20 October 2015

A Crazy Fandom Idea That Became a Reality...

Night Gathers, And Now My Watch Begins

I was once again nominated by dePepi for the Free Spirit Award and the topic she gave was one that I've been meaning to write about for the longest time and as Winter is Coming it's the perfect time to discuss one of my most proudest creations my Direwolf Scarves.

Game of Thrones Direwolf Scarf Collection

Believe it or not there was a brief moment in time where Game of Thrones wasn't really heard of and during that time there was absolutely no merchandise available to buy aside from T-shirts with the logo on a Stark contrast to what it is today. I had been making these fox scarves for a while and one cold night I thought to myself why not make a Direwolf scarf so I asked my Nan who is the master knitter if she could help me make one and a couple weeks later Ghost was born...
Direwolf (Ghost) Scarf (1)
The response to this silly little idea was overwhelming, I had never initially planned on making them to sell (as with most of my crafts) but I got so many requests that I had to call up Old Nan again to help me make a bunch more to sell. It was such an amazing time I was so happy when one of the crew that worked on Game of Thrones bought one and when none other than Syrio Forel sent me a DM on Twitter telling me he loved my scarves I was over the damn moon.

Winter is Coming...

After that I decided I had to make the rest of the pack to so spent all my time seeking out the perfect yarn for each of them as I wanted to make each one unique so then came Shaggydog, Grey Wind, Summer, Nymeria and finally Lady.

House Stark Direwolf Scarves

Then SDCC happened! My sole mission for that con was to get to the Game of Thrones signing and give Kit Harrington and Richard Madden one of my scarves and I still can't actually believe how goddamn lucky I was to actually do that because it wasn't even a certainty that I'd get a wristband and as I was lining up to go pick my token out of that bag and seeing the disappointed people walk away without their wristbands I was sure I'd meet the same fate but the gods were in my favour that day as I got one of the last wristbands they had.

Seeing the happy faces of all the Game of Thrones cast and GEORGE R.R. MARTIN put me on a high I still feel now, it was like the ultimate seal of approval. Then came London Comic Con and meeting Isaac Hempstead-Wright who was announced the night before I left for the con so I had no time to make a scarf and as awesome as my Nan is she wouldn't be able to knit one for me in a few hours so I instead gave him mine and to cut a long story short I woke up one morning to find my inbox full and this photo the top trending topic on Reddit!

A couple months after that I visited Belfast Comic Con and met the littlest Stark and of course gifted him with a scarf to which he (and his mum) seemed to really like, there is no better feeling that seeing their happy faces. The only people I have left to give scarves to are Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams so I hope I'm lucky enough to meet them someday. I have to admit since finishing my "Direscarf" collection I feel a bit lost on what to make next, I had so much fun making these and they've brought me so much happiness and confidence maybe I'll have to start work on some dragons scarves next...

Love & Knitting

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