she's completely obsessed with the thrill of gambling and has absolutely no inhibitions which terrifies her peers. The anime gives a great insight into the gambling world, the nature of addiction and why people love to gamble. One of the things I really liked about this anime is how twisted and dark it got and the characters are just relentless, there's so many twists and turns each episode it really takes you on a trip.
Haruto Tsukishiro wakes up to discover he's trapped in dream world! This world is full of witches who are actually young women who suffer from "Sleeping Beauty Syndrome" caused by problems they suffer in the real world so it's up to Haurto to break these witches spells in order to help these women and himself escape the dream world he's been trapped in. This anime confused me at first because I didn't know what the heck was going on as each episode was all over the place, had multiple styles and plots which I later found out was because each episode had a different director work on it so each episode can pretty much be view individually as the overall plot of Haruto doesn't matter in the long run as the focus is mainly on the stories of these young women. That being said after I understood the concept of the series I found it really interesting, basically each of the witches are a symbol of an insecurity or torment that each of the young women has and must overcome in order to wake up and live again in the real world. I liked the message that the series was trying to convey which was basically to not give up and learn to overcome the difficulties life throws at you. Each story was presented in a very unique way, there's a lot of symbolism and crazy art styles which can be distracting but I thought it was an interesting way to present the importance of never giving up and overcoming those difficulties faced in life so if you want to see an anime that's slightly different from the norm then definitely give this one a try.

Hiraga Josef Kou, a genius scientist and Robert Nicholas, a cryptography expert are good friends and and "Miracle Examiners" appointed by Vatican City to examine the truth, conspiracies and lies behind miracles from all over the world. I love a good supernatural mystery drama and I kinda stumbled upon this one by accident and I'm quite glad I did, I don't want to spoil this anime because the mystery is part of the fun but some of these conspiracies just blew my mind, you think a case starts of quite simply but the deeper you go the crazier it gets! I'm a big fan of the gothic genre and I love religious imagery, conspiracies and all things supernatural so if you're anything like me you definitely need to check this one out!

While searching for proof of alien life Ryouta Murakami is involved in an accident which results in the death of his friend Kuroneko. Ten years later a new transfer student joins Ryouta's class who looks exactly like his deceased friend, her name Kuroha Neko. Kuroha is not a normal student she can't read and doesn't know her multiplication tables and even stranger she seems to possess inhuman strength and abilities. This is another one that randomly showed up in my recommends list which I knew nothing about but it had an interesting plot line and name, which I'm still trying to understand. There's a lot of elements in this anime that remind me Elfen Lied and although it shares some quite interesting concepts I don't think it'a anywhere near as memorable or impactful as Elfen Lied it actually felt more like a harem anime than a sci-fi drama with all the random ecchi scenes. Overall I did enjoy this anime, the animation was beautiful, the storyline was interesting and the characters likeable and easy to understand, so if you liked Elfen Lied maybe give this one a try.

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