20 March 2018

FYeahJapan: A Walk in Ameyayokocho


Whilst exploring Ueno I decided to take pay a visit to Ameyayokocho, a street which is famous in Tokyo for its markets and street food. One of my favourite things to do when I'm travelling is to check out the local markets as it's a great place to people watch and experience some of the food and local culture. On my way to Ueno I passed through some of the traditional Japanese markets and alleyways in Asakusa but Ameyayokocho, or Ameyoko as it's more commonly know, had a complete different more chaotic feel and was unlike any other place I had visited in Japan, in fact it reminded me a lot of the markets at home with all the noise, food and smells.

Ameyoko is like a mini journey through Asia with all sorts of street food stalls offering anything from sushi to tteokbokki to kebabs to pizza there's a little something for everyone to enjoy. There's also so many stalls selling all sorts of different dry foods and candy from all around the world as well as fishmongers, shoes, souvenirs, beauty shops and of course knock-off goods! I enjoyed my walk through Ameyokocho as it was really interesting to experience a different side of Japan I hadn't seen before.

Where are your favourite places to explore?
Love & Mochi

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