31 March 2018

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (March 2018)

Is that a yummy carrot I see in your lens?

I can't believe just how crazy March has been, so much has happened in my life this month and so many big changes I can't quite believe how I to this point! The madness isn't going to be ending anytime soon though as I have so many more exciting things coming my way. I really hope you've been enjoying reading about my adventures so far as there is so much more to come, this month was all about Japan but next month will be all about Korea! I hope you're all well and if not hopefully you'll find something in these links to boost your mood...

♥ Rules To Live By For A Positive, Happy Life

♥ Shitty. Amazing. Resilient. Action. 17 Things I Did to Make the Most of This Year

♥ The Life Lessons I Gained From Solo Travel

♥ Why I No Longer Depend on Anyone Else for Happiness, Fun, or Excitement

♥ How To Stop Dwelling on Something That's Making You Feel Down

Coffee and tulips

♥ 10 K-Pop Idols With YouTube Channels You Need To Follow

♥ Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Coloring Book

♥ POW! BAM! Shrink Plastic Stacked Rings

♥ Study Shows Creating Art Can Actually Reduce Stress - Even If You're Bad at It

♥ 28 Genius Depictions Of Words With No Direct English Translation


♥ Self-Promotion Advice for the Extremely Self-Conscious

♥ Stop Shaming Women for Spending Money

♥ Everything We Ate in Tokyo

♥ My Guide to Iceland

♥ 5 Easy Ways to Have a Healthier Week


♥ Be Good to Yourself: 10 Powerful Ways to Practice Self-Love

♥ 7 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

♥ Escape The Crowds: 10 Cities To Visit In Europe In Summer

♥ The Difference Between 'Lonely' and 'Alone'

♥ Here's What Happens When You Start Being Nice To Yourself

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