23 March 2018

FYeahJapan: Where to Find Vegan Food in Tokyo


Vegans and Vegetarians can often have a hard time finding food when they're travelling and one of the most common questions I'm asked is what do I eat whilst on my travels and how to find vegan food. Japan in particular can be a hard place to find vegan food as a lot of food contains meat or dashi, also a lot of Japanese restaurants are unwilling to make substitutions or changes to their dishes but luckily the vegan diet is becoming more popular and there are quite a few completely vegan restaurants with a different variety of foods to suit all tastes, so I thought I would share a few of the vegan restaurants I found during my recent trip to Tokyo.

T's Tantan in Tokyo Station (VEGAN )
Ramen is probably the most difficult thing to find a vegan version of Japan as the soup base is almost always meat or dashi based but T's Tantan has you covered as not only is everything on their menu vegan but they sell their own branded vegan cup noodles you can take home with you to. I actually ate here quite a few times the last time I was in Tokyo and because it was just that good I just had to make a trip there to have it again. I've tried quite a few of their different ramen bowls and all are good although the spicy isn't really spicy but then again my spice level is ridiculous! I also really like their soy meat to which is kinda strange for me as the whole fake meat thing kinda freaks me out but I always order it when I'm there. T's Tantan is kinda hard to find as it's actually inside the train station, past the barriers, near the Keiyo AKA Disneyland line but you don't have to be making a trip through the station to get there but you will have to pay about ¥100 entrance fee to get in, which is what I did last time but it's totally worth it for some genuine vegan Japanese style ramen.

Komaki Shokudo in Akihabara (VEGAN)
There are quite a few places you can try the traditional style Japanese temple food but one of the most easy and convenient places to go to in Tokyo is Komaki Shokudou which is just a short walk away from Akihabara station. This is another place I ate at a few times on my last trip to Tokyo and had to check out again although I would recommend going early to avoid the crowds as this place can fill up quite quickly and they're normally sold out by late afternoon. The price is quite reasonable to at around ¥1000 for rice, miso soup, a main dish (I normally go for the curry, so good!) and two side dishes and it's really satisfying without being too filling, which is the perfect fuel for a day of nerdy shopping in Akihabara. Definitely check this one out of you're looking for some traditional Buddhist style Japanese food and if you want to bring a little something home with you the restaurant is actually inside a supermarket which sells lots of interesting healthy, organic Japanese foods.

Ain Soph Ripple in Shinjuku (VEGAN)
Ain Soph is actually a chain of vegan restaurants in Tokyo, I've visited Ain Soph.Soar in Ikebukuro and also Ain Soph.Journey in Shinjuku both of which I also recommend but it's their newest branch Ripple I want to give a special mention to because their vegan mac and cheese was out of this world! Vegan junk food is my jam and while I love trying traditional foods of the places I visit sometimes I just want some fries and a burger. I've had a lot of vegan burgers in my time and sadly more disappointing ones than great ones but Ain Soph.Ripple is on the great side and I really enjoyed their chilli cheese burger but the greatest thing is their mac and cheese which I think was the best mac and cheese I've ever had, I honestly could not tell it was vegan as it was so creamy and cheesy and goooood! I would have loved to try out all the other burgers and burritos there to if I had time because they all looked so good but the only downside is that the prices are kinda high for the size of the burgers you get but it's still a good place to indulge in some "healthy" vegan junk food so definitely check it out if only for the mac and cheese!

Soba Noodles in Tokyo Skytree Solamachi Tabe-Terrace (VEGAN)
This place can be found at Tokyo Skytree on the 3rd floor food court above the supermarket and although it's not strictly a vegan restaurant it does have a special vegan menu you can ask for. I wanted to mention this place as it was a new and random find for me and as I mentioned previously finding vegan noodles can be difficult in Japan because the stock is often made with dashi or meat so this was great little find if you like or want to try soba noodles, I also loved that you could customise and chose whatever side dishes you wanted with your noodles and the price was quite reasonable for them to. There didn't seem to be a lot of vegetarian or vegan friendly restaurants in the Skytree so it was nice to have at least one option and a yummy option to, I totally gulped down those noodles after a long cold day of exploring Tokyo and they were super warming and satisfying so check them out if you're near the Skytree and feeling hungry.

What vegan foods or restaurants have you tried out in Tokyo?
Love & Udon

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