31 October 2015

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (October 2015)


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! It's the most wonderful night of the year candy, movies and costumes, fun, fun, fun! I have to admit I've spent the majority of this month planning out my adventures in Japan so that's left little time for anything else but tonight I plan to take a break, treat myself and catch up on all the TV that I have missed over the past few weeks so I hope you all have a really great Halloween.

♥ These fashion sketches of Tim Burton characters are gorgeous, I would wear any of these in a heartbeat!

♥ 19 Simple Daily Habits for a Happier Life

♥ Nothing makes me happier than Tom Hardy and his love of dogs, it's so damn cute I can't even...

♥ Don't be a pushover here are 20 Things to Stop Letting People Do to You

♥ 100 Ways To Show Yourself Love If You Hate Pink And Bubble Baths

נכון סיוטים

♥ Having trouble sleeping? Here are some interesting tips to help you get a good night's sleep

♥ The Life-Changing Power of Books

♥ The Real Secret to Loving Your Body and Yourself

♥ Supernatural is back y'all and if you've not joined the family yet then check out the awesome guide dePepi wrote

♥ Remind me to check out these tasty looking Vegan restaurants the next time I'm in Manchester!

make up store magazine

♥ This is just the perfect list on how to make your days that much better, trust me it works!

♥ I always think I'm a much better version of myself on holiday so these tips on How to Use Holiday Habits in Your Daily Life are perfect!

Wonderland : The Box of Delights

♥ This is an interesting read about "friendship" and The Beauty YouTuber Economy

♥ This is why kids scare the crap out of me at times!

Love & Pumpkins

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